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In light of recent law changes and the shifting of power towards global totalitarianism, we would like to highlight a study from the beginning of last year (Feb 2019). This study was made by a highly respected autoimmunolgist and proves that sticking a syringe full of toxins straight into your bloodstream is a potentially hazardous and dangerous thing to do.

As mandatory vaccines look more and more likely we would like to encourage as many people to be aware of the very real dangers and pitfalls behind the headlines. As we reported this week, for countries like the UK it is looking highly likely that mandatory vaccines are unavoidable, as now (since last weeks change to the law), anyone who refuses a vaccine could well be classed as a criminal, potentially losing their home, family and possessions along the way.

For anyone living outside the UK, please see this article for information on potential ways to avoid vaccinations, while you can.

At the beginning of last year, February 2019, The World Health Organization (WHO) included vaccine skeptics (people who are hesitant to vaccinate themselves, or their children because they are concerned about the potential health risks) on their annual list of “global health threats,” along with serious dangers like superbugs, climate change, the Ebola virus, HIV and air pollution. This was of course before the coronavirus came and changed the game forever.

The WHO claimed that “vaccine hesitancy” increases the risk of a resurgence in diseases they say are fully preventable through vaccination whilst the coronavirus has of course opened this door wide open and changed the game forever.

The WHO is by no means alone in its position. Many governments, medical professionals and members of the mainstream media have attacked anti-vaxxers – as they are known – claiming that they are selfish people who put the health of the greater majority at risk. These pro-vaccine groups and individuals like to infer that to question vaccines is both unscientific and dangerous, whilst now they can also add criminal to the list.

But let’s step away from the global power plate and consider how the human body may actually respond to this huge viral load of toxins, suddenly invading the bloodstream in such a violent and unwelcome manner.

In recent years, a growing number of highly respected scientists and doctors have started questioning mainstream vaccine propaganda as the results of their own, unbiased studies, which has raised alarming questions about the long-term safety of vaccines.

These issues particularly relate to the volume of vaccinations administered to small children and the adjuvants and ingredients used in the manufacture of these vaccines. One such study published in the journal Pharmacological Research, warned that many, many people are at increased risk of developing autoimmune diseases after receiving vaccinations.

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Weaponizing our own immune systems

Celeste McGovern, an award-winning journalist writing for Green Med Info, noted that the study’s lead author, Yehuda Shoenfeld, is a highly respected scientist in the field of human immunity. Shoenfeld is the author of multiple papers and textbooks, some of which are viewed as the very cornerstones of autoimmunological clinical practice. Unsurprisingly, Shoenfeld has become known as the “Godfather of Autoimmunology.”

Autoimmunology is the study of how the body’s own defense system sometimes turns against itself, resulting in the development of diseases like MS, Arthritis, Guillain-Barre syndrome and others.

One of the causes of this immune system malfunction is vaccination. As the authors note in the study abstract:

Vaccinations have been used as an essential tool in the fight against infectious diseases, and succeeded in improving public health. However, adverse effects, including autoimmune conditions may occur following vaccinations (autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants–ASIA syndrome). It has been postulated that autoimmunity could be triggered or enhanced by the vaccine immunogen contents, as well as by adjuvants, which are used to increase the immune reaction to the immunogen.

The research team defined those who are at increased risk of such autoimmune conditions developing after vaccination as follows:

[W]e defined four groups of individuals who might be susceptible to develop vaccination-induced ASIA: patients with prior post-vaccination autoimmune phenomena, patients with a medical history of autoimmunity, patients with a history of allergic reactions, and individuals who are prone to develop autoimmunity (having a family history of autoimmune diseases; asymptomatic carriers of autoantibodies; carrying certain genetic profiles, etc.).

