On June 19th 2015, Dr Bradstreet was murdered for his knowledge and research into Autism and GcMAF. Here we reveal the 4 suspects in this open case, with findings from the family’s private investigation, whilst in their own words: “We believe this to be a professional hit…”

Update to article, original article (16th June 2019). Please listen to Sean Maguire’s radio interview with Jeff Bell where they discuss this article (interview starts 5 mins in)

This article was written in collaboration with Dr Bradstreet’s family. The strain on them since his death has been immense, so much so that Thom Bradstreet, Jeff’s “kid brother”, is now recovering from Cancer. We wish him well and hope that this article may help give them some hope and support during these difficult times.

If you stop to consider the timings here, an opportune time for a murder would be directly following an organised and timely raid from the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency). Thus setting the scene for a quick cause of death to be concluded as suicide and so end of case. Is this not another clear sign that this was in fact a case of a carefully premeditated murder?

The Bradstreet family spoke to a good friend (who shall remain anonymous)who: “spoke with the judge who approved the warrant, and who spoke with the DEA agent, who confirmed that there was never a case against Jeff.”

SO the conclusion of suicide is entirely fabricated and reeks of a set up.

I remain in contact with the Bradstreet family to this day. And may I say this is always a difficult time of year for them on the anniversary of Jeff’s death.

We hope that any new information may come to light in sharing Dr Bradstreet’s story. And hope that one day, we may see some justice for the Bradstreet family.

This article is also in tribute to all the other health practitioners that have lost their lives, children, practices and reputations, pursuing cures for debilitating and deadly disorders.

Four years ago on June 19th 2015, my good friend and colleague Dr. Jeff Bradstreet was found dead in a North Carolina river. He had been shot in the chest.

Soon after the death was recorded as suicide. There was no real investigation made and zero forensic evidence was presented. The family found it all too suspicious and so decided to investigate the matter themselves, hiring a team of investigators, including Forensic scientist Michael Archer, who calls this: “the most suspicious case he has ever dealt with.”

His Forensic evidence points to homicide. Stating “there’s nothing in the autopsy report to suggest it was a suicide.” Mr Archer explains that there were “blunt force injuries to his abdomen, but these were never looked at.”

Abrasions were also found that could have been made by “branches in the the woods”. He had bruises on his upper arms, suggesting he could have been “dragged,” or at the very least suggests there was a struggle!

There were fresh marks and bruises to his knees, that suggest he was forced to kneel in an execution style pose, before he was shot in the chest in the river.

Water deaths are the most difficult to investigate. Killing someone in the water is the best place to do it. Thus losing much valuable evidence and according to Archer, “a savvy killer would know this.”

If someone shoots themselves, the heat and force of the close proximity of the gun always leaves a burn mark, otherwise known as a “tattoo,” or “signature.” Michael Archer states there were no such signs around the wound, which means the gun would have had to have been held further away than Dr. Bradstreet’s arm can reach.

No “muzzle to target” test was carried out by the police at the time. No finger prints, or DNA tests either. Michael Archer believes this was “homicidal violence” and calling this a suicide is in his opinion is “outrageous.”

At the end of May, less than a month before he was murdered, Dr Bradstreet made a public speech at a conference called Autism One stating that he was on to the cure for Autism. This was a public statement in the front of the medical world and less than a month later his dead body is found floating in a river, with many more to follow.

It is a clear case of murder and murdering a doctor would surely carry the death penalty in North Carolina.

It is painful for me personally to have to cover much of this story. Jeff was a good man and a good friend and we spoke often and shared information on Cancer, Autism, Vaccines, GcMAF, Cannabis oil and natural treatments. According to Candice Bradstreet, I was in fact one of the last people to speak to him, before his death. We spoke just after the raid, he was angry and afraid for me as well, but he was not suicidal.

It was a sting operation against us

These were difficult times for me personally. Just as I found out the news Jeff was dead, under suspicious circumstances, I too found myself also entangled in horrific events, caught up in the clearly instigated sting operation that followed.

Many of us in the holistic field were effected by personal attacks and there have been over one hundred medical practitioners killed, with hundreds of others having their livelihoods taken and lives ruined. It was an instigated sting operation that brought danger and fear to our doorsteps.

My reputation was crushed.

GcMAF was and still is gaining new ground and there was proven research that it worked. By using this Vitamin D binding protein that has been described as the Pac Man of the Immune System, because of the way it can devour enemy cells like cancer cells and viral loads.

We were reversing the signs of “autism,” or vaccine damage as we prefer to call it. I have been involved in the research of GcMAF since the early 1990s and so we had a lot of information to share.

