It is heartbreaking to know that cancer is the leading cause of death across the world. In 2020 alone, more than 10 million people lost their lives to this disease. While it is best to stick to natural ways to cure cancer, there are other highly effective treatments for this dreaded disease apart from chemotherapy and radiation oncology.

In this blog, we will talk about Immunotherapy for cancer and everything you need to know about it.

Let us start with the fundamentals!

What is Cancer?

When random mutations occur, they alter the DNA of our cells. One out of million times, the mutation will cause the cell to bypass apoptosis (the natural way for programmed cell death), and divide rapidly. These ‘immortal’ cells begin to invade the boundaries and resources of nearby healthy cells – killing them in order to survive themselves. Thus, the cancerous mass of cells begins to work against the healthy body, sending it down the fatality spiral.

How to Detect Cancer? 

Mainstream healthcare will suggest possible cancer patients undergo invasive diagnostic procedures and biopsies. However, there is a simpler alternative to detect cancer – the Nagalase Blood test. The Nagalase blood test can detect cancer and even other autoimmune diseases without any invasive procedure.

Once the test has been administered to detect cancer, it can be effectively tackled with Immunotherapy GcMAF for cancer.

What are Known Effective Cancer Treatments?

We have earlier documented natural ways to cure cancer. Besides this, there is GcMAF for cancer, and other natural preventive care methods to avoid it.

Although, for treating cancer, traditional oncology recommends either Chemotherapy or Radiation therapy. However, Immunotherapy for cancer works equally well. Here is what you need to know about it.

What is Immunotherapy for Cancer?

Simply put, Immunotherapy or Immuno-Oncology is the way to harness human body’s own immune system to prevent, control, and eliminate cancerous tumor growths.

Immunotherapy for cancer is highly effective because it can;

  • Program the immune system to recognize and attack specific type of cancer cells
  • Augment immunity cells (cytokines, WBCs, etc.) to help eliminate cancer
  • Boost the body’s overall immune response to eliminate tumorous threats

There are many types of Immunotherapies depending upon the type of cancer that needs to be eliminated. These include targeted antibodies, cytokines, adjuvants, adoptive cell transfer, cancer vaccines, checkpoint inhibitors, and tumor-infecting viruses that directly make cancer cells dysfunctional.

Why is Immunotherapy for Cancer So Effective?  

Immunotherapy might be the universal answer to the ‘cancer problem’ in mammal species known to us.

The reason why it has worked for so many patients is that it is precise. Immunotherapy makes it possible to target cancer cells exclusively while sparing healthy cells.

Moreover, Immunotherapy presents a viable treatment because of its adaptability. Variety and vivid reasons for cancer make it super-tedious to treat. Immuno-Oncology allows the immune system to detect previously unknown tumor types and re-evaluate its attack strategy to curb the cancer invasion.

In case the cancer returns (as it is seen in many patients), the immune system’s ‘memory’ can identify it immediately and launch defensive/aggressive measures to contain the inbound threat.

Hope that paints you a clear picture in a nutshell for Immunotherapy for cancer.

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