the link between Google and the CIA


Please watch this 15-minute documentary that shows how the CIA helped fund the start of Google and most of Silicone Valley.

The CIA have a history of playing with power, exploiting human rights and experimenting on people with various drugs over a long period of time. As an organisation they are shrouded in mystery and as this below video will reveal, the secret service agencies and the CIA are deeply linked to Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, as Silicone Valley becomes a webbed link to the intelligence agencies.

These companies form the technocracy that control our thinking, our viewpoints and censor our opinions, whilst Fact checking takes the sharing of information to a dictatorial level of censorship.

Please watch this fascinating video that shows the hidden link between Google and the CIA

Google has somehow become a go to place for searching anything and of course is all about money and advertising revenue. It is a perfect place to change the information of the word to best suit their overall agenda. For Google has become everyone’s source.

Highlights of the video include:

  • Highlands Forum has become a staff feed straight into google and the other tech and social media giants directly from the CIA.
  • Tech giants like Microsoft, Facebook and Google have had secret meetings with the CIA.
  • Google Federal became the NSA west, recruiting from all over the military field.
  • Google agreed to exchange information with the NSA and the CIA.
  • Google became also involved in overthrowing Iran’s Asad.
  • Tracking users and helping persuade people away from their ways of thinking that disagree with the overall narrative
  • We will never know what level of controversy these relationships have.

Protect your online privacy.

There are other more ethical search engines available such as Brave which takes privacy more seriously and is a generally far safer browser and includes a handy ad blocker that creates even more privacy and saves time on browsing.

And a safer and more reliable search engine is Duck Duck go which is not sponsorship driven and is a far more reliable search for medical information.

Protect yourself with Express VPN as well who also sponsored this documentary.



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