Never before have we had such a high level lock down, a Draconian, medieval quarantine across the whole planet. Millions out of work. Hunger and malnutrition likely to take as many lives as any virus could.

But what was this all about if not to reset the patterns of life, quash gatherings of people, stop all demonstrations. In fact, leave the road and public spaces free to adapt and “develop,” introduce new digital currencies and bankrupt countries, whilst introducing new ID systems and more vaccines.

Lets just focus on the whether there is a link between 5G deployment across the world and the spread and concentrations of cases numbers of the coronavirus?

There is an undeniably eery comparison between these two current global phenomena’s.

These two things are always reported as being separate, but the results are interesting whether you are a believer in the mainstream message of the virus, or whether you are a sceptic of it and think there is more to than this is broadcast on state television.

Please see this section for more info on the coronavirus and how to protect yourself and your family from any virus.

So lets look at a map of global 5G Deployment is a website that will show you how fast the internet is in your area.

It also has a handy 5G map that shows the relentless pace of the deployment of 5G across the world.

The map shows the location of 5G networks across the entire planet.

Right now (23rd April) there are 7,281 commercially available areas of 5G networks worldwide. With 193 ready for Pre-Release and still being tested.

Check your area on the website:

You can zoom in close enough, for example, to show there are 5x5G Networks in City Hall Park, near the Civic Centre in New York, USA:

5G network in New York
5 seperate 5G Networks in City Hall Park, near the Civic Centre in New York, USA

Just how big these areas are and how many towers are within these areas is unclear from the map. It could be many different 5G towers connected together, as a network involves many interconnected transmission points.

Please see more below on the dangers of 5G and please also see this article for more information on 5G.

5G compared to the Coronavirus map

Now let’s take a look at the map that shows the cases of coronavirus across the world. For example

What you will find is that the 2 patterns are amazingly close.  

North America

Starting with the USA, where possibly the highest numbers of the coronavirus cases (869,172) have been reported. Now look at the 2 maps of North America, together of both 5G Deployment and reported cases of the coronavirus.

Map of 5G and coronavirus in the USA

The hotspots and circles are almost identical across the two maps.

With 5G concentration happening on both the East and the West Coast, you can see that the epicentres of activity for both 5G deployment and cases of Coronavirus are very similar. With huge concentrations on the East side of the USA, New York now has a staggering 1,500 5G Networks in operation and 30,000 cases in one small area of New York alone.

On the West coast, California has 548 5G networks and these areas are also having the highest level of reported coronavirus cases. 

These have also been the areas with highest level of state control and the tighter marshalling of people.

So in amongst such harsh measures as shutting businesses and public gatherings, so is coincidentally a great time to build out 5G networks that will be more powerful than any we have seen before.

Will we notice any of this change, or will we be too nervous of each other to look up around us as we emerge back into city life?


Moving South, compare the cases of Coronavirus in the USA to Mexico and they have a tiny proportion of cases in comparison. Mexico has a vast population at nearly one hundred and twenty four million people, whilst there has been far more freedom of movement in Mexico and far less state control.

But guess what? it has zero 5G networks…. There are suspected towers being erected in Baja California, but cases of the coronavirus in Mexico are only 11,633. That’s a tiny proportion of what is happening in New York for example.

Whereas Ecuador has 5G in Guayaquil and 10,309 reported cases of the Coronavirus.


Much like the USA, Europe has a high density of reported cases of the Coronavirus. But when you compare it to the fact it is also a major hotspot of 1200 5G networks across the continent you can start to see the same pattern emerge.

Map of 5G and coronavirus in Europe

According to the twitter feed of @Ookla5GMap Italy was one of the first countries to get 5G and of course this corresponds with the same timeline of Coronavirus cases.

There are a staggering two hundred and twenty six 5G networks now in the UK. Yet they also have over 130,000 reported cases of the coronavirus.

I wonder what these 2 maps will look like in one month’s time, or after the Coronavirus lock down has come to an end, will it be hotter and more concentrated for both?

Africa is barely touched by Covid. Why is this?

Africa has a vast population of nearly one and half billion people (1,334,037,959 at time of writing and according to, but have hardly any reported cases of CoVID-19.

Whilst of course most African countries are unable to invest in huge infrastructures such as 5G right now, it is South Africa that is leading the race, as the highest country in the continent for both the coronavirus (with nearly 4000 casesand having five 5G networks already installed.


Where did all of this begin, but of course in China as has been reported by most media channels. Have a look at this map and compare the hotspots across both maps for Asia.

Map of Asia 5G and coronavirus

It’s very close to being an an identical pattern again, but of course we must allow for population movement and the validity of the number of cases.

We also know that many of the earliest 5G areas where in northern China. In Wuhan where all of this was supposed to have started, there are 3 networks using 5G in operation already.