We are still yet to meet a patient with Autism that has not had a vaccine. Not one.

If you would like to further your knowledge of GcMAF and its benefits, feel free to join the GCMaf Oracle Facebook Group

Please see these articles of real life stories about how Genuine Immunotherapy Bulgarian GcMAF works for autism and even the rarest types of cancer.

In June 2015 GcMAF and Dr Bradstreet were grabbing headlines, it was and still is breaking new ground and getting great results with cancer and other immunity diseases, including Autism. Dr Bradstreet had published a paper: “Initial Observations of Elevated Alpha-N-Acetylgalactosaminidase Activity Associated with Autism and Observed Reductions from GC Protein—Macrophage Activating Factor Injections, which was ground breaking in its discoveries.

Autism tends to be caused by the MMR and other vaccines putting heavy metals into children. These viruses sabotage the immune system by sending out Nagalase to prevent the production of the child’s GcMAF, who then further degenerate and become chronic.

Jeff’s early successes brought so much joy at first as we saw the damage reversing and getting great responses from the children he treated. As exciting as the results were, it soon turned into a storm. An on coming torrent that none of us could have even imagined was to follow our victories. It was like waking the devil.


Dr Bradstreet’s body was found in a North Carolina river

Three days before Jeff was murdered, his clinic The Bradstreet Wellness Center was rather conveniently raided by the The DEA. The Police report quickly concluded Jeff’s death to be the result of suicide, sighting the raid as the reason he could have taken his own life. Yet the family have since found out that the DEA state that there was NOT A CASE against Dr Bradstreet

The Bradstreet’s received information from a very reliable source regarding the raid and supposed case against Jeff. They spoke personally to the judge who approved the warrant, and who spoke with the DEA agent. And so we can confirm that there was never a case against Jeff and “it was the DEA that came in… drug enforcement agency looking specifically for GCMAF, which he had actually gotten rid of in January.”

So there was no GcMaf and no case. Therefore, the conclusion that this is suicide is completely fabricated. He was not hopeless, or desperate. He was planning for his future away from the USA and a move towards a less controlling country. Somewhere he could do his work in peace, away from the dangers surrounding the FDA.

Surely as a doctor, Jeff Bradstreet would know that shooting yourself in the chest would be one of the last choices of taking your life, when you have everything else available to you to make death come quicker, pain free and without trauma. You definitely would not go to a cold river in your day to day clothes to get wet.

Dr Bradsrteet did not appear to be very athletic, he did not appear to be the type of doctor climbing down river banks and through trees, to take his own life. This was an intelligent doctor with all the access to every pharmaceutical, like euthanasia drugs.

A blow to the chest would be extremely painful and any first year medical student would understand the levels of pain. It would be too painful to consider. Especially as a doctor!

Why did Dr Bradstreet consider a good place to take his own life, to be in the middle of a river? He would have considered these circumstances and known that it looks like a murder scene from a bad movie. An intelligent doctor, who knows this river would not kneel in the middle of it, knowing his body would be then found under such suspicious circumstances.

He would not have left so much doubt, or left his family with so many questions.

There were no final goodbyes, or letters to his family whom he loved very much. There are normally signs of strange behaviour, Jeff showed none of these.

Was Jamie Keaver, the investigating Police officer also intimidated into a rushed decision? He is emotional to this day about his failure to do what he feels is “his job”.

Could he be with holding information himself, is there also a cover up here, with threats from above him that he can never reveal?

Since the Police were never allowed the time, or opportunity to look into this case properly and in the way Dr Bradstreet deserved, lets now do that for them and take a look at the people that still need to be questioned and need to be made to answer to their version of what really happened in June 2015 on that river bank.

The Four main suspects


Name: The FDA/US Government & Big Pharma

Relationship: Federal Agency with a lot of drugs to protect

Motive for murder: Money & control

The FDA, the CDC and Big Pharma are all in bed together. They as a group stood to lose billions due to the advancement of GcMAF treatments. It could replace chemo and radiation for cancer, cure HIV and replace vaccines for disease. It could bring an end to the medical world we know today.

While GcMAF is perfectly legal as a treatment in other advanced nations, with dozens of published medical research papers (since 1991), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has outlawed it, calling it an “unapproved drug.” 

With Jeff and others like him now out of the picture they have been free to trash GcMAF publicly and flood the market with fake products that tarnish its reputation, making it instantly “controversial” and dangerous to handle for clinics and hospitals.

