Warning to humanity


Why is there so much censorship now? Why have we had our Facebook accounts and groups, a long with so many others in our field, been removed without warning?

Why has free speech and independent journalism been so systematically destroyed by the very wealthy and powerful technocrats?

Why has the entire world of medicine been reduced to one disease? All diseases and conditions now cured. For now there is only one that can ever be recorded. It’s a mass simplification and dumbing down, whilst so called ‘advancements in technology’ are applauded and rewarded as systems to live by. Systems that actually reverse humanity and change our very DNA.

With technology comes control, automated actions and mandatory medical intervention. In fact, so successful may the current campaign be, that you may even be able to order your vaccines on Amazon and administer it yourself. All in the name of convenience as we as humans become pacified to the inevitable.

Is this the new humanity 2.0, forced into the shadows, contained, isolated in dwellings of our own making, cages we decorated, chose the curtains for and pay the mortgage on, forced into the shadows, whilst the New World Order emerges to rule the beaten and bemused?

Is this the dawn of a new era, as new bio weapons are released via implants that the receiver will have zero resistance to, permanent tattoos that have the ability to control our emotions, our genomes and our bank accounts.

Please watch and download the video here, this is not science fiction, as we can only hope that more people will become aware of the atrocities that are being planned, considered and invested in right now.


Love and light

Healing Oracle

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Please sign our global petition against enforced vaccinations The intention of this petition is to present 5 million signatures to each President, Prime Minister, Health Minister and heads of state worldwide.
Vaccines are a global problem and need to be tackled on a global level.
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