There has been a widespread debate on whether masks should be used to protect against the pandemic spread or not. It might sound counterintuitive to many people, but not wearing a mask might be the solution to the ‘immunity’ problem.

In fact, wearing a mask constantly might be bringing down the immunity strength and accelerating the spread of COVID altogether.

The Pro-Mask Argument

Those who say that the pandemic can be curbed if everyone wore a mask are promoting nothing but psychological hokum. Recently, NPR published an article about how wearing the mask has brought down flu and cold cases. They state that the deaths due to cold and flu in the U.S. have been reported in hundreds and not thousands. While the cause and effect might seem evident, have they taken into account the botched-up COVID death reports that did not result from COVID at all?

If the stats at the source are not reliable, simply arguing in favor of a scenario where 7 billion people are forced to wear a mask seems like overkill.

Why are the COVID cases still rising? 

Wearing a mask has been enforced by law in many nations. India is currently experiencing the so-called ‘second wave’ surge of the pandemic, and it is a nation that enforced complete lockdown for 3 months and made wearing masks compulsory by law. Why are the cases unstoppable there? The scenario is the same for most countries.

However, a few sensible states of law tore the mask rule apart in favor of true citizen welfare. 

Though, the questions about the effectiveness of masks remain doubtful altogether.

Compromising the immunity 

It is common sense that our immune system can only function if it ‘recognizes’ the external threat. In fact, cold and flu are such conditions that spool and strengthen our body’s ability to fend off invading pathogens every year. However, with alcohol-based cleansing all around us, constant masked breathing, and no exposure to mild diseases will only compromise our natural immune system.

Think of masking the immune system as muscle loss. If they are not worked up enough, they are lost!

If we are never exposed to even the seasonal flu, our immune system will soon be at the mercy of vaccines and antibiotics.

Robbing Children of Empathy

A less discussed but utterly concerning issue is the inability to read facial expressions and cues of other people when they are wearing a mask. For adults, this might be a trivial issue, but for children, it is a developmental issue – an obstacle to building crucial social skills that stem from empathy.

Unfortunately, newborns and very young children have only seen the world where everyone is wearing a mask outside. To them, it is the norm.

What will happen when things roll back to normal? We’ll have to warn our children against mask-wearers and the fundamentals of the ‘friends & foe’ system. Can we allow masks, the new-age symbol of world propaganda, to mess up our societal bonds, health, and safety cumulatively?

We cannot.

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