5G map in Wuhan China

You can follow the latest Twitter updates on 5G Deployment here:  @Ookla5GMap

And get updates as they install more and more 5G everywhere.

5G map Twitter

Facial recognition and social distancing

These new 5G towers will control cars and fridges, mobile phones and many many things. But will they will also be able to control human traffic, via installed microchips in our hands that will tell someone how much is in your bank account. The key to open your front door.

It’s all too Orwellian to comprehend as our movements will be tracked non stop.

Social distancing makes sense if you need to keep everybody spaced apart by increasing amounts (because viruses can jump that far?!), to give better data readings and allow for better facial recognition.

Tracked and attacked from the skies

According to the Sun newspapers website: “ELON Musk has successfully launched a rocket containing 60 satellites into space.

Elon Musks 5G satellite space rocket

But according to in 2018:

This development is troubling for those concerned about constant exposure to radio frequency radiation in close proximity to .. the prospect of beaming millimeter length microwaves back down to Earth from thousands of new communication satellites as SpaceX was given approval by the FCC on 3/29/2018 to launch 4,425 satellites into low orbit around Earth.

The total number expected to be put into low and high orbit will be 20,000 with the biggest being: Spacex at 12,000; OneWeb at 4,560; Boeing 2,956; Spire Global at 972. 

It’s mind boggling to consider how this will affect future cancer rates.

Dangers of 5G

This from Radiation Health Risks: “First of all 5G cellular technology is dangerous because it emits Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation. And it does so at ultra high frequencies and with ultra high intensity, compared to earlier technologies.

The World Health Organization classified RF Radiation as a possible “carcinogenic” in 2011. And there are literally hundreds of peer reviewed scientific studies linking “non-ionizing” RF Radiation to things like cancer, crib death, DNA damage (especially in infants and fetuses) and male infertility. 

Also because of the limits of the frequencies used, in order for users to have good reception it is estimated they will need to put a mini cell station every 2 to 8 houses. This will multiply significantly the amount of RF Radiation we will be exposed to.

In order to carry this enormous and unbelievable increase in data they have to use dramatically higher frequency radiation.

The 1G through 4G technologies used less than 6 GHz frequencies. 5G plans on at least using 24 GHz to 90 GHz, and possibly up to 300 GHz frequency RF Radiation.

In these frequencies the wave lengths are millimeters long and highly dense. What this means to you and me is if it starts raining, or if you walk behind a tree, you would lose your cell signal. To over come this technology companies are planning to increase the number of cell towers dramatically as well as implement a more sophisticated directional beaming technology. 5G needs this in order to pass your signal from cell tower to cell tower and even bounce it off of obstacles to reach you. It is estimated that they will need mini cell towers every 2 to 8 houses in order to maintain good signal connections.”

On the other hand, according to CBS News, the side effects of radiation sickness are severe and similar in description to the coronavirus:

Severe Fatigue: Radiation sickness can cause people to feel weak and out of sorts – almost like having a bad version of the flu.

Mouth ulcers

Infections – Along with red cells, radiation sickness can reduce the risk of infection-fighting white cells in the body. As a result, the risk of bacterial, viral, and fungal infections is heightened.

It can dramatically reduce the number of red blood cells, causing anemia and and increased risk of fainting.

Unchecked it can also lead to:

Nausea and vomiting are typically the earliest symptoms of radiation sickness. The higher the dose of radiation, the sooner these symptoms appear – and the worse the prognosis. Someone who starts to vomit within one hour of exposure is likely to die.

Sometimes people with radiation sickness feel bad at first and then start to feel better. But often new, more serious symptoms appear within hours, days, or even a few weeks of this “latent” stage.

Spontaneous bleeding from the nose, mouth, gums, and rectum. It can cause people to bruise easily and to bleed internally as well – and even to vomit blood.
Major irritation of the intestinal lining, resulting in severe and sometimes bloody diarrhea.

Sloughing of skin Areas of skin exposed to radiation may turn blister and turn red – almost like a severe sunburn. In some cases open sores form. The skin may even slough off

Hair loss Radiation damages hair follicles. As a result, people who get a big dose of radiation often lose their hair within two to three weeks. Sometimes the loss of hair is permanent.

 Will we discover new changes to our old environments as we emerge from the shadows of our homes?

Safe zones

The job will be to look for safe zones on the map if you want to avoid areas of high. Radiation and Maps like this may become one of the resources in the battle to be informed.

We continue to constantly search for any further information on this subject, so please contact our Facebook Group The Naked Doctor if you have any further information on this subject.


The purpose of this article is by no means meant to scare anyone. These facts are alarming, but we feel that knowledge is power and that you have a right to know what is happening on your doorstep and in our world.

We love this world and see the need for its preservation.

Please stay aware and stay happy.


CBS News Radiation Health Risks

Thanks to the guy on the TikTok video that first highlighted this information. I wish I could find his name…


We do the research you decide,
Love and Light
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