Has Modern medicine gone mad?


We are seeing a slow movement forming against some of the methods used by the so called modern Medical establishment within the medical community itself. An education towards other methods outside the mainstream, as information becomes more available and we look beyond what is perceived as the accepted wisdom of the medical world. I am just one of this movement. Allow me to introduce you to a new stance on what it means to be a modern doctor.

I am a qualified Medical Doctor and Holistic Practitioner and in my view conventional medicine can learn much from the complimentary world and vice versa. The future of the health industry depends on combining the best results of the modern and alternative world togehter under one roof.

Exclusive: Findings of fact statement from MD Simon Fermun (MD HMD LAc AP CA MBI)

Combining modern medicine with the the best in alternative practices would expose the quackery and the greed on both sides of the medical coin. For, yes, we see this all the time, there are faults on both sides.

But let’s start with the positives, for there is also much that one can learn from the other.
I focus on what I know gets the best results. Both conventional medicine and alternative practices have advantages and disadvantages, depending on the situation, the illness, the condition and at which stage it is.

From all that I have seen and experienced over my medical lifetime, the most exciting break throughs have come from the alternative world. Treatments like Immunotherapy (GcMAF), Stem Cells, Ozone and medical Cannabis have made a vast difference to our patients health. Turning them back from illness.

Plus it comes at a fraction of the cost of the current conventional recommended route of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery.

I am lucky enough to have studied on both sides of this industry made divide and feel that the mainstream and the alternative medical worlds are actually much the same. I like to look at both sides of the medical coin. Just as much as I like them, I can also loathe them both in equal measure.

As a Medical Doctor, I have trained at many hospitals and was given a formal medical education. But it took a very personal loss to make me look for other answers and to continue my research from a wider perspective.

For me, modern science is incredible, the diagnostic tools that we now have are so precise, the technology keeps improving.
If someone breaks an arm, they are better off in hospital, not in a holistic clinic. A&E departments are amazing places and I admire my friends greatly who work under such constant pressure.

Without blood testing, X-rays, MMR scans and other diagnostic tools my job would be impossible. The holistic world needs the technology and research.

I would like to propose the idea of a new alternative care ward within the hospital, then we would be able to offer patients more choice, options and ultimately hope. Even better, if medical insurance where to also cover it. For these methods are cheaper and actually make people feel better, so put less strain on the overall medical industry.

The governments medical budgets would reduce. This needs serious consideration.

Social media seems to be a place where people are at their angriest
Stop attacking each other on social media and look at the results. Both sides of the medical world can learn from each other

Cancer treatment needs both sides

When it comes to cancer, chemotherapy, surgery and radiation all have their place.We have to consider everything that is available for each and every patient. They have the right to choose from all of the options.

And when it comes to treating certain cancers, they have been proven to work better than the alternatives.

I always opt to save someones life first and foremost. In an emergency situation and someones life is under threat then you must choose the treatment that works fastest.If a tumor is pressing an artery for example and time is critical.
But once we are out of the danger zone then we can repair damage in gentler ways. We can repair the liver and gut to the best of our knowledge. So it is about striking a balance that is best for the health and comfort of the patient.

For me it is about knowledge. What can I, or my colleagues think of to help the person in need who has come to see me. I need to offer this person the best chance. As doctors our knowledge is everything. It is what could save a person’s life, or end it very early. So yes it is important.

Keep learning and do not stop evolving.
I realise many doctors are over-worked and the patient loads are overwhelming. But you owe it to your patients to look at new studies and continue to research the best methos of treatment, whatever the field.

One thing that holistic medicine teaches us is that the root cause of the disease must be addressed. Where did this begin in the body and mind of the patient? We must concentrate on the feeds and the source of the cancer in order to treat it.

People need to take their health seriously

That is not to say that patients do not have responsibility too. Never should you let your doctor care more about your health than you do.
We see so much lack of care sometimes when all that is needed is a change in diet, healthier lifestyle, getting natural Vitamin D and some exercise and there would be fewer problems across the western world.

God gave you this body, this vessel to sail in, the least you can do is look after it while you are using it.

