how the coronavirus is making governments richer


If you are still wondering why the number of coronavirus cases all went up in such a short space of time around the world, with so many different governments saying the same thing, in so many different countries, then take a look at the various glowing financial incentives on offer and it may help bridge the gap.

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How did they manage to convince so many people to lie and fabricate these numbers?

Why are we all facing this bizarre dichotomy of fact vs fiction? Could the answer be the same as ever: Money and greed?

There are so many questions. Since there are no independent news sources left anymore, it is down to us as individuals to find these things out for ourselves. To build our own opinions and to see the wood for the trees.

Follow the money up stream, to then see how it was trickled down to the hospitals and the doctors, to the coroners that create the reports, that provide this “data”. We have seen many doctors come forward saying these numbers are wrong, but the ones that do get silenced and banned. Taken down and removed.

Where did all this money come from that made the system so very rotten, what was the “feed” to this cancer of global corruption? Who has this much power?

Who has already placed most economies in debt and therefore owns the mortgage to the entire world? The answer lies with the World Bank. Doesn’t the name give you an idea?

The World Bank is of course only interested in one thing. Owning the world. Anyone heard of the “New World Order” (and no its not the name of a new band) that is now daring to peak its face out into the public, getting bolder and stronger by the day?

Guess who owns the Federal reserve and prints the money we all strive for?

Where does the buck start?

Who would benefit the most from getting rid of paper money and creating a central banking, health and power system? One bank is set to gain the most. The World Bank.

In 2017, the World Bank created the first ever global “pandemic bonds.” The aim of the bonds where to give vast sums of money to the governments of countries effected by a new novel strain of an existing virus. Whilst the coronavirus is even named as the biggest earner.

The pandemic bonds insurance scheme is a centralised money pot that assesses the claims of each country and therefore decides whether or not to pay them vast sums for their claimed plight.

How the PEF works

Is this not a glowing incentive for each and every government to create a balance sheet of cases that make that country look like they need some of this prize fund and go cap in hand to the people that created the system in the first place.

The document you are about to see more or less encourages the use of liberal results and assumptions that will highlight why they deserve a slice of this vast pie.

On the face of it, this is a document that reads more like a challenge to compete. With a first come, first served kind of approach to what is essentially peoples health, with money set to “flow” straight into the treasury of each and every country that claims to have a high number of cases of whatever “pandemic” they chose.  

You can see why this was such a big carrot to so many countries and created the political atmosphere of the current times. Would this be the first time a government has financially gained from oppressing its people, or from making up results to fool them and increase their power?

It’s all here. In black and white. Please visit to see the words. To understand how this came about.

Create a problem, create a solution, create an incentive. The PEF stands for Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility and the document on the above link is clearly marked for the world to see:  Version approved and adopted by the PEF Steering Body on 15 October 2018

The purpose of the scheme is for each recipient country to get different interest rates, based on the size of the pandemic. For instance, if there are more than 8 countries involved, so the rates go up.

Is this not a great big carrot to encourage the countries that are bought into the scheme to pressurise the countries that are not?

For the wider the global spread, the bigger the pot. The higher the growth rate and the larger the reward. This is lobbying on a global scale.

This money is not paid out until that country has had cases for longer than 12 weeks, so is an an obvious incentive to remain at crisis level for 3 months. To avoid any natural treatments that may make this virus less serious, or to down play the severity, to let people know how to beat it. It’s a clear incentive to keep the case numbers as high as possible. Even when this ceases to make sense, stick to the script and collect your reward after 3 months of tyranny.

The returns have been 11% annually and is surprise surprise, they are set to mature in July 2020.

“The Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility (PEF) was developed by the World Bank Group (WBG), in consultation with the World Health Organization (WHO) and other development partners, to help fill a critical gap in the international aid architecture, as one part of the global solution to strengthening pandemic risk management.

And its solution? Yep, you’ve guessed it, vaccines: “The PEF is designed to provide surge financing for infectious disease outbreak efforts constituting pandemic response, such as, amongst other, deployment of health workers; provision of drugs, vaccines, essential medical equipment and supplies.

So who sets to gain here? Well Big Pharmaceutical companies of course.

And the aim is: “to build strong and resilient health systems and accelerate the achievement of universal health coverage.”

Are we seeing any of this money going towards the huge numbers of people being forced into poverty and starvation? Where is the aid for them? With healthcare workers being laid off and hospitals empty, where is all this money going?

On inception, the scheme was so well received that it was over subscribed and they received double the amount of investment expected.

According to Bloomberg: Investors greeted the existing bonds enthusiastically when they were first sold three years ago, ordering two times the amount being offered. Proceeds from the sale funded the World Bank’s Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility, or PEF.”

Obviously we do not yet know what the final figure is, as much of this information is marked as confidential, but be safe in the knowledge that it is far in excess of $12 billion dollars. As according to the World Bank Press call on March 3rd 2020:

“We’re announcing today an initial package of immediate support that will make available up to $12 billion dollars to respond to country requests for crisis financing of their immediate needs and also to lessen the tragic impacts of the virus. There are scenarios where much more resources may be required. We’ll adapt our approach and resources as needed…So, it’s possible, if it’s triggered, that money will flow into the World Bank… in the second quarter of this year and could be used and would be additional to the $12 billion that I was announcing today.”

