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Recent live streaming by an online channel has raised a storm on the internet. Is the self-testing RT PCR kit a source of a known cancer-causing agent?

Apparently, a host on The Freeman Channel recently blew the whistle during one of his live streams that was being watched by many online viewers at the time. The host first showed a freshly shipped Covid-19 self-testing kit. The box said ‘Rapid Antigen Testing’ and instructions on how to administer the self-test.

The host then pointed out a peculiar thing written on the box – Sterilized E.O. Here, E.O. stands for Ethylene Oxide. The E.O. being Ethylene Oxide was further confirmed when the host tore-off the kit’s seal, and opened the box to retrieve its contents. The instruction manual mentioned ‘Sterilized Ethylene Oxide’ clearly. By this time, the host’s live stream had started garnering negative reactions from the viewers as evident by his speech – because they had recognized the presence of this toxic carcinogen in the testing kit.

What is Ethylene Oxide? 

Ethylene oxide is a colorless gas that has no smell at room temperature. It is used to produce numerous industrial chemicals. Ethylene oxide also serves as a poisonous pesticide, but its ability to damage DNA makes it even more potentially toxic. It is highly damaging to the human body even if exposed in small amounts. 

The scary fact is, Ethylene Oxide is a toxic carcinogen known for causing several types of white blood cell-related cancers.  

And now, Chinese-manufactured self-testing kits are being sterilized in E.O. and being distributed openly to the citizens.

How are people exposed to Ethylene Oxide? 

The National Cancer Institute’s website clearly states the following facts about E.O. The primary routes of human exposure to ethylene oxide are inhalation and ingestion, which may occur through occupational, consumer, or environmental exposure. The general population may get exposed to tobacco smoke and the use of products that have been sterilized with ethylene oxide such as medical products, cosmetics, and bee-keeping equipment.

Deliberately Putting People At Risk? 

We’ve pointed out the blatant overlooking of citizen’s safety across the world since the pandemic began. From putting democracy at burning stakes to vaccines causing breast cancer-like symptoms in women, the authorities have failed to establish a single example of trust amongst the citizens.

Can the E.O. in the self-testing rapid kits be neglected? Can our children be put at risk? Never.

This is a complete video transcription from a video produced by Mike Freeman-Idle. He discusses the rapid covid-19 testing kits available from the NHS, that use the sterilisation ethylene oxide which is known to cause cancer. You can view the complete video below. 

Mike Freeman-Idle:  “Good morning everybody, welcome to the stream, where to begin. I have got a rapid covid-19 antigen test. Pay attention to what that says; *states that it is made in China*. It is completely sealed at both ends and has not been touched. 

This is in relation to something that i have just seen on facebook, so we can take this untouched, sealed covid-19 PCR test. This is what they use to test your children with and test everybody with. This is a lateral flow test. I got this given to me by an angry parent by the way. *continues to open sealed box and all contents are sealed*. So my major concern about these, are the swabs. These are the swabs they use to put inside your children’s head. And on here it says; sterile EO. EO, whats EO? Oh look at this, a qualification certificate. Made in china, stamped. Coincidentally where the virus allegedly came from. This is the form that you get, your step by step test guide. On the back i want you to read this bit here, it says sterilised using ethylene oxide. 

It is common knowledge, this is going around now, people are knowing. So this has been sterilized with ethylene oxide, not the paper. If you look at the swabs it says sterile EO. EO is ethylene oxide, so I have gone to a government website and I have had a look at what ethylene oxide is. I already knew what it was but i needed you guys to see this, and how i like to look at it as it is government information that i am using. 

This is government information that I am using; Ethylene oxide. Read this for yourselves, this is what they are using. What is ethylene oxide? At room temperature, ethylene oxide is a flammable colorless gas with a sweet odor. It is used primarily to produce other chemicals, including antifreeze. In smaller amounts, ethylene oxide is used as a pesticide and a sterilizing agent. It states on the back of the document within the covid testing kit that it is sterilized with EO. The ability of ethylene oxide to damage DNA makes it an effective sterilizing agent but also accounts for its cancer-causing activity.

Now like I said I am on a website called cancer.gov. There’s no tricks here. Please remember if you are testing your children with this you are taking a piece of plastic with fibres on the end which has been sterilised with ethylene oxide, which has the ability to cause cancer by damaging DNA. it states that on a government website. It also states that on the packaging that i just took out of this sealed box, i have another test here. If you want me to do it again, i will show you again. This is important stuff guys, you’re putting this inside your head. Ethylene oxide is a cancer causing chemical used for sterilisation, it damages DNA. and some people are allowing this to be placed inside their children’s head so it touches the membrane that separates the nasal passage from the brain. Not only is that endangering the cause of encephalitis it can cause problems with the endocrine system which can change the whole bodys mode. You go fully out of equilibrium. So please guys pay attention to what i am saying. Because this is not a joke. 

The primary routes of human exposure to ethylene oxide are inhalation and ingestion, which may occur through occupational, consumer, or environmental exposure. Because ethylene oxide is highly explosive and reactive, the equipment used for its processing generally consists of tightly closed and highly automated systems, which decreases the risk of occupational exposure.

So take this video, I have made it public. Go to fbdown.net and download this video. Distribute it everywhere, you have my full permission. This face can go with this video and they can say whatever they like about me because this was a government website and this was a sealed NHS test and trace PCR test. This is ridiculous. 

So which cancers are associated with ethylene oxide? Lymphoma and leukemia are the cancers most frequently reported to be associated with occupational exposure to ethylene oxide. Stomach and breast cancers may also be associated with ethylene oxide exposure. Start paying attention over the next 10 years, if you live. If we live. If the vaccine doesn’t do any kind of adverse reaction because i am not saying it has been doing anything specific but it has been proven to cause adverse reactions in humans in large numbers. 

Please pay attention to this information, i have been very careful on how i have put this across to you guys because i don’t want to get removed but this is from the national cancer institute. Think about this guys, please i am begging you to not test your children, it can cause leukemia, it can cause lymphoma, it can cause breast cancer, ethylene oxide can. 

I do not have the facilities to look at the fibers but i will be sending them to someone who does have a microscope and we will be doing tests on them. Share this in every truth group. You need to share this video everywhere and I want people to download it. 

It is on the freeman network, if you want to stay in touch or if you want information like this then you need to go to telegram and add me @mikefreeman_idle. You can also get me on Mike Freeman-Idle group and you can also get me on the Freeman network where this information will be put. This needs to go out there guys, this is no joke anymore. They are literally telling us that it causes cancer and people are saying I am a conspiracy theorist. Maybe so but it is not a theory when there is evidence on a government website stating something that is written on the back of a document of the PCR test. That was proven to be produced in China and it even comes with its own little certificate. Start putting the dots together, it is getting ridiculous now guys and this is where the war is. It is an information war. We need to do as much as we can to share this information.”

Please spread the word by sharing Mike’s video. All his details are stated above and can be found in the video transcription.

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