The FDA is an incredibly corrupt organisation, who are in a unique position of power in the USA. When you look at the list of products they approve with Forever Chemicals in food and Chemo in Potato chips, Round Up weed killer ingredients like Glyphosate in everything and Vaccines that turn your Immune system against you. It makes you wonder what the real agenda is. It would seem that population control is very much the main focus. The sicker everyone is, then the more they make selling more drugs. It’s a strong business model in todays world.

The FDA are federal agents who work for the US government. The US government is the biggest investor in vaccines. Whilst the CDC owns the rights to over 56 separate vaccines.

Jeff’s knowledge was arguably enough to bring down the FDA. They could not afford for this information to be readily available and proven. Whilst only the US government (which is a private company) would have the kind of power to make the Police stop their investigation, when it is so clear that this was a most vicious and sadistic crime.

The FDA are refusing to comment on this case, leaving the speculation open. A lot of people were afraid to talk which hampered the investigations, everyone was scared and intimidated by the FDA and the US government.

In the FDA raid they took all of Jeff’s research and information, much of which could have been lost and buried forever.

Name: Jenifer Bradstreet

Relationship: Second wife

Motive for murder: Personal marital reasons

Jennifer was unhappy about Jeff’s plans to move to the Far East, with Dubai top of the list. They argued a lot in the period leading up to his death. She wanted to stay in the US.

As we have already said, there was never a case against Jeff from the DEA and if there was, they would not have stopped the investigation just because of a death, especially since the GCMAF that was shipped to Dr. Bradstreet also came in Jennifer’s name. So if there was an actual case to have convicted Jeff, they would have continued to pursue Jennifer, which was not the case. They left her alone.

Jennifer only spoke to the Police once after his death; it was a short interview on the day of the murder. She has since refused to speak to both the Police and to Jeff’s family.

Even going as far as to attempt to stop the Fund raising web page that the family had set up after Dr Bradstreet’s death, fearing this would lead to an investigation, she made every attempt to stop it, they said: “she tried to impede the Go Fund Me, by having Jeff’s staff tell his patients not to donate to the fund. I had a few of those patients contact me to let me know what was happening at the time.”

So the case remains open and the family still wonder. They are under immense pressure and unable to move on from this. Her silence has hindered and stopped the investigation, as well as fuelled growing speculation.

Who ever heard of a case where the wife says she doesn’t want to talk to the Police anymore and they are Okay with that? They just sit and wait for four years for the call?

Jenifer was spotted by 2 fishermen who found the body at the scene. These 2 witnesses saw her pacing around by his car. Why was she not frantically looking for her missing husband? Then when the disturbance of a body being discovered in the river and was being lifted out, did she not rush down to him in shock and panic. Did she know it was Jeff at the time?

He had a very particular way of dressing, as she always grumbled about the way he dressed. She would have recognised his clothes from a distance.

The Bradstreets say:

“It was as though she knew something. It is suspicious behaviour either way…Why did she not want to help the Police, or us with the investigations? 

She became very angry when she found out we hired investigators and would not speak to us any further.

Why would his wife not make every attempt to find answers and to assist the Police and the family, what is she really holding back?

She was never made a suspect.

Before detective Keaver could go back and question her a second time, he received a call from a local Criminal Defence Attorney called David Teddy, advising him not to get in touch with her anymore. It was a red flag that made her look like a suspect. But nothing was ever done. Keaver has not closed this case, believing that Jennifer Bradstreeet is withholding information.

The Bradstreet’s also got a call from Jennifers attorney just after this: “We were also contacted by David Teddy, her attorney, saying we should not speak to her again”. 

It is all very suspicious. Will she ever speak out? If her and her son’s life are under threat, she might not ever. Could she be somehow responsible, or involved in this murder? He was serous about leaving. Could this have been the breaking point in their relationship?


Name: Fiona O’Leary

Relationship: Worlds worst medical troll

Motive for murder: Money and personal gratification


Dr Bradstreet often spoke about Fiona O’Leary who had been making a host of threats, harassment, and public interviews against his work. She hounded Jeff like a dog and in many ways built her notoriety off the back of his murder, as was evident in the gloating claims she made on her social media channels at the time.

She makes a very big salary from her so called “work,” that she claims is entirely voluntary. Yet we know that she makes over 250,000 Euros a year, with 120,000 Euros coming from government funding. She lives on a Private Estate with a specially built house, courtesy of the Irish government. She makes 150,000 Euros a year from selling stories like this to the mainstream media, with paid appearances to boot. 