My advice to other doctors

Explain things in easy to understand language. Try not to use medical jargon so much, this simply blinds people to the truth. Be the friendly face, not the grim reaper.
Never put a time on someone’s life – The psychological abuse of putting a time average to someone’s life is wrong. It strips people to the very core. They carry it deep inside, believing the statistic to be an exact prediction on when their life will end. We know one thing for sure and that is that we will all die one day. We need to stop telling people when it will be. Hanging on your every word, these are the phrases your patients will remember. Medically, as a result of this trauma, the immune system goes into shock fight or flight mode and then into depression. It is the vicious start of on a downward spiral and allows the disease to further advance and grow quicker.

The cancer in the patient’s mind is often larger than the tumor itself. A person can have a 98% well body and only 2% cancer, but the patient and the medical profession by enlarge focus on this tiny 2%. The other 98% may be well and able, but gets completely overshadowed and forgotten, the 2% seeming far greater in that patient’s mind.

With a better outlook, we give a person a better chance of survival simply by how and what we say as doctors. Focusing more on the 98% and it could even help clear up some of this 2%.

Personal loss

It took something very personal for me to start to look at both sides. It was when I had to watch my own father pass away from lung cancer that it really affected me. It was the treatment that killed him, I saw that. I was helpless,. I saw my father’s organs melted by radiotherapy. I did not know what to do. It was all too late for my father. He taught me so much, but his passing and the way he died, perhaps taught me the most.

Chemotherapy and radiation came like thieves in the night, they stole his dignity and his quality of life and eroded his soul, burning him from the inside out. It was like a red hot poker on a rare piece of steak, searing and burning his organs. It was this that turned me away from the mainstream medical establishment. I felt let down by it at the time. It changed my approach. I did not want this to happen to others.

So I went on a new quest of discovery, searching for other answers and alternatives.
I studied the holistic methods for seven years. I studied magnet therapy, acupuncture, Ozone, immunotherapy and stem cells, along with many other aspects of natural health.

Always give quality of life

It all comes back to the fact, that for me personally as a doctor, the bottom line is the patient’s quality of life. We must always try to give life and to focus on the patient’s comfort, keep them out of pain where possible and keep them happy, as best we can.
So I sit on both sides when it comes to the classifications of a category. Holistic and mainstream are both very capable of saving and improving lives when it comes to the treatment of diseases.

Chemistry is chemistry and when herbs break down in the body, they become chemicals too, this is not just the case for the pharmaceutical drugs. But herbs are also made up of chemicals.What is actually needed is a good understanding of the science, at the very level of the living cell for, it is at this level that we need to understand what is happening, what our treatments are doing inside the organs and blood of our patients and within the tumors that we are treating.

If you mix enough tablets together, you could still be making a bomb inside a person’s body. I am eternally grateful to our biochemists for their knowledge. Every good doctor should know one and be good friends with one. For every patient taking pharmaceutical drugs, we need to know the dosage, just as much as we need to know what supplements they are taking and what food they are eating. It all goes down one tube, down the throat to the stomach and on to the intestines so we need to know how this reacts and combines in their body. And everyone is different.

Alternative medicine is already feeding into modern medicine

Times are changing and a shift is occurring, as information has become so much more easily available, so the evidence of the good that many alternative therapies can offer is emerging. For example, we see the rise of cannabis oil as more accepted and understood and once you have witnessed it’s effects, you can never underestimate the power of medical marijuana.

It has been a battle for many years with doctors having to be very careful with the way they advise on its uses. The endocannabinoid system cannot be underestimated and shows why we need medical cannabis so much.

The alternative world of medicine is becoming more popular in hospitals where you can now see Rife machines, acupuncture, ozone and mindfulness to name but a few.

But what I am against is the enforced use of chemotherapies and radiation when it comes to ALL cancers and especially those that have hardly any chance at all of these methods working. If we know it is not going to work, then it is not the right answer. If we know it has such dire side effects and is simply making that person’s life worse then this is more reason not to use it.

The first rule of medical school should always be to do no harm, always be human.