The study’s authors stressed that these potential groups of individuals represent only a small percentage of the population and that vaccines are “generally safe.” However, as noted by McGovern, this is simply not true because of the sheer volume of people who fall into one, or more of these categories, including:

  • Anyone who has a pre-existing autoimmune condition;
  • People who have had previous reactions to vaccines (which doctors almost always overlook);
  • Patients with a history of allergic reactions, particularly to eggs (something which nurses and others who administer vaccines hardly ever check with vaccine recipients); and
  • People prone to developing autoimmunity. This is where it gets really interesting, because this would include smokers (about 18 percent of all Americans), people with high oestrogen levels (anyone on the contraceptive pill or hormone replacement therapy), and people with low vitamin D levels (studies indicate that three quarters of all American teens and adults are vitamin D deficient) and that was before lock downs started keeping everyone indoors. Imagine what this level is now?

In other words, based on this study’s findings, the vast majority of us are at an increased risk of developing an autoimmune disease after being vaccinated. B

ut nobody will warn you about that, and if you dare to question the vaccine status quo you’ll be branded a quack, a “global health threat,” and a criminal.

Also in todays climate of vast 5G expansion across the globe, people exposed to high levels of radiation from 5G towers could also have a reduced immune system and therefore be at risk of developing further health problems and autoimmune conditions after a vaccine.

How to protect yourself

Whilst prevention is better than a cure, there is however some hope here. The immune system can be boosted before and after any vaccine. Make sure when you do visit the nurse that you are not under the weather or feeling low that day, as your immune system will be compromised and so this huge assault is likely to lead to the problems mentioned above.

You can boost your immune system with a good clean healthy diet, regular exercise, regular vitamin D and supplements such as immune boosting GcMAF, which can also be taken immediately after the vaccine to give it another boost and to help your body detox from the huge assault of adjuvants.

Please see this article on ways to protect your immune system during lock down


GcMaf is an essential Vitamin D binding protein, present in all healthy people, ie those who are not suffering from a terminal illness. It is the very presence of our own naturally produced GcMaf that keeps us disease free, and able to fight the trillions of viruses that we battle against everyday. GcMaf keeps them contained and also prevents excessive tumor growth. It’s job is to engulf and stop disease, to literally hunt down and destroy pathogens and viruses in the body’s blood supply.

It will never receive the press and attention it deserves, as it flies in the face of all other highly lucrative drug and cancer research. But you cannot argue with the results it produces as it finally received recognition from the medical world in 2018.

It is a naturally occurring protein that is produced in the body and carries no side effects at all. So the recovery is immediate and the improvements are always rapid and surprising. Described as the PacMan of the immune system.

Please watch the video below (made under a time lapse microscope) that shows immune cells attacking and eliminating viruses, bacteria and cancer. It shows in fast forward just how Bulgarian GCMAF works on a cellular level, as it constantly seeks out pathogens, viruses, damaged cells and tumors and destroys them, even repairing nerve cell damage afterwards.

With a little knowledge it can be administered at home. All you need is a small 1mm Insulin syringe and you can do it yourself. Its pain free. Please watch this video on how to administer it:

If you can not obtain GcMaf, please feel free to email [email protected] (be sure to check your spam folder after 2 working days if you have not received a response)

The sun and its vital source of Vitamin D

The sun is actually the best source of the hormone Vitamin D, which cannot be found in food. It is the backbone to our immune system. The lockdowns keep us home.

But we urge you to go outside and get as much sun as you can. It is vital for your health, GcMAF is a vitamin D Binding Protein, it requires Vitamin D to function. Remove the supply of vitamin D and you are weakening the entire immune system, your own GcMAF is unable to fully function. The whole system breaks down. We were not designed to be indoors, under cover and hiding from the life giving source of the sun. It cannot be underestimated how vital the sun is for good health and wellbeing.

Cannabis Oil

If you are effected by vaccine damage and Immune dysfunction there are ways to combat this with Cannabis oil and other treatments, please see the section on the wonders of Cannabis Oil

We are always shocked by the price of Cannabis oil and especially synthesised Cannabis products like Sativex. So for those that cannot access good organic oil, at a good price see here, we offer organic, full spectrum, Rick Simpson oil starting at 30USD per ml and 20 USD if you order in bulk. It’s the best source of medical cannabis oil that’s out there today.

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