She had a count down to Dr Bradstreets murder on her Facebook page. We thought it was a joke at first. Then she shared an article from Health Nut News on her Facbook page, announcing Dr Bradstreets death, saying in the post:

“We did it. Well done everyone,” not long after his body was found.

The FDA raid Fiona organised

Was Fiona perhaps working with one or more of the other suspects here? It was only because of the FDA raid that the Police were able to sight this as a suicide, blaming the raid as the reason that Jeff could have take his own life and so conclude it to be a suicide and not a homicide.

He was a strong man and doing well personally, suicide would not have even been a plausible option available to the authorities, were it not for this particular raid.

Fiona doesn’t ever want to to find a cure to autism, as she will lose her lucrative career and benefits pile. She is still at it now 4 years later. Despite many court cases against her, she is still attacking anyone who even mentions helping children with autism. She even attacks autistic children for attempting to cure themselves.

The parents of Special Needs children in Ireland have serious concerns and want her away from their children, whilst also is described as the most Evil woman in Ireland.

Any parent who posts positive results with GcMAF in any of our Facebook Groups like GcMAF Oracle come under attack from Fiona and her cronies, who set up multiple fake Facebook accounts in order to verbally attack them.

Often having them then investigated by social services and have even had these children removed from their home, just as they are seeing improvements.

This behaviour and open intimidation proves difficult for people to share their story and knowledge openly, for fear of reprisal, or the threat of having their children taken away.

She is brazen and unabated, aided and protected. She wins every court case against her.


Name: Dr. Marco Ruggiero

Relationship: Dr Bradstreets Business partner

Motive for murder: Money and fame. Ruggerio had the most to gain from the death of Dr Bradstreet.

“I have always had a  feeling about Dr. Marco Ruggiero and that he knows more than what he is saying,” said The Bradstreet family when I asked them about their relationship with him, with other sources saying the same: “He didn’t even come to Jeff’s funeral. The first time we ever met him was at Autism One during Jeff’s tribute… it seemed like he did not want to discuss Jeff, nor provide any helpful information… that is what I couldn’t understand…

People at the tribute were taken aback by his lecture. He made it a point to say that he owned all the rights to all of Jeff’s research and that these were his discoveries.

What confused our family is that several times Jeff referred to Marco as his best friend and they worked very closely together. Why would Dr Ruggerio not want to help and at least share any information he may have regarding Jeff?

 Instead, when another colleague of Jeff’s asked Marco to reach out to us to talk to us, he refused and said it is a family matter and that it was a shame that Jeff took his life.”

Dr Bradstreet and Dr Ruggerio had a fall out the week before Jeff was raided. The argument had been building for many months. The family can only speculate that it may have been regarding Bravo, that they were working on at the time. Dr Bradstreet was looking at options to move the manufacturing of Bravo away from Dr Ruggerio’s grasps. He was talking to Sasamari in Japan, whilst also discussing moving the manufacturing process to his “kid brother” Thom’s food manufacturing plant.

Their working relationship was breaking down. He was becoming increasingly jealous of Dr Bradstreets work and the recognition he was getting for his connection between Autism and the nagalase in vaccines.

Dr Ruggerio had been clearly frustrated that they could not get GcMAF approved by the FDA and so went out to destroy it instead, so he could promote his own products that are all now conveniently FDA approved.

Four years on Ruggerio has many products on the market and appears to be doing very well as a salesman, whilst appearing on TV as a self proclaimed Autism expert. He was always in support of the mainstream approach and constantly expressed the desire to work with big Pharma and the drug companies. He was eager for success and would sell out to anyone with a cheque book.

Jeff had been working on a nasal spray. He was constantly improving his work and his results. His work has continued and he was right on many accounts. But ever since his death, Dr Ruggerio has been working hard to destroy it.

So why has Dr Ruggerio never been sought after by the FDA, or indeed been pursued or victimised by Fiona O’Leary, unlike thousands of others?

Was Dr Ruggerio actually a plant from the beginning? Was the plan to charm his way in to Dr Bradstreet’s world, in order to then trash Jeff’s work and take the proceeds for himself? It sounds like a James Bond movie plot, but he makes a type cast double agent.

Why was he never caught up in the sting operation, that involved so many?

Many of us were heavily attacked after Dr Bradstreet’s murder by Fiona O’Leary. It seemed to spur her on. I quickly became a “child murdering prostitute” and “Quack.” I was forced to flee the UK and my family home, I had my bank accounts frozen with all the money taken, I had my websites and emails deleted and my name tarnished forever with a 10 year prison sentence placed over my head in 3 separate countries.