Personal medical experience that opened up my mind

I have seen many examples where we have mixed mainstream medicine with alternative therapies in our clinics. I recall meeting a British woman by the name of Amanda Mary who volunteered at our clinic.
I overheard her on several occasions speaking to people and patients about other alternative therapies.

At first I thought she was a little crazy and secretly called her Crazy Mary.

But after several months we started to witness improvements in the patients she helped and, especially with Prostate cancer. these were results we had not previously seen.
This attracted my attention as well as that of other colleagues in the industry and we could not deny the reduction in PSA readings as well as the improvement in general well being in the patient. This intrigued oncologists further and today we train them in these techniques.

Since incorporating this advice we have seen even further increases in good results when it comes to Prostate and other cancers.
This is just one example of the two worlds combining.
These were also selected patients, often family members of doctors and doctors themselves which saddens me. What we so often see is that the doctors who so routinely hand out chemotherapy treatments never want to see this happen to their own. They seek out other alternatives as they know full well how ghastly the effects of the mainstream route can be.

There is one rule for us and another for them. I can only say that as a doctor and is not widely spoken about.

Autism as another example. In October last year we decided to publicly trial a young boy by the name of Wes Sheppard. In short, the parents of this 7-year-old boy have seen a 50% recovery. Within 4 days of commencing with this new and innovative protocol we witnessed speech begin whereas he was non verbal before this. We are now 10 months into the protocol and not one week passes when the child does not show improvement. This case has been fully documented to include medical records and there will be a fully detailed article to follow.

Again, this protocol combines the best of both worlds, with the best of holistic and modern medicine working together. We as a medical profession owe it to the parents and the patient, to listen to them, as especially with Autism, this rarely happens.

To this date I would never say no to radiation.
It has its place in treatments. One example is that a lady in her mid sixties had a lymph gland and tumour under her armpit the size of a melon. This was encroaching on the main artery leading to the heart. The full mainstream approach would have been to immediately amputate the arm, with a full course of antibiotics to follow, along with a full course of chemotherapy and radiation.
I reviewed the case and in the end the chosen route was 6 rounds of targeted radiation to start immediately. The growth could have stopped her heart at any moment. Choosing radiation took the pressure off the vein, it shrunk the tumour which gave enough time to deal

with it later. We thus avoided surgery and antibiotics which strip the gut and damage the liver, causing further problems and she was able to keep her arm.
This is an example of where radiation can be useful. Holistically we could not have dealt with this and the lady would not have survived 2 more days.

Chemo vs immunotherapy GcMAF

There is an immunotherapy supplement called GcMAF that has been proving its effectiveness against cancer, HIV, Autism and many other autoimmune diseases for years.

Described as the Pac Man of the immune system GcMaf has been compared to the little yellow character in Pac Man, as it is an essential protein which is an integral part of the immune system’s self defence and it’s job is to engulf and stop disease and hunt down pathogens in the body’s blood supply.

Please see this timelapse video under a dark field microscope that shows GcMAF in action

It is naturally occurring in our bodies and is the reason the majority of people are not suffering from cancer is that the macrophages in their immune system trigger the release of GcMAF (a Vitamin D Binding Protein) to seek out and devour toxins and early tumors in the blood supply.

It is incredibly effective when introduced into the blood of a cancer patient and is is yet to cause a death. No-one has ever died of a GcMAF related death, yet chemotherapy kills millions.

John Banks made this Freedom of Information request to Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency in the UK, 1st September 2019, to ask for answers to the questions as to why anyone who handles an innocent, naturally occurring protein like GcMAF gets such harsh treatments when chemotherapy and other FDA and MHRA approved drugs kill so many, yet their executives who have covered up so many deaths get rewarded:

Avandia Opioids and Vioxx killed 450,000 in the USA. How many did they kill in England? Why are you still licensing Cervarix and Gardasil, which kill a person a week?

Have you banned Paxil/Seroxat, which killed over 1,000 people and often make depression much worse?

