The most visited country for travellers throughout the pandemic was Mexico, now they have even dropped all covid regulation entry documents.

Could this be the beginning of change? Could we be seeing some countries stand up for their industry and health?

Why is Mexico not riddled with Covid 19 patients? Why are they not seeing any real change, as they received more visitors and had the least restrictions during the pandemic? Here we are 2 years on, and little has changed.

Has restricting people’s movements ever had any real benefit to reducing the number of overall cases of death and illness, to any population?
Have the numbers ever stacked up when it comes to any of this?

The question has always been too many to see how locking healthy people indoors for prolonged periods was ever going to help us get healthier and fitter.

As we enter the second year of these restrictions many in the world have simply accepted that they must stay indoors, stay out of the sun and not travel again.

Well, we say don’t give up hope!

The media wants you to stay indoors and stay afraid. But we hope that people can continue to travel, to live and to have a healthy happy lifestyle.

So we celebrate the Mexicans approach to Covid. Much like Sweden, they have managed to stand up to the Global pressure of this pandemic. Unlike most of the world, Mexico has kept its borders open throughout the whole pandemic. As a result, it’s become the world’s most popular destination since 2020.

Before January 1, 2022, Mexico still had a health questionnaire required for all flights, including international flights and domestic flights. The Mexican authorities called it the Vuela Seguro. The form asked health-related questions, such as if the passenger has been in close contact with anyone who’s tested positive for COVID-19 in the previous two weeks. The questionnaire would also ask if travellers have had coughs, fever, and other COVID-19 related symptoms. Once travellers had completed the digital form, they would receive a QR code to be scanned at the airport. It would allow the passenger to pass through security freely, without airport security taking them for further screening if the responses on the questionnaires contradicted authority sanitary measures.

As of January 1, 2022, Mexico has officially discontinued this form. Therefore, Mexico has zero covid entry requirements. Visiting Mexico is now no different from visiting Mexico in 2019. Regarding restrictions whilst visiting they are low throughout Mexico. That said, individual states are imposing different measures, depending on the current situation within the state. Mexico has divided its 32 states into a four-tier colour-coded system.

  • Red Tier – The highest COVID-19 risk and only essential activities are allowed
  • Orange Tier – High-risk tier, with more stringent limitations on social and commercial activities
  • Yellow Tier – Lower risk tier, with a moderate level of restrictions
  • Green Tier – Very low-risk tier, where people can resume their everyday activities

At the present moment—no states in Mexico are under the red tier. So most places throughout Mexico are open without restrictions. Although some places may have capacity limitations depending on the state. Many popular tourist destinations within Mexico, including Cancun, are currently ‘yellow’, which may result in a lower capacity for accommodations, restaurants, bars, etc.

As it stands for many travellers 2022 may seem like the year you can get out and explore the world, it is still heavily regulated and certain places especially Asia and Oceania have very strict COVID-19 restrictions.



There are many countries taking a stand against restrictions and forced unnecessary vaccinations for example Bulgaria, as we have covered this week. For it is here that the people are making their presence known by standing firm to their beliefs and traditions. They are willing to protest, to make a stand and to refuse the much talked about toxic jabs. The vaccines have a very low uptake, as most people in Bulgaria understand that your health is your own business and the necessity to take care of yourself has always been important, but it is their body, it does not belong to anyone else. Will any other countries stand up for themselves and join Bulgaria in taking a stand?

If you’re planning on travelling this year and want to avoid contracting coronavirus please know that surgical masks are not enough. If you are travelling on a plane, or a train or going out in public then we recommend that you wear a gas mask. A surgical mask will not fully protect you from the viral particles and the shedding of the vaccinated.

We do the research you decide,
Love and Light
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