She attacks everyone. No one in this field escapes her clutches. Erin from Health Nut News was also targeted. It was timely and harmful. I am now a “targeted individual.”

Yet Fiona has never even mentioned Dr Ruggerio, why is that?

He was the only one to have known Jeff’s whereabouts and movements. Hardly anyone knew where Jeff was going that weekend, but Dr Ruggerio and Jennifer did.

It was a tale of two Doctors coming to the end of their working relationship. Jeff had real concerns about greed and felt under threat from Dr Ruggerios green glare. After Jeff’s murder Dr Ruggerio shut everyone else down about GcMAF saying it didn’t work, he even went on to produce his own “GcMAF made better” product, which has never been shut down, or targeted.
He now says he owns everything and talks about Autism in a mainstream way that confuses science and genetics, but gains him notoriety.

Watch this clip of him speaking at Autism One: 

[wonderplugin_video iframe=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol96H-DlaWA” videowidth=600 videoheight=400 keepaspectratio=1 videocss=”position:relative;display:block;background-color:#000;overflow:hidden;max-width:100%;margin:0 auto;” playbutton=”https://healingoracle.ch/wp-content/plugins/wonderplugin-videoembed/engine/playvideo-64-64-0.png”]


At 2:44 minutes he says:

“I am proud to disclose… that I am the founder and CEO of Swiss Company Silverspring, that produces and distributes the Bravo and all it’s derivatives, that were invented and developed by me and my wife and I am also the inventor of the rerum…”

He then goes on to talk about his published papers, which seem to muddy the waters on Dr Bradstreet’s research.

Was he used as a pawn in the game of diversion and distraction, or was he a plant? Did he pay for the hit? If so then he did what he planned, his work is almost complete, he must finally kill genuine GcMAF. And he will do whatever it takes.

The market was flooded by poor imitation GcMAF including his Bravo and Rerum products that do not contain genuine GcMAF, but are colostrum products, with none of the benefits of real GcMAF.

Ruggiero would certainly know how to best deal with a murder in a river, but did he pull the trigger, or was this an organised hit that he was in on? Did he do a deal with the FDA to help them destroy GcMAF and make him the new front man?

The Bradstreet family have concerns for my personal safety over even writing this article and we have all thought long and hard about publishing these revelations.

We hope that you can share this story around and we can build a case against such malicious crimes.

Please sign our global petition against enforced vaccinations and the establishment of the Medical Police State. For we can only win if we stand together.  

We have advanced since then

It is now 4 years since Jeff’s life was taken. We have continued the research, the work and the protocals. 

We have learned more about dosing and never ever have we seen that one size fits all. Every case is different and every person is different. Better results come from seeing the individuals and assessing them in person. But this becomes increasingly difficult with so many cases.

The dream that Dr Jeff Bradstreet and I had back then is finally coming true. It’s so sad he is not here to see this and share this with us.

Jeff’s “baby” was always autism and the results we are seeing now are noting short of miraculous. With Autsim we are seeing non verbal children start to speak within 3 days of starting their protocals.

I personally miss Jeff very deeply and wish I could share these moments with him rather than be talking about his brutal murder. Murdered for his knowledge and his compassion.

These results all started from Jeff’s early days of GcMAF research.

We also thank Japan, Sasamari who were the originators of GcMAF, the work they too have continued is shared within our networking groups. We cannot lose this knowledge. We can only assume this is the reason for Jeff’s brutal murder, in the hope that his knowledge would die with him.

But it has not. It has highlighted just how cruel this world can be. Just how dangerous it is to find cures and to stand up to what is right and what is wrong. Jeff’s murder will never be right. But what is right is that his work continues and his name is remembered for his ground breaking findings.

We now have 2 sources of genuine GcMAF one in Japan and one in Bulgaria

If you are interested in the incredible benefits of GCMaf then please join our GCMaf Oracle Facebook Group, with over 7000 members who are already using it and discussing its healing powers.

We hope that this article can bring some answers to these lingering questions and let this be a celebration of Dr Jeff Bradstreet’s life. His work effected so many people. We will continue to inform and provide hope for anyone with cancer, autism or any problem relating to the immune system.

Our hearts go out to the Bradstreet family. I would like to thank the family members and their input into this article and their deep concern for my personal safety. I believe that remaining public at this time is crucial to my safety. Doing nothing and staying quiet is more dangerous.

For here we are four years on. With the power of hindsight, it does not take a genius to see what the motives were for having Jeff “taken out”. Unfortunately, as ever, it comes down to one thing. Greed. Plain and simple.

Love and Light

The Healing Oracle team

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