Cannabis Oil for Covid


2020 was a rough year for the world.

COVID19 has taken many lives and caused much suffering. As the infection continues to spread, medical professionals are scrambling to find ways to treat this disease that doesn’t seem to have any cure in sight.

However, one possible relief is turning out to be Cannabis. Cannabis can be used as an anti-viral medication with no harmful side effects; it can also provide relief from symptoms of pain, nausea, anxiety, insomnia, and loss of appetite associated with COVID19 infections.

Cannabis has a long history of treating various symptoms, and it is now being used to treat COVID19. It is not news to those who know that cannabis compounds are already present in our body – and we are wired to respond to these compounds via the endocannabinoid system.

But what effect does Cannabis have on COVID-19 infection?

The primary biological event in patients with severe acute respiratory distress cases from COVID-19 is a “cytokine storm.” Cytokines are proteins that lead to an increase in inflammation when experiencing a cytokine storm.

COVID-19 patients often suffer from lung fibrosis. It is a serious and untreatable condition that results in scarred tissue in the lungs and lung lining. If a substance were to prevent the cytokine storm, it would be able to suppress inflammation, prevent lung fibrosis, and put COVID-19 patients in remission.

Compounds found in Cannabis do exactly that!

Sativa is a type of Cannabis found in a Cytokine Storm Study to reduce multiple inflammatory cytokines and pathways related to inflammation and fibrosis. Two of the cytokines that C.Sativa reduced were TNFa and IL-6. These are the cytokine cells that are thought to be the main targets when trying to block cytokine over-response and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome resulting from COVID19.

In simpler words, Cannabis compounds significantly reduce the inflammatory response that is supposedly triggered by the coronavirus.

Moreover, cannabis oil and other hemp extracts have been shown to treat pain in patients, their anxiety, and their headaches, besides relaxing their bodily systems from viral overload.

Documented healing power of Cannabis oil and extracted compounds

It is not the first time that this gift of nature has arrived to rescue the quality of human life.

You can read about how cannabis oil saved a baby’s life and treated brain cancer after the family rejected chemotherapy. It is also documented that cannabis oil can treat aggressive brain tumors and carcinomas – even the rarest forms.

Moreover, compounds found in cannabis are known to repair damaged arthritic joints. In fact, Cannabis is a wonder ointment for easing the pain and suffering of the staggering 54 million people that suffer from arthritis.

Closing note

Cannabis oil can be an extremely helpful path for us to curb this pandemic. We hope to find more promising results as the world enters into a new paradigm of natural healing.

You can read more about cannabis oil’s therapeutic and medical benefits here.

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