Unveiling the Farce Behind COVID Jabs

The COVID-19 vaccine has been attracting many controversies in the past few months. The newest is Former Pfizer Employee Karen Kingston on COVID mRNA Vaccine Patent ingredients that can bring a spike in fatal cancer cases.

The vaccine will likely put the patients under a threat of miscarriages, heart attacks, myocarditis, permanently disabled, low platelet, severe allergic reactions, etc. With 16310 deaths and 75605 hospitalized after the vaccine, the vaccine is doubtful if it can secure individuals or put them under threat. The results are alarming, and the database from the US is threatening.

Why is this happening?

Pfizer has been reportedly using a pharmaceutical composition with a plurality of lipid nanoparticles with a mean particle size of 80nm-160nm. It also reportedly contains modified mRNA encoding a polypeptide. The lipid nanoparticles include a cationic lipid, a neutral lipid, cholesterol and a PEG lipid. All the research and findings suggest that the nanoparticle is not as healthy as it is being traded.

Another study suggests that the therapeutic nanoparticle may be formulated for sustained release. “As used herein, ‘Sustained release’ refers to a pharmaceutical composition or compound that conforms to a release rate over a specific period. This may not be limited to hours, days, weeks, months and years,” said Karen Kingston.

“You are injected with a delivery system that delivers a product to you over a while,” she said!

The present disclosure is directed in part of a biocompatible nanoparticle composition comprising a plurality of non-colloidal long-circulating nanoparticles, each containing an α-hydroxy polyester-co-polyether and a therapeutic agent wherein such compositions provide an effect for at least 12 hours.

Many doctors said they found metal discs in the blood, apparently from long-exposure to nanoparticles. Docetaxel is a chemo-element; PLA-PEG and PLA Poly(lactide) are derived from petroleum. This is more of a synthetic plastic combined with bio-derived petroleum.

Nanotechnology and its role in Vaccine?

Electron microscopes are used to make these components and break them into nanoparticles.

These metal discs release therapeutics, genes and matter for an extended period sometimes, up to a year. The vaccine can control and release various alien substances into the human body. This makes humans more testing grounds for many suspicious activities under the veil of vaccines.

How much amount can be introduced in such a small amount?

Millions of metal discs in one vaccine vial are being injected into people. Every shot has a different delivery system and can contain a composition used for various applications like drug delivery, gene therapy, medical diagnosis and medical therapeutics for cancer, hormone-related diseases, pathogen-borne diseases, reaction-by-products associated with organ transplant, and other abnormal or tissue growth.

Why is it wrong or evil?

The circular nanoparticles can have biomarkers to target or attack, or attach to specific organs like ovaries, heart, and prostate. This can be one reason for the deaths associated with myo/pericarditis or cardiac arrests. This explains why these incidents happen in children under 18 or pre-teens.

By functionalizing nanoparticle surfaces with such targeting moieties/biomarkers, the nanoparticles are effective only at targeted sites, which further maximizes adverse effects and improves efficacy. This also allows for administering a lower dose of a therapeutic agent, which may reduce undesirable side effects commonly associated with the traditional treatment of disease. This is the cause behind the youth experiencing cardiac diseases.

Furthermore, the nanoparticles in the vaccine contain wires to magnets, permanent magnets and drug-carrying particles that can cause bone and bone marrow cancer. This can deliver different drugs over some time. The composition is reportedly responsible for killing healthy cells and producing healthy cancer cells.

The vaccine provides a microsphere formulation for the sustained delivery of an aptamer to a preselected locus in a mammal, for example, an eye. This impacts the blood vessels, and the nanospheres are delivering a health crisis or specific side effects of the composition given by the vaccine. This is more like a serum-response factor. It is not blood clotting, but it can be like growing vascular lengths, the way tumours grow. The microscopic bubble growth seen after a vaccine is again a red flag.

Why should we raise concerns?

The vaccine sends and receives data and information based on IDs and diagnostics. For example, how are you connected to other people, generate an ID, check and analyse behaviour and your health and vaccination status? These three patterns are clearly stated on the vaccine website containing this mRNA content. The future technology is being experimented with and introduced using the COVID vaccine.

The apps introduced by the governments across the world use vaccinated humans like a device to keep track using Waze and Google maps, post-vaccine! This questions the privacy of life of individuals post-pandemic.

The scientific hypothesis behind the development of vaccine programs is to control and curtail people, their behaviour, and other aspects. They enable control of the delivery of therapeutics through vaccines containing drugs, nucleic acids and many more undisclosed ingredients. Overall, the intention does not sound good!

For example, the G2G app in Australia fines individuals if they fail to check in the app that keeps track of their in-house movement and activities during the pandemic.

With the vaccine, the worst nightmares associated with the vaccine are going to come true. Under cover of the National Security Act, the governments are attacking the right to privacy of citizens of a country. The forceful injection of a vaccine against the will of individuals is an unlawful use of force and violence. People are being threatened of their movement across the country or risk of employment based on their vaccine status, which is mental torture for citizens.

Another instance is AG Merrick Garland, Attorney general of Washington, issuing a memo to the FBI to investigate (intimidate) parents raising concerns about the unlawfulness of mask and vaccine mandates under the guise of ‘Protecting Americans from Intimidation under the Constitution’. The government agencies are using their power to bully people, projecting themselves as domestic terrorists throughout the pandemic with such acts.

All these legitimate forces are bringing down democracy while establishing an alliance with the enemies of the nations and projecting the citizens as the real culprit for non-denial and absconding of rules and laws. These bodies’ political and social objectives are a threat to human life and a violation of human rights.

The vaccines should have been approved by the FDA only once they had passed extremely high confidence that effectiveness and benefits outweigh known or potential risks. A significant problem with protein-based therapeutics is their immunogenicity, i.e., their tendency to trigger an unwanted immune response against themselves. Such antibodies can cause complications that owe us all a lot in terms of health, money and life!

What needs to be done?

There is a constant need to call out the potency of such vaccines based on super-spreader behaviour. The curtailing healthcare emergency imposed by the government bodies is so private that it hijacks your right to be informed about your own health risks like cancers, chronic immune disorders and death.

Such vaccination programs put citizens at stake for experimenting and exploring opportunities of automation and AI in the US and across the globe. Marking people based on their behaviour and health puts the human race at risk of cleansing based on surveillance. No one, absolutely no one, holds the right to target any individual on our planet under the farce of development. Let’s together look for a cure for mother earth who puts us in problem, has the key to problems as well!

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