Human guinea pigs will be offered £3,500 ($4338 US Dollars) in exchange for two weeks in a secure London facility, where they’ll be banned from outside contact and constantly monitored for symptoms, The Times reports. 

According to News Hub: The 24 volunteers will be infected with two common strains of coronavirus, 0C43 and 229E, which are similar to COVID-19. However, these two strains only cause a mild respiratory illness.

The infected patients will then be used to test antiviral medications as well as help develop a vaccine for COVID-19.

Medical staff will collect nasal samples, blood and dirty tissues and measure them for the ‘viral load’.

They won’t be allowed to exercise or have physical contact with other people, and their diet will be controlled. 

However, they will be allowed to spend their time watching TV and playing video games.

“Each room is equipped with everything you need to relax, including a flat-screen TV, PlayStation 3, WiFi and en-suite bathroom,” Hvivo, the company which owns the laboratory, says on its website.

Hvivo, the company behind the laboratory at Queen Mary, will be infecting 24 volunteers at a time with the 0C43 and 229E strains of the virus.

Could the Trump have been exposed to the Coronavirus?

Whilst in the USA, according to an article doing the rounds o Reddit, A Brazilian spokesperson has tested positive for COVID-19 after he met with President Trump and Pence at Mar-a-Lago. It is unclear as to whether Trump has been recently tested.

Researchers in Seattle have also begun recruiting healthy volunteers to participate in a clinical trial for a vaccine developed by the biotechnology company Moderna Therapeutics, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The vaccine trial is expected to launch by the end of April and will take 14 months but volunteers don’t need to be quarantined. They will receive up to $1,100 (£836) in total.

Please see this article that will tell you how to best decline a vaccine: How to decline a vaccine

All the potential jabs are in the pre-clinical stage, which means they haven’t been studied in humans yet.

It takes years to develop new treatments for illnesses because new medicines must be extensively researched in a series of phases.

Usually thousands of people have to take part in the clinical research phase to monitor safety, tolerability and effectiveness in people.

Even if they prove successful, they must be produced on a large scale, which needs billions of dollars, and be vetted by regulators.

Over 100 countries have now reported laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Eight new territories have reported cases in the past 24 hours – Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Faroe Islands, French Guiana, Maldives, Malta, Martinique, and Republic of Moldova.

The WHO said the passing of 100,000 cases on Friday was a ‘sobre moment’.

The UK is reportedly preparing for as many as 100,000 deaths due to the virus. This figure was accepted by Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon who stressed the government is looking at the ‘scientific worst case scenario’.

Italians could face murder charges

And so the authorities have upped the anti in Italy, by setting the way for further medical infringements. Coronavirus patients who refuse to self-isolate face murder charges in Italy.

Italian authorities are clamping down on anyone who ignores measures to stop the spread of coronavirus (Picture: Mega/Backgrid)
Italian authorities are clamping down on anyone who ignores measures to stop the spread of coronavirus (Picture: Mega/Backgrid)

Anyone showing symptoms of coronavirus in Italy who refuses to self-isolate could face 21 years in prison. Authorities warn that those who come down with a cough, fever or other signs of the deadly Sars-like disease who avoid going into quarantine could risk being charged with attempted murder. The country is struggling to contain the spread of the bug and has confirmed more than 12,000 cases and 827 deaths. Italy has been put on a nationwide lockdown with all stores except for pharmacies and food outlets being ordered to close down. Citizens have also been told they are not allowed to travel unless for pressing health or work reasons. Anyone who comes down with a fever, cough, or other symptoms of the new coronavirus strain named Covid-19 who do not put themselves under self-isolation risk being charged with causing injury and be jailed for six months to three years.

If a careless coronavirus sufferer went on to pass the bug to an elderly person or someone made vulnerable by a pre-existing health condition, then they could charged with ‘intentional murder’ and could spend up to 21 years behind bars, reports Il Sole 24 Ore.

Those who carry on with their daily business after knowingly making contact with a coronavirus patient could also face the same penalty, as well as those who fail to warn people they may have infected. Symptoms are very similar to the flu or common cold, but advice has been given on how to spot the difference for those with concerns. Italy’s new legal measures have been compared to punishments for people who willingly pass on HIV to unsuspecting victims.

Medics are asked to not treat the elerly in Italy
Medics are asked to not treat the elerly in Italy

Did it all begin in Italian Fashion?

So why is Italy being hit so hard with cases of the Corona virus. A very logical explanation could well the result of the fact that China has such a strong link to the sometimes controversial cheap production of fashion textiles:

According to David Vance on Twitter: Many Italians in Northern Italy sold their leather goods and textiles companies to China. Italy then allowed 100,000 Chinese from Wuhan/Wenzhou to move to Italy to work in these factories, with direct Wuhan flights. Result: Northern Italy is Europe’s hotspot for Wuhan Coronavirus

So how can we protect ourselves against the Corona virus naturally?

Anyone with a healthy lifestyle, a clean diet and strong immune system should be well equipped to cope with any virus. But if you are concerned about your own immune system then please read MD Simon Fermun informative and thought provoking article, stating that the medical world has much to gain from embracing Immunotherapy, such as  Genuine GcMaf.

We all have GcMAF in our bodies, as it is a naturally occurring protein. The likelihood is that if you are well and healthy, you have enough of it to fight off virus’s and pathogens. If on the other hand you are sick, or have been diagnosed with a serious condition, then your immune system is low and so your GcMAF is too.

Surgical masks are not enough

If you are travelling on a plane, or a train or going out in public then we recommend that you wear a gas mask. A surgical mask will not fully protect you from the viral particles.

Gas masks are more effective than surgical masks
Gas masks are more effective than surgical masks

Kratom has some good news

Dr. Thamrin Usman, a professor of chemistry at Tanjungpura University in Indonesia, recently gave an interview about “the diversity of tropical plants in West Kalimantan (that) have a lot of compounds that can strengthen the immune system and ward off coronavirus.” And one of the plants he mentioned that’s definitely worth noting is mitragyna speciosa, more popularly known as kratom.

This popular natural alternative to pain medications, which hails from the same plant family as coffee, contains a special compound known as chloroquine, or Cq, that research shows is powerfully combative against coronaviruses. There’s more than just one coronavirus in the world – just look at the label on a standard disinfectant spray bottle to see for yourself – and Cq could be a type of master key that protects against all of them.

“By looking at the chemical structure of chloroquine molecules that contain secondary and tertiary amine compound structures, it can be considered to use kratom leaves because mitragynine compounds in kratom are actually secondary and tertiary amines,” Dr. Usman is quoted as saying.

If you have trouble acquiring Kratom or Genuine GcMAF then, please get in touch with us  here

Other immune-boosting nutrients that Dr. Usman recommends in light of the Wuhan coronavirus (CoVid-19) crisis include vitamin C, which has a “warming” effect on the body in much the same way as ginger and other spices. He also points to virgin coconut oil as yet another powerful antiviral.”

“This material has been proven to boost the body’s immune system,” he says about all of these natural remedies.

According to Dr. Theron Hutton, MD, N-acetyl cysteine, seleniumspirulina, and high-dose glucosamine are all supplements of natural origin that have been scientifically shown to provide protection against RNA viruses like influenza and coronavirus.

In a paper entitled, “Nutraceuticals have potential for boosting the type 1 interferon response to RNA viruses including influenza and coronavirus,” researchers from the Catalytic Longevity Foundation and the Mid America Heart Institute at St. Luke’s Hospital found that these and other herb extractions such as elderberry possess symptomatically beneficial properties that can help to mediate the impact of infections such as coronavirus, which is definitely worth considering.

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