Your directors Gerald Heddell and Ian Hudson were ex the UK’s Glaxo Smith Kline. They killed 83,000 with their chemical drug Avandia and got a $3 Billion fine for fraud in the USA because they concealed the fact it killed. Yet the MHRA let them off with absolutely no penalty. As a safe natural protein GcMAF has never killed anyone; most don’t even get its negligible side effects.”

They are still waiting a response.
GcMAF is a natural protein that already exists in the body and can even support your bodies immune system during chemotherapy and radiation.

Why are we not able to use this product to support the patient’s immune system which is being so heavily attacked by the chemotherapy and the cancer?
If we are in pain then we can take pain medication, why not a natural medication that can support the immune system when it is most under stress?

We are not taught about this at medical school. It was only when I saw the amazing result of GcMAF immunotherapy for myself that it led me on a further quest to see more.

The medical care business has it wrong

The medical care business model is currently failing. With more and more people getting sick, hospitals are over-run. A staggering 1 in 2 people in the USA and Europe are predicted to get cancer at some point in their lives, and the likelihood is everyone by 2040.
These are government figures.

What is the research industry doing? There are published research papers in peer reviewed Scientific Journals that prove the effectiveness of GcMAF
Yet, with billions of dollars invested every year cancer research comes back with little more than the usual big 3 of Chemotherapy, Radiation and Surgery. It’s time we broadened our horizons and took off our blinkers. We need to stop stating the following phrase to our cancer patients: “If there were more we could do then we would” , as what this phrase really means is: “I do not have the knowledge that goes further than my current level of understanding.”
The research is out there.
We are paid for our knowledge.

Giving cake to a cancer sufferer is wrong. The canteen in hospitals has cakes and chocolate bars. Sugar feeds the fungus that feeds cancer, cake and cookies are not the answer. There are even fast food restaurants in some hospitals. This is out of control.

Private medical insurance will support chemotherapy, radiation and surgery which costs hundreds of thousands of dollars per patient, often with dismal results, leading to further care needed and a further strain on resources.

Using immunotherapy and other holistic treatments can make people better, not worse. It has a better outcome for many cancers, costing a tenth of the price.

Medical insurance should be extended to cover these better cheaper alternatives. If it is about helping people and saving money, then the insurance companies should be considering this for their business. Saving money and improving health, both at the same time.
Some patients who refuse chemotherapy and radiation treatments to cure themselves naturally with diet and supplements should be given special dispensation to use some of this saved money elsewhere. Why can the insurance companies not cover an improved diet and natural treatments if that is the patient’s wish?

Also, here is a short list of treatments that are both effective and are a fraction of the cost in comparison:

This would save the tax payer millions on the overall health budget. Health Insurance premiums would come down.

I can see that it would also make sense to create an entirely new, humane department in hopstials called The Alternative Care Ward. It’s a new medical department within the mainstream structure, a place in between the oncology unit and the palliative care ward.

An alternative end of life care centre, for when they have tried and failed with the more recognised big 3 of chemo, radiation and surgery.

For it is generally at this stage that we get the most patients coming to us. When the hospitals have tried everything, the patient has done the chemo, the steroids, the surgeries, the radiation and when this fails this is the stage when they say “I am sorry, there is nothing more we can do”

But, instead of this being the end of hope and the end of the patient’s chances, we offer them something more. Instead of them being passed on to palliative care where morphine is used to hasten the end, we look at what other options there really are.

For this is not too late! Even at this stage there are things we can do.

Immunotherapy like GcMAF can really help a patient, even at such a late stage.
Stem Cells can also really help, even at this late stage. It can give a patient extra time.

Help ease the strain

This department would still make money, it would keep the medical business going, but also offer some hope and some comfort at the end, after all the chemo has failed. It could be a place to give extra time for the family, or even time for the immune system to recover and for the patient to start walking again.

Palliative care is morphine and unawareness; it is not real quality time of life. Patients are delirious and unable to express their final words.
GcMAF offers help, even at such a late stage. It was only recently that a rare type of cancer known as Wild GIST which has never been stopped by mainstream, or holistic medicine before, have now seen two different men in their 30s both still alive and doing well long after they were predicted to have died.

