They are trying too hard to push the COVID vaccine propaganda faster!

Does it come as a surprise that the daily soap opera ‘Eastenders’ was seen pushing the vaccination propaganda recently, even going as far as labeling those holding opposing views as ‘Anti Vaxers.’

Hugo Talks Some More, a YouTube channel hosted by Hugo uploaded the commentary on Eastenders’ utter one-sidedness and negligence of public health risk in one of its episodes. You can watch the clip here

The scene depicts a lady talking about a ‘superpower’ – the supposed immunity that is claimed to be triggered by the COVID vaccine. While the woman is conversing with the man, a white lady enters the space and depicted as an ‘anti-Vaxer.’ The trio has chit chat and the screenplay concludes when the white lady has to leave because she ‘has been told’ by the pro-vaccine supporters about how crazy it is not to take the vaccine.

About Eastenders

Eastenders is a popular UK soap opera that has been airing for over 30 years. It predominantly revolves around the lives of working-class people in the fictional London borough of Walford, who are often involved in dramatic and emotionally-manipulative storylines. These are however rife with inaccuracies and biases.

This is what they want. Dividing our focus on a bogus daily soap opera while they almost get away with our healthcare data for life. See how NHS, UK is asking people to ‘opt out’ if they want to keep their healthcare records confidential. This one almost slipped our radar, and it is likely to happen again if people are always caught up in hokums such as Eastenders.

Lockdown was the grand build-up for Vaccine Propaganda 

So physically, mentally, emotionally, financially harsh, and debilitating have the lockdowns been that now we see the planned entrance of the knight in shining armor, the light at the end of the tunnel in the shape of a vaccine, the drug everyone suddenly wants. So many safety protocols have been blatantly overlooked and numerous vaccine incidents are being reported daily. From causing breast cancer-like symptoms in women to claiming healthy lives from brain hemorrhages and blood clots, the COVID vaccine seems to be the perfect pathway to invading free bodies.

Saying ‘NO’ to Vaccine is Your Right 

Saying ‘NO’ to any foreign bodily invasion, manipulation or testing is your birthright as a free human. If they can make end-of-life decisions for you with a simple Do Not Resuscitation notice, you do not have to bow down in front of a less caring authority.

Your body, your choice.

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