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Different types of cancers claim millions of lives across the world every year. Cancer is a leading cause of death around the globe. Cancer is a complicated disease. It can be diagnosed in many different forms and stages, affecting every organ system within the human body.

Regardless of how it manifests in an individual, there are well-known natural ways to cure cancer.

Did you know that there are many effective home remedies and alternative cancer treatments?

Although medical science has made great strides in the treatment of this disease, with a number of targeted therapies available, it is still important to explore alternative cancer treatments.

Here are some effective home remedies to prevent and fight cancer 


Many people are unaware of the powerful benefits associated with Yoga, especially for those who wish to avoid cancer during their lifetime, and even those rehabilitating from the disease after the treatment. Yoga essentially aligns are mental health, body flexibility, skeletal fitness, cardiovascular, and immune system to perform at their best.

Many researches have shown that Yoga can bring tremendous benefits to the immune system (boosting its response capability and sustainability), detoxifying the body, cutting down stress, and promoting healthy cell regeneration within the body. Practise various asanas and pranayamas regularly to keep cancerous growth at bay. 

Natural Foods

For someone who has cancer, they can end up hearing many warnings about what you cannot eat. However, many natural food options can help in cancer remittance and are easily accessible. 

There is a common misconception that all you can eat is raw vegetables, but there is far more you can do to keep your diet varied and interesting. It does not have to lack flavor.

These anti-cancer superfoods include;

  • Potatoes
  • Rice
  • Ginger
  • Assorted herbs like mint, oregano, etc.
  • Artichoke
  • Brussel Sprouts
  • Cabbage
  • Celery

And so on. Read all about natural foods to eat to fight cancer. 

Bovine & Human Colostrum 

Colostrum is a rich source of nutrition, immunity, and protection against infection. This nutrient-rich fluid provides babies with the ‘survival advantage’ they need to fight off illnesses right from the start!

The benefits of colostrum cannot be overstated. The milk that a mother produces for the first few days after giving birth contains proteins and antibodies to protect her newborn, but most importantly it creates life-long immunity in the baby’s body! Colostrum also helps with the proper development of their intestines from day one until they’re adults.

Bovine and Human colostrum are rich sources of Immunoglobulin, a critical factor in the immune response – which, if activated, can fend off cancer cells. You can see how breast milk helps babies fight cancer in their adult lives later.

GcMAF Immunotherapy 

GcMAF is a ‘Macrophage Activating Factor’ which is derived from the Gc-protein. We all have GcMAF as a part of normal immune function in our bodies.

It basically triggers the warrior T-cells within the human immune system which then fights against bacterias, viruses, cancerous cells, damaged cells, or other pathogens. You can refer to our article on how GcMAF works and has been reversing cancer and HIV in patients. For instance, many clinical treatments based on GcMAF with Oleic acid-binding reported shrinking of liver cancer tumors, melanoma metastases, and so on.

Numerous researches and clinical trials have shown GcMAF to be effectively devouring tumors in advanced cancer stages. This is the entire basis of GcMAF immunotherapy for cancer which is highly effective even for rare carcinomas.

You can read about more natural cancer treatments such as those based on immunotherapy here.  

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