One of the patients even came back from as far as being told there was nothing more for him and he had weeks left to live. This was a young man immobile in bed, unable to move and full of ascites, believing it was the end.

It was at this moment that he took a leap of faith, spurred on by hearing of the first ever survivors story, he took his first round of GcMAF. To his amazement he was up and moving within days and is now running with his two children. Now months later, he is still getting stronger. He now has extra time and quality of life with his family.
He was lucky, he found the alternative, but many do not look, or even believe an alternative can exist. Yet, we could write a book on the others who are now in similar positions because they took this leap of faith and tried GcMAF Immunotherapy.

It is a massive breakthrough the patients themselves are now seeking and searching for it on social media channels, whilst the mainstream media has not picked up on this and is unlikely to do so, unless we keep showing and sharing these results.

It is only a matter of time before the wave grows and the tide turns.
Immunotherapy GcMAF should be available in all hospitals in order to help with so many conditions.

Stem cells

Throughout the holistic world, practitioners have also been using cord blood stem cells for well over a decade. But yet, we still cannot use cord blood stem cells in mainstream medicine. This does not make sense. Medical research papers have proven that stem cells are useful in not all, but many types of cancer, especially blood and liver cancers.

We can also use these instead of knee, spine, hip and dental surgery, all proven to work beyond the surgical procedures that are offered today.

Some Clinical Uses of Umbilical Cord Blood to Date

  • Infantile Krabbe’s disease (22)
  • Epstein-Barr virus (32)
  • Lysosomal and peroxisomal storage diseases (46)
  • Diamond-Blackfan anemia (75)
  • Various acute and chronic leukemias (55)
  • Neuroblastoma (55)
  • Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (55)
  • Hodgkin’s lymphoma (45)
  • Sickle-cell anemia (55)
  • Cooley’s anemia (33) 􏰀
  • Hurler syndrome (23)
  • Leukocyte adhesion deficiency (63)
  • Evans syndrome (52)
  • Osteopetrosis (61)
  • Spinal cord injury (37)

The family of the patients

At our clinics in Mexico and Belize, we also address the psychological side of the illness and not only for the patient, but for the stress on the immediate family as well. There is currently not a great deal of support for them apart from anti-depressants and to talk to a counsellor, but the overall effect on the family needs extra care and attention. It cannot be underestimated the harm a loss can have on the body. They need more than just a pill and a pamphlet. They need special help and their immune system to also needs to be protected.

Colonics, clean diet, Vitamin D, all of these things need to be made available to the grieving partners. It helps rid the body of the stress and strains on their own health. These get so often over looked as what we see is the likelihood that we will see one or more of the family again as new cancer patients in a year’s time, their immune system having been weakened and the emotional fall out not addressed.


We also need knowledge to be shared early on before habits are formed and patterns made. This can only be done through education. Medical education needs improving in schools and from a young age. I am not judging the parents here, I am noticing that we are seeing more and more sick kids coming to the clinic. Due to lack of exercise, lack of Vitamin D (from the sun), childhood diabetes and asthma, heart and kidney issues are presenting at all too young an age. It is out of control and puts pressure on the medical system. This could be alleviated by education that is already being paid for in schools, it would cost nothing, but save lives.

So how about we all work together on this?

We hope this article helps.
We do the research, you decide.

Love and Light

MD Simon Fermun

MD Simon Fermun is a fully qualified medical surgeon and general practitioner. While working under Dr. Jose Luis Romo, in Puebla, Mexico at La Flor De La Salud, he trained in the specialized areas of magnetic pairing and Voll testing. There, he also studied recovery therapies for many chronic illnesses, bio-cellular medicine, HTA control and the treatment of disc hernias without extensive, or invasive surgery.

Dr. Furmun’s other skills include and are not limited to: Oncology, Hematology, Immunology, Endocrinology, Gynecology, Dermatology, Pediatrics, Ophthalmology and a private interest in Autism. He plays a key role in the Healing Oracle Team

We do the research you decide,
Love and Light
The Healing Oracle Team
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