David Noakes kidnapped


The harsh treatment of “Cancer Boss” David Noakes, continues, as it was announced today that UK Police have apparently “grabbed” him a short while ago in England and are preparing to extradite him to France, where he will face a long prison sentence, according to recent reports.  

The National Health Federation states:

“This kidnapping will not go unchallenged. Please donate to the National Health Federation (www.thenhf.com) for David’s defence.”

David Noakes has already served time in a UK jail for his role in selling Immunotherapy GcMAF, a naturally occurring treatment that has never killed or harmed anyone. It’s only “problem” being that it is not licensed by the authorities, as they cannot patent it, own it, or resell it for huge profits like chemotherapy.

Let’s stop this crazy situation and work together?

With convicted paedophiles only facing a few years behind bars, Noakes could well serve over 10 years in a harsh French prison, for what?

Selling a product that we all produce naturally?

What’s next, convict anyone with a strong immune system for naturally producing their own GcMAF?

Please see and share this article from MD Simon Fermun that clearly lays out how we can all work together and unite the two sides of the medical coin, to improve the situation for everyone. Especially those suffering cancer and autism.

Please note, there are only 2 places in the world where you can purchase GENUINE GcMAF and that is Japan and Bulgaria. There are many counterfeit products out there, as the market is flooded with fake products and anyone associated with genuine GcMAF is persecuted and prosecuted.

Please see these articles of real life stories about how Genuine Immunotherapy Bulgarian GcMAF works for autism and even the rarest types of cancer.

Please contact us here to enquire about purchasing Genuine Bulgarian GcMAF. The manufacturers of this product are constantly striving to bring the prices down in the face of such tough challenges.

PLEASE SIGN our petition against enforced medical intervention and such criminal behaviour

Fiona O’Leary

Much of this harassment is off the back of the worlds biggest medical troll Fiona O’Leary, who’s sole mission in life is to prevent any cures for autism arising in order to protect her annual income and lucrative media career.

She is responsible for ruining the lives of thousands of people through her professional troll network. And she’s proud of it. So please watch out for her and her tiny group of supporters. She holds zero qualifications and does not represent the true interests of autsitc people as she claims.

Do not accept her friendship on Facebook!

But there is some hope as this comes off the back of news that Lynda Thyer is to be released from prison for her role in the production of Immunotherapy GcMAF

Latest News today (Friday 13th):

According to Ian R Crane

“The European Union Court of Justice (EUCJ) made its ruling today and decided that French prosecutors can issue Euroepan Arrest Warrants (EAWs) after all.

This was an issue in the Lynda Thyer and David Noakes cases where their so called EAWs had been issued and signed not by an independent judge, but by a prosecutorial judge.

The EU Court of Justice was seemingly on the right track in wanting to rule such EAWs invalid, but something happened and the EUCJ ruled instead that such warrants were valid.

This means that now both David and Lynn will have to defend on the facts – which are still hugely in their favour – instead of being able to get the case thrown out on this legal technicality, which would have been quicker, easier and less expensive.

Lyn’s legal counsel will make a motion before the court to keep her out of prison. Today (Friday 13th) Lyn is due to appear before Judge Gedaud for further interrogation. Doubtless he will be heartened by this new ruling. But our fight for justice continues.

Thank you ALL for your continued support”


The world need not be so bitter. We live in hope.

Take care of yourselves.

There is only one truth.

Source: The National Health Federation

We do the research you decide,
Love and Light
The Healing Oracle Team
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