Say no to a vaccine in the uk and face jail and financial ruin, says new law


Even though it will probably never be written in history, a truly historical event took place in Great Britain, this week. We are not talking about this planned “scamdemic”, or the incredibly fast rate of 5G roll out across the planet, but something even more fundamental. That is the total annihilation of personal choice, of liberty, of the right to choose what happens to your body, your possessions, your home and your family, if you choose to say no to the coming CoVID-19 vaccines.

“Democracy” if there ever was such a thing has become a bit of a joke lately. A bit old fashioned and maybe something the Greeks were fond of when everyone wore loin cloths.

Well you can forget about that, as your right to choose anything apart from what you want on Amazon seems to now be a thing of the past.

People of the UK no longer have the right to say no to mandatory vaccines.

In fact, they could well end up in prison with no possessions, homeless and broke if they do not consent to the imminent arrival of these rushed and untested vaccines, that are sent to “protect us all.”

The new lepers of tomorrow will be the pro choice, anti-vaxxer, the one who eats vegetables and relies on their own good health. The one who foolishly believes that the immune system actually works and does not need fixing by Bill and Melinda Gates.

Now you could be whisked off to prison, or hospital, or anywhere of their choosing if you choose to say, or even promote choice on your own social network channel.

You could be stopped in the street and then taken away. The surveillance is in place, the database is now in control.

You will be monitored and if you choose to say no, then you are now in danger. In danger of not only losing your family and your family home, but also your business, your liberty and your right to work.

Your family may not know where you are gone, or may also also be arrested for collusion.

A “nay sayer”, a non believer is now an enemy of the people, you are a danger to society. What’s wrong with you, did you not see the news? We are all under threat and we must all comply in exchange for whatever kind of liberty they choose.

At the beginning it was just awkward, but now, refuse the vaccine and you are off to jail. Your life will then be systematically destroyed.

As they now have the right to destroy your “things,” your family, your friends, your business, remove your children and destroy your private home.

Perhaps Orwell was 36 years too early, but did anyone notice that it was this week that we lost all of our rights?  Is it perhaps a twist of Orwellian fate then that the Control of Diseases Act was actually first written in 1984!

Or did we just know this was coming and feel powerless to stop it?

The leader of the New World Order Bill Gates (the same guy that brought us Windows 10) now tells us, you already don’t have a choice, nada, zip, nothing:

Is humanity a food source for these unelected despots?

The dark forces are working hard to gain ultimate control of humanity. Watch Laura Eisenhower take apart the evil that is currently controlling our planet.

Is she right, do the forces of good outweigh the forces of evil?

It’s looking pretty good for the Dark forces right now.

We can only hope that enough of humanity wakes up, stands up and gets active.

Maybe now is the time to pray en masse? To gather positivity, to meditate, to send out a request, to summon a greater force of good to protect us all?  If we can gather enough positive momentum then we can still stop this madness. Has it not gone too far? Am we already too late?

For, whilst you have been locked in your home, trying to do the right thing, sacrificing your freedom for the greater good, unable to work or even get on a train, the dark forces in the world have been busy changing laws and further stripping away your freedom. Censoring you and your cognitive functions.

Great Britain is not looking quite so great

Please read extracts from Legislation changes to the Control of Disease Act 1984 which came into force this week (27th April 2020).

Here is the legislation points (highlighted below) that now effect everyone in Britain:

Orders that may be made by justice of the peace

45G Power to order health measures in relation to persons

(1) A justice of the peace may make an order under subsection (2) in relation to a person (“P”) if the justice is satisfied that— (a)P is or may be infected or contaminated,

With what here is unclear, as this could be interpreted as anything.

(b)the infection or contamination is one which presents or could present significant harm to human health.

This is purposefully vague, giving extra power to the authorities at a local level, who are free to interpret this phrase as best suits them:

(c)there is a risk that P might infect or contaminate others, and (d)it is necessary to make the order in order to remove or reduce that risk.

So this is anyone in Britain basically and it is the “order” that now gives ultimate power:

(2) The order may impose on or in relation to P [anyone] one or more of the following restrictions or requirements— (a)that P submit to medical examination;

So they can test you using whatever tests they deem fit.

You will be then detained, interrogated and have medication enforced upon you, as you will be:

(b) removed to a hospital or other suitable establishment;

Where you will be

(c) detained in a hospital or other suitable establishment;

(d) kept in isolation or quarantine;

(e) disinfected or decontaminated;

(g) provide information or answer questions about [your] health or other circumstances;

 (h)that P’s health be monitored and the results reported;

For an undefined period of time (there is no end date here), you will be forced to have the vaccine and any other “decontaminant” of their choice.

You will then be monitored and subject to restrictions on where [you] go, or with whom [you] have contact;

You could possibly never work again:

(k)that P abstain from working or trading.

And they will come after your friends too:

(4) The order may impose on or in relation to P a requirement that P provide information or answer questions about P’s health or other circumstances (including, in particular, information or questions about the identity of a related party).

(5) “ Related party ” means— (a)a person who has or may have infected or contaminated P, or (b)a person whom P has or may have infected or contaminated.

And they will also now have the right to take your children away:

(6) An order under this section may also order a person with parental responsibility (within the meaning of the Children Act 1989) for P to secure that P submits to or complies with the restrictions or requirements imposed by the order.

And this is what they can now do to your possessions.

Since you are contaminated this of course gives them absolute sovereignty over your home and your “things”:

45HPower to order health measures in relation to things

(1) A justice of the peace may make an order under subsection (2) in relation to a thing if the justice is satisfied that—

(a)the thing is or may be infected or contaminated,

(b)the infection or contamination is one which presents or could present significant harm to human health,

Of course, since this is all in the greater good here:

(c)there is a risk that the thing might infect or contaminate humans, and (d)it is necessary to make the order in order to remove or reduce that risk.

