coronoavirus vaccine could cause global infertility


With research going back nearly 20 years, birth control ingredients have been in vaccines for some time now.

We asked the question this week: “Do we think that it might also end up as secret or hidden ingredient in the imminent coronavirus vaccines?”

Whilst the COVID-19 vaccine is fast tracked through its testing stages at unprecedented speeds, for many people this may no longer look like a choice.

Please also sign our petition against enforced vaccines. This is a time to get together and at least put our hands up and say what is happening in the world right now is not how the world should be.

We deserve more freedom and have a right to choose what goes into our bodies, as well as how this could effect our children and their children. The rate and increase in vaccinations over such a short a space a time as a decade, is mind boggling.

Even if you think anti-vaxxers are all “conspiracy theorists,” at least we can agree that including such ingredients is not right and that if such ingredients are to be included in these imminent vaccines that are about to be potentially enforced upon us, that we the public have a right to know.

Even though to mount opositon seems a tough call, with so many people convinced against an invisible foe.

Immunotherapy in general is good thing, but when nature becomes subverted by industry and corporations greed for such vast wealth, and scale, we do as humans have the right to know, to choose based on evidence set before us.

For it is the vaccine giver that must have ultimate responsibility here. You have a right to a consultancy before such a medical procedure.  BBut ultimately they have a duty of care over you (and your child) as patients under their supervision.

The liability and ultimate responsibility must be placed upon them as an indivdual to be held responsible for the outcome of their actions. A lack of knowledge at this stage should never be a reason for something to just go ahead regardless.

You are perfectly within your rights to have them sign a contract that any damages that may occur are their responsibility.

The medical duty to inform you of the dangers of the drug they are about to adminster rests with them alone. If it is in a practice or medical establishment then they are also responsible under the Hipocatic oath to do no harm. Whist this also tramples all over the Nuremberg Code.

Please also see further research here

So if you agree to having the vaccine or not, please remember these 2 vital ingredients that are already in use:

Female infertilityantigen: Anti HCG

Male infertility antigen: Anti GNRH

Faced with the reality of a needle being forced upon you or your child, certain facts needs to be established.

This has already been used across the developing world

Back in October 2015, a pharmaceutical company Agriq-Quest Ltd had their licence removed in Kenya for sterlizing half million girls using Anti HCG in the tetanus shot.

They got in a dispute with Kenya’s Ministry of Health over their tetanus and polio vaccinations. A group of Catholic doctors originally made the accusations claiming that the vaccines may contain a hormone (Anti HCG) that is dangerous to young women and can cause potential sterilization, warning that what happened in the Philippines, Nicaragua and Mexico was also happening  in Kenya:

“The Church’s position was informed by what had happened in Mexico, Nicaragua and Philippines, where the various governments together with WHO/UNICEF had conducted similar campaigns using tetanus toxoid impregnated with beta human chorionic gonadotropin (Anti HCG) that causes permanent infertility among girls and women,” Odinga continued.

So if they can do this across the developing world, why not here?

We suggest you ask the person administering the vaccine whether they are:

  1. aware of either of these ingredients existence and
  2. if it is in the vaccine they are about to administer to you, or your child?

Any medical practice should be governed by the Hippocratic oath and as such the person administering the vaccine should be aware of it being present, or not, and if they are unsure then they do not have the right to expose you or your child to such risks.
If indeed they are unaware of the existence of these ingredients, then you have a right to decline being rendered infertile, as everyone has a right to choose parenthood. You may have a spouse who also wants to choose the time when you no longer want to conceive. As this is a joint decision.

But to take away the right for your child to choose is another matter.

The research and therefore subsequent production of these hormones goes back to at least 1994.

Is it perhaps already linked to the rise in infertility in women?

With more and more vaccinations being added to the schedule, this is scary for anyone that wants to raise a family.

Anti HCG is a hormone that will essentially allow a full menstrual cycles to continue, but prevent pregnancy.

So the fact is you could have the vaccine and walk out infertile, without ever knowing it.

According to data from the CDC:  Infertility in women in the USA is:

  • Percent of women aged 15-49 with impaired fecundity: 13.1%
  • Percent of married women aged 15-49 with impaired fecundity: 16.2%
  • Percent of married women aged 15-49 that are infertile: 8.8%
  • Percent of women aged 15-49 who have ever used infertility services:  12.7%

A vaccine that prevents pregnancy in women

A study from1994, stated: “This study presents evidence of the feasibility of a vaccine for control of human fertility.”

The study describes how the Anti HCG antibody works as: “We report here results of clinical trials on a birth control vaccine, consisting of a heterospecies dimer of the beta subunit of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) associated noncovalently with the alpha subunit of ovine luteinizing hormone and conjugated to tetanus and diphtheria toxoids as carriers, that induces antibodies of high avidity (K(a) approximately 10(10) M-1) against hCG.

Wait a minute, did that say Tetanus?

