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Plastic is everywhere.

Plastic is one of the most common materials found throughout our society, and it has been for decades. It can be found in almost anything from soda bottles to cell phones – but what many people don’t know is that plastics are also entering the global food chain and compromising human health as a result.

In this blog post, we examine how plastics are entering our food chain and how they are compromising our health. 

Why Plastic Pollution is a growing global threat? 

We use plastics for everything these days – from our cellphones to the way we store and transport food, sometimes without even knowing it.

One of the most common plastic materials in products used every day by almost every person on earth is polyethylene terephthalate (PET). PET’s durability, low cost, and ability to be created into different shapes have made it one of the world’s most popular disposable materials ever since its introduction in 1964.

In recent years, research has been turning up more and more information about the health risks of this otherwise convenient material.

Some studies have shown that there is a connection between plastics and cancer-causing chemicals called phthalates. When these are heated or cooked for long periods at high temperatures (such as microwaving food), they can release those harmful toxins into our bodies, which over time can lead to diseases like leukemia or breast cancer.

There’s also evidence suggesting that microplastics might be leading to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease because these tiny pieces seem to interfere with animal heart tissue development when consumed.

Study shows detectable plastic in our food

Researchers say they have detected bits of plastic in fecal matter from people living in Europe, Russia, and Japan. The alarming discovery is the first time scientists have identified plastics this widespread in the human food chain.

Scientists believe that the specks (about 50 to 500 micrometers in size) may have entered the human food system via seafood, food wrappings, dust, or plastic bottles.

According to Bettina Liebmann, the researcher at the Federal Environment Agency, nine different types of plastics were detected from samples in a laboratory study.

The two most prevalent plastics found in food are polypropylene and polyethylene. They are respectively found in bottle caps, rope, strapping material, and drinking bottles and clothing fibers.

Microplastics and Cancer

In a separate study by the University of Ghent in Belgium, scientists found microplastics – small pieces less than five millimeters long – inside human brains.

The microscopic plastic particles were detected among brain cells. They could be a potential cause for cancer, with such plastics being three times more frequent in those diagnosed with glioma (a type of brain tumor).

The research also stated that possible causes are air pollution or increasing use of cosmetics containing exfoliating beads, causing micro-particles to enter our drinking water supply.

Is Natural and Vegan Eating a Solution?

Many scientists agree with Greenpeace’s advice on how we can reduce exposure: “In short, avoid plastic whenever you can.”

It is also worth noting that switching from conventionally produced dairy milk to organic alternatives will remove any potential risk of ingesting small pieces from the lactose packets found in most commercially available products.

Further, fresh organic farm produce delivered at a hyper-local scale can be an alternative to avoid microplastic contamination altogether. For instance, local Hydroponic farming and organic meat farming are viable solutions to the cancer-causing food items containing detectable pieces of plastic.

Choose health over mass consumption. Eat what is right and natural for a healthy life.

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