So your stuff, or your things can now

(a) be seized or retained; (b)that the thing be kept in isolation or quarantine; (c)that the thing be disinfected or decontaminated;

So destroyed basically. But you will also be interrogated over any item you possess:

(4) The order may require— (a)the owner of the thing, or (b)any person who has or has had custody or control of the thing, to provide information or answer questions about the thing (including, in particular, information or questions about where the thing has been or about the identity of any related person or the whereabouts of any related thing).

And so what of your home, business, or property?

45I Power to order health measures in relation to premises

(2) The order may impose in relation to the premises one or more of the following restrictions or requirements— (a)that the premises be closed; (b)that, in the case of a conveyance or movable structure, the conveyance or structure be detained;

(c) that the premises be disinfected or decontaminated;

(d) that, in the case of a building, conveyance or structure, the premises be destroyed.

Whilst you are interrogated and possibly put under further charges.

This also applies to groups (no number specified) and so of course could refer to a company, a family, a political party, a football team, a reading club. Whoever and wherever they see fit.

45JOrders in respect of groups (1)The powers in sections 45G, 45H and 45I include power to make an order in relation to a group of persons, things or premises.

And that is every single person in that group!

to each person in the group, and (b)in subsections (2) and (4), any reference to P is a reference to any one or more of the persons in the group.

(a)in subsections (1)(a) and (c) and (3)(a), the reference to the premises is a reference to each set of premises in the group, and (b)in subsections (2) and (4), any reference to the premises is a reference to any one or more of the sets of premises in the group.

Radiation sickness is also included in this law change:

It also mentions radiation as a form of contamination! So anyone that is contaminated with radiation is now a suspect, or criminal. Considering they are putting up 5G towers everywhere and there are now a whopping 220 5G newtworks in the UK, anyone living near any of these towers will be getting high doses of radiation.

So by adding this clause they are basically including most people that live in a city near a 5G tower. So that also quells any protest against 5G also and anyone that may be considering causing damage to the tower, or may consider 5G to be the source of this infection/radiation.

Remember this law change applies to anyone that means even be suspected of being contaminated. No proof is needed. Here is the section explaining it:

45A Infection or contamination

(1)The following provisions have effect for the interpretation of this Part.

(2) “Contamination” includes radiation.

(3) Any reference to infection or contamination is a reference to infection or contamination which presents or could present significant harm to human health.

(4) Any reference to the spread of contamination includes a reference to the spread of any source of contamination.

(5) Any reference to disinfection or decontamination includes a reference to the removal of any vector, agent or source of the infection or contamination.

Any wilful obstruction to this will be now breaking the law

So anyone that refuses a vaccine becomes guilty of wilfully obstructing and is liable to a fine at the very least and registered as a criminal record

And who is to say that anywone who promotes the idea that you may be able to decide for yourself is also considered a risk

45O Enforcement of Part 2A orders

(1)A person commits an offence if the person—

(a)fails without reasonable excuse to comply with a restriction or requirement imposed by or under a Part 2A order, or

(b)wilfully obstructs anyone acting in the execution of a Part 2A order.

(2)A person guilty of an offence under subsection (1) is liable on summary conviction to [F33a fine].

(3)If— (a)a person is convicted of an offence under subsection (1), and

(b)the court by which the person is convicted is satisfied that the failure or wilful obstruction constituting the offence has caused premises or things to become infected or contaminated or otherwise damaged them in a material way,

the court may, if it considers it appropriate to do so, order the person to take or pay for such remedial action as may be specified in the order.

You will not be able to contest or dispute this. You will not be able to research anything for yourself, as this means that you will become a risk to others and therefore a criminal.

The UK was the first, but be sure to see this also happening in most countries where they are installing 5G and spreading the coronavirus fear.

This will soon become law, if it has not already in most countries that have colluded in the overall global scheme.

We ask why?

65 years ago fund raising commenced for Cancer Research, with billions of dollars in donations every year they are still no closer to finding a “cure.” This is a huge FAIL however you look at it we see much the same options of the very same chemo, radiation and surgery, with little by way of a cure and ZERO by way of prevention.

Yet the billions of dollars continue to flood in and cancer research get a pat on the back for failing every year. Where is the vaccine that destroys cancer? Where is the vaccine that cures diabetes? 

Both Cancer and diabetes individually have destroyed more lives than Covid. There has never been a cure for the common cold, so do you really believe that in just months that a “cure” has been found for COVID 19 and it comes in the form of vaccine? No research or longevity studies needed, yet the claims of “cure” and prevention are HUMUNGOUS but so is the propaganda, fear mongering and profiteering.

Will the cost be to your health or that of a loved one? the cost of this “”cure” looks like it  will be people’s health and the vaccine in this case CAN NOT be reversed. Remember this or you or/and a loved one may pay dearly later…

Why do we have Quarantine when never in the history of infectious diseases have healthy people been subject to Quarantine?

The Vaccine only allows for its use in the case of an EMERGENCY

The Vaccine remains in Trials ONLY until 2023. If lockdown and Quarantine ends, this ends the emergency administration of the Vaccine. So as things stand now, you, your children and loved ones are the trial for the vaccine. This is the Only reason for quarantine and lockdown. Hence it is now an endemic, which means it will NEVER end!

Will you be taking the Vaccine?

Let’s look at the word Vaccine and break it down: Vac-Sins because we have headed into a Vac-Sin-Nation with our eyes wide open to the dangers!

Source: Zed Phoenix, Covid-19: Control of Disease Act 1984

British Government

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