The study found Fertile women exposed to conception over 1224 cycles recorded only one pregnancy

Whilst, the antibody response declines with time; fertility was regained when titers fell to < 35 ng/ml..

The study goes on to note that “An advantage in choosing hCG as a target for immunocontraception is that its inactivation would not interfere with other physiological processes in the female, such as ovulation and production of sex steroid hormones.”

So whoever has received this in a vaccine would never know this was the reason she could not conceive. Never for one-minute suspecting that a vaccine you had had once has made you infertile.

Lets go back to the Tetanus point, for a year later in 1995 this article was published on PubMed:

Tetanus vaccine may be laced with anti-fertility drug. International / developing countries.


Priest, president of Human Life International (HLI) based in Maryland, has asked Congress to investigate reports of women in some developing countries unknowingly receiving a tetanus vaccine laced with the anti-fertility drug human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG).

In the fall of 1994, the Pro Life Committee of Mexico was suspicious of the protocols for the tetanus toxoid campaign because they excluded all males and children and called for multiple injections of the vaccine in only women of reproductive age. Yet, one injection provides protection for at least 10 years.

The Committee had vials of the tetanus vaccine analyzed for hCG. It informed HLI about the tetanus toxoid vaccine. HLI then told its World Council members and HLI affiliates in more than 60 countries. Similar tetanus vaccines laced with hCG have been uncovered in the Philippines and in Nicaragua.

In addition to the World Health Organization (WHO), other organizations involved in the development of an anti-fertility vaccine using hCG include the UN Population Fund, the UN Development Programme, the World Bank, the Population Council, the Rockefeller Foundation, the US National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, and Uppsala, Helsinki, and Ohio State universities.

The priest objects that, if indeed the purpose of the mass vaccinations is to prevent pregnancies, women are uninformed, unsuspecting, and unconsenting victims.

Assuming all bad press towards the Tetanus vaccine has mostly been removed from common view, it is hard to verify this further.

So lets look at the the male version.

The male infertility antigen is called Anti GNRH

and can also otherwise be known as Immunocastration.

Anti GNRH is a sperm specific mitochondrial antigen, that basically kills mitochondrial DNA in the sperm. They are still able to swim around, but when they deliver DNA to the Egg, it’s dead. Which can also make that woman infertile.

So in effect, a vaccinated man can make an unvaccinated woman INFERTILE.

Anti GNRH is a mouse hormone that overdoses the immune system, creating an autoimmune response that will leave the man sterile and low in testosterone.

According to the NCI drug dictionary: Anti-GnRH vaccine PEP223 is a peptide vaccine derived from the synthetic peptide pyroEHWSYGLRPG, corresponding to amino acids 22-31 of mouse gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH)

Anti-GnRH vaccine PEP223 may stimulate the immune system to mount a cytotoxic T-lymphocyte (CTL) response against GnRH, neutralizing its activity. In turn, testosterone production and tumor cell growth may be inhibited in testosterone-sensitive tumors. Check for active clinical trials using this agent. (NCI Thesaurus)

Meaning that this will also inhibit the production of testosterone. The male hormone. Side effects of which are erectile dysfuntion, depression and reduced interest in sex.

According to WebMD, “In recent years, Spyros Mezitis, MD, PhD, has found himself talking to a lot more male patients about low testosterone, a diagnosis he says is becoming increasingly common.

“More men are getting older, and men are more open about talking about erectile dysfunction,” Mezitis, an endocrinologist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, tells WebMD.

They come in saying they feel excessively fatigued, weaker, depressed, and that they have lost their sex drive — all common symptoms of a drop in testosterone.

“As an endocrinologist, I’m thinking hormones,” says Mezitis, who estimates that about a quarter to a third of the men he tests for low testosterone have levels below normal. “Sometimes it is testosterone, sometimes it is the thyroid, and sometimes it’s something related to hormones.”

So he is also perplexed by this increase in low testosterone amongst men.

Testosterone is a hormone. It’s what puts hair on a man’s chest. It’s the force behind his sex drive.

During puberty, testosterone helps build a man’s muscles, deepens his voice, and boosts the size of his penis and testes. In adulthood, it keeps a man’s muscles and bones strong and maintains his interest in sex. In short, it’s what makes a man a man (at least physically).

After age 30, most men begin to experience a gradual decline in testosterone. A decrease in sex drive sometimes accompanies the drop in testosterone, leading many men to mistakenly believe that their loss of interest in sex is simply due to getting older.

“Some say it’s just a part of aging, but that’s a misconception,” says Jason Hedges, MD, PhD, a urologist at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland. A gradual decline in testosterone can’t explain a near-total lack of interest in sex, for example. And for Hedges’ patients who are in their 20s, 30s, and early 40s and having erectile problems, other health problems may be a bigger issue than aging.

Could then this be linked to vaccinations and the increase in vaccinations that men are having.

This also goes back a long way, as this study in 1989 shows: “Vaccines are under development for the control of fertility in males and females.