This is also on top f the funding they receive from the WHO CFE (Contingency Fund for Emergencies).

Whilst the agencies involved in the assessment also get a pay out: “STAG-IH members will be engaged according to WBG applicable policies and procedures. STAG-IH members who review a request-for-funds application will be provided an honorarium paid out from the PEF budget administered by the PEF Coordinator.”

STAG-IH being WHO’s Strategic & Technical Advisory Group for Infectious Hazards (STAG-IH). Constituted by WHO to provide independent analysis to the Deputy Director General (DDG) of WHO Emergency Preparedness and Response on the infectious hazards

So how is that independent? The people that are set to benefit here, namely the WHO also choose the advisory group that decides where the money goes?

PEF insurance

And so many other agencies are also in on the prize fund:

Both PEF Eligible Countries and Responding Agencies/RIM may apply for PEF funds. All requests for PEF allocations for country-specific interventions shall be initiated by PEF Eligible Countries, except in the rare case in which IDA disbursements have been suspended in the country, in which case Responding Agencies/RIM may initiate a request for PEF allocations for country- specific interventions. Requests for PEF allocations for regional (or global) level interventions shall be initiated by Responding Agencies/RIM.

Whist each country must show they have provided adequate responses to the “outbreak”. Like shutting down the economy and locking everyone indoors, creating curfews and tracking and tracing their citizens. This paragraph could suggest, that the harsher the measures, the higher chance of a payout:

PEF insurance payout

Whilst if the agency is submitting the form then,clinically suspected case numbers” are also considered? Assumption is enough when it comes to the COVID-19 game of playing with data.

The PEF will also provide assistance on response plans, which is of course how every country has maintained the same message.

Its all emanating from the World Bank and the Rockefeller papers. See below for more on these further resources for managing and maintaining the message.

And how are these funds expected to be used? Well that is pretty woolly and vague of course, allowing each country to interpret where they put this money and who gets their share from the pot:

“Eligible activities/expenditures. The PEF funding may be used to finance activities and expenditures for the purpose of responding to the relevant infectious disease outbreak, using the respective Responding Agency/RIM’s or MDB’s policies and procedures to determine eligibility and in line with the country’s preparedness and response plans.”

And any unallocated funds are to be returned, so bet your bottom dollar they were incentivised to have this as a 3-month period:

Unused Funds. Any uncommitted funds are considered “unused” once the outbreak has ceased (as officially declared by the Government) or after three (3) incubation periods from the last reported case, whichever comes first.”

According to the Giza Death Star earlier this year: “Some analysts have argued that these pandemic bonds were never intended to aid low-income pandemic-stricken countries, but instead to enrich Wall Street investors. 

For instance, American economic forecaster Martin Armstrong 

has called the World Bank’s pandemic bonds “a giant gamble in the global financial casino” and a “scheme like no other,” recently arguing that these bonds could present a “a structured derivative time bomb” that could upend financial markets if a pandemic is declared by WHO. Armstrong went on to say that it is in WHO’s interest to declare the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic, but noted that, in doing so, they would cause bondholders to take significant losses.


According to Government Slaves website: “The World Bank announced the creation of the PEF in May 2016 at the G7 Finance Ministers and Central Governors meeting in Sendai, Japan. The PEF will quickly channel funding to countries facing a major disease outbreak with pandemic potential. Its unique financing structure combines funding from the bonds issued today with over-the-counter derivatives that transfer pandemic outbreak risk to derivative counterparties. The structure was designed to attract a wider, more diverse set of investors.

The PEF has two windows. The first is an ‘insurance’ window with premiums funded by Japan and Germany, consisting of bonds and swaps including those executed today. The second is a ‘cash’ window, for which Germany provided initial funding of Euro 50 million. The cash window will be available from 2018 for the containment of diseases that may not be eligible for funding under the insurance window.

The bonds and derivatives for the PEF’s ‘insurance’ window were developed by the World Bank Treasury in cooperation with leading reinsurance companies Swiss Re and Munich Re. AIR Worldwide was the sole modeler, using the AIR Pandemic Model to provide expert risk analysis. Swiss Re Capital Markets is the sole book runner for the transaction. Swiss Re Capital Markets and Munich Re are the joint structuring agents. Munich Re and GC Securities, a division of MMC Securities LLC are co-managers.

Swiss Re Capital Markets Limited, Munich Re and GC Securities were also joint arrangers on the derivatives transactions.

The bonds will be issued under IBRD’s “capital at risk” program because investors bear the risk of losing part or all of their investment in the bond if an epidemic event triggers pay-outs to eligible countries covered under the PEF.

PEF financing to eligible countries will be triggered when an outbreak reaches predetermined levels of contagion, including number of deaths; the speed of the spread of the disease; and whether the disease crosses international borders. The determinations for the trigger are made based on publicly available data as reported by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Whilst the USA also created a law giving Corporations over 6 TRILLION dollars, FOR CORONAVIRUS RELIEF, which was introduced in January 2019 and was passed by BOTH “parties” in the US, signed into law by TRUMP, March 27 2020.

To paraphrase Franklin Roosevelt, if something happens in the world of politics or geopolitics, you can bet it was planned that way. 


The Giza Death Star


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