Cancer, unfortunately, is the leading cause of death among children in the United States. An estimation suggests that by the end of 2020, 16,850 children between 0-19 years of age will be diagnosed with some sort of cancer. And, 1,730 of the diagnosed children won’t survive.

The eye-opening news with that number comes with a report published in September 2020. The report claims that not only 90% of cancer cases amongst children are preventable, but pollution and environmental factors are the leading causes behind this. 

Actionable Findings to Prevent Cancer Naturally 

The study carried under the aegis of Childhood Cancer Prevention Initiative or CCPI claim that only 10 percent or so cases of cancer among children can be attributed to genetic or hereditary factors – i.e. passed on by the parents to the child. That means 90 percent of the cancer cases can be prevented if we were to, say, stop the emission of some identified toxins and pollutants.

The CCPI has categorized these carcinogenic substances in our environment into 3 broad groups – pesticides, air-pollution and paints/solvents. Researchers are of the opinion that preventing the external factors in our environment is much more sustainable than solely focusing on curing the disease. 

Substances Causing Cancer Among Children 

As indicated by the study, pesticides are linked to childhood lymphoma, brain cancer and leukemia among children aged 0-19 years. Commercial food production and inorganic food processing are the top sources through which carcinogens find entry into our systems.

Smoke, especially that huffed by vehicles, has been observed to carry 1,3-butadiene, formaldehyde, and benzene – compounds directly associated with leukaemia in adults. One study found that prolonged exposure to air-pollution causes inflammation of the respiratory system and triggers the formation of cancer-related genes.

The third group comprises of paints and solvents which are a household commodity responsible for cancer in children. Paints and solvents are known to trigger leukaemia if the mother is exposed to house paint shortly before conception, and even after giving birth. In fact, Glyphosate remains a common denominator toxin in paints, pesticides, vaccines and our food supply-chain that increases cancer risk with every subsequent generation – something we’ve already warned our readers about in our 2019 post.

Allocating Funds & Resources on Cancer Prevention? 

Research organizations and cancer prevention initiatives are too focused on ‘developing the cure’ when they can prevent 90 percent of the cases through strong policy implementation. Rather than perfecting the cure, prevention at the environmental level and alternative cancer treatments can do much more good for our children than any pharma company ever will.

Stay tuned for more updates on natural healing and alternative cancer treatments.

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