This review discusses developments in anti-fertility vaccines at the National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi, India.

A single injection procedure for the sterilization or castration of male animals depending on the site at which the injection is given, has passed through field testing and is expected to be on the market in the near future.

Vaccines inducing antibodies against the human chorionic gonadotropin have gone through phase I trials with satisfactory results. A vaccine producing a consistently bioeffective antibody response against gonadotropin-releasing hormone is ready for phase I/II clinical trials in patients of carcinoma of prostate after due experimenation in animals and toxicology studies. Research to identify sperm antigens for incorporation into second generation vaccines is in progress.

Is this linked to the Measles vaccine, this is very hard to prove, since most lists of what are in vaccines these days are unavailable. But according to a study entitled:

The immunogenicity of recombinant and dimeric gonadotrophin-releasing hormone (GnRH) vaccines incorporating a T-helper epitope and GnRH or repeated GnRH units

In this study, we designed two linear peptides, GnRH-hinge-MVP, which consists of human gonadotrophin-releasing hormone (GnRH), hinge fragment 225-232/225′-232′ of human IgG1 and a T helper peptide from measles virus protein (MVP), and GnRH3-hinge-MVP, which contains three copies of GnRH (so termed GnRH3).

The DNA constructs encoding for the two peptides were fused to the C-terminal encoding sequence of asparaginase, encompassing residues 199-326, through an acid-labile aspartyl-prolyl linker.

 “These results demonstrate that combining multicopies or single copies of peptide with hinge fragment of human IgG and T helper peptide from measles virus protein can induce anti-peptide immune responses. Our data also suggest that these methods of preparation and dimerization of the recombinant polypeptides may provide a useful strategy for other polypeptide vaccine developments.

So is this already in the Measles shot? Again we cannot tell, as it is so hard to find an actual list of ingredients, as they are not lawfully obliged to publicise one.

But the Mumps virus (this is also in the vaccine) can also potentially cause Orchitis, a condition characterized by swollen and inflamed (an autoimmune response) testicle(s) and may even cause permanent sterility.

Will it perhaps appear in the imminent Coronavirus vaccine as according to this whistleblower from GSK?

Do we think Bill Gates a prominent advocate of depopualation and vaccine pusher, who’s father led the Planned parenthood movement, might secretly like the idea of this method as a way of preventing the much talked about population growth? Certainly would mean microbes not missiles where the next big threat to humanity.

The race is of course still on and with so many people effected by the coronavirus, we wonder how many still feel the need for the protection of a vaccine after so much bad publicity and the clear link to the blatant coronavirus manipulation of data, that drives the need for a vaccine.

But meanwhile, GlaxoSmithKline CEO Emma Walmsley (who also sits on the board at Microsoft) told Jim Cramer that GSK’s new Covid-19 vaccine partnership with fellow big Pharma Sanofi is an “unprecedented collaboration” between competitors.

“If we’re successful … we’re hoping to get to hundreds of millions of doses by the end of next year,” she said in an interview set to air Tuesday on “Mad Money.”

GlaxoSmithkline produce both of these hormones already.

Please watch this space and “stay alert” as they like to tell us.

Please see this section for more on the dangers of vaccines

Please see this article that will tell you how to best decline a vaccine: How to decline a vaccine

We ask why?

65 years ago fund raising commenced for Cancer Research, with billions of dollars in donations every year they are still no closer to finding a “cure.” This is a huge FAIL however you look at it we see much the same options of the very same chemo, radiation and surgery, with little by way of a cure and ZERO by way of prevention.

Yet the billions of dollars continue to flood in and cancer research get a pat on the back for failing every year. Where is the vaccine that destroys cancer? Where is the vaccine that cures diabetes? 

Both Cancer and diabetes individually have destroyed more lives than Covid. There has never been a cure for the common cold, so do you really believe that in just months that a “cure” has been found for COVID 19 and it comes in the form of vaccine? No research or longevity studies needed, yet the claims of “cure” and prevention are HUMUNGOUS but so is the propaganda, fear mongering and profiteering.

Will the cost be to your health or that of a loved one? the cost of this “”cure” looks like it  will be people’s health and the vaccine in this case CAN NOT be reversed. Remember this or you or/and a loved one may pay dearly later…

Why do we have Quarantine when never in the history of infectious diseases have healthy people been subject to Quarantine?

The Vaccine only allows for its use in the case of an EMERGENCY

The Vaccine remains in Trials ONLY until 2023. If lockdown and Quarantine ends, this ends the emergency administration of the Vaccine. So as things stand now, you, your children and loved ones are the trial for the vaccine. This is the Only reason for quarantine and lockdown. Hence it is now an endemic, which means it will NEVER end!

Will you be taking the Vaccine?

Let’s look at the word Vaccine and break it down: Vac-Sins because we have headed into a Vac-Sin-Nation with our eyes wide open to the dangers!

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We do the research you decide,
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