If you have heard of “Wildtype GIST” (SDHA deficient Gastro Intestinal Stromal Tumors), then you will know that it is not only very rare (effecting less than 1000 people in the world), but was also considered “incurable” by western medicine. Until now that is, thanks to GcMaf, a clean advanced Gerson diet, natural supplements and a healthy lifestyle

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Please read the story of two separate brave young men, who have still never met, but will now be forever linked by their break through recoveries. Two men who both suffered from Wildtype, or SDH deficient GIST* have, against the odds they were given, not only survived longer than the ghoulish predictions of their Oncolgists, but are actually thriving and living renewed lives once more.

GcMaf has been proven over and over again to help with all different types of cancers, autoimmune disease and vaccine damage, or ‘autism’, as it is known.

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In June 2016, at the age of 32, Luke found a lump in his abdomen. At first he thought it was possibly a hernia, but it continued to grow and by August 2016 he had an 11cm mass tumor in his intestine and excessive tumors in his liver.

An endoscopy and biopsy revealed it to be stage 4 SDH wildtype gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST). Two different targeted chemo therapies showed no effect and Lukes tumors continued to grow unabated.

Chemo never works on GIST

It is worth pointing out at this stage, that GIST is a soft tissue tumor and is resilient to chemotherapy and radiation. Not a single person has ever successfully reduced these types of soft tissue tumors with any type of chemotherapy drug. Begging the question, why give this very expensive set of drugs and procedures to people, if they know it does not work?

Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery create incredible profits.

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Please note, I am not saying all of western medicine is bad, Not at at all.

Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy works in 3% of cases of all cancers and there are a few types of targeted chemotherapy drugs that although they will never cure regular GIST, can help for a number of years, sometimes even up to a decade. But these have never been proven to work on Luke’s rare SDHA deficient GIST.

What I and Dr Fermin and many others in our field do disagree with however, is the use of procedures that are known to fail. For then it becomes a question of failed morality. We like to only use the treatments that genuinely work.

Luke went for surgery in February 2018 and they removed the 10lb Primary tumor from his intestine. This helped him immensely and Luke is grateful for this: “To get 10lbs of tumor load out of my system was a game changer… the mental mind games you go through with that big sucker always on your mind and in the way, literally. So thank you Dr burns and mainstream medicine for that.”

Yet, despite this successful surgery, he was sadly only given a further 4 months to live. As Luke says of this now: “They said I would die in June 2018.”

Without help, Luke’s long term chances of survival were zero according to his oncologist. But fortunately for Luke he had tried some GcMaf already and it had contained the tumors enough to prevent them growing further, so he was spurred on to raise the funds for more.

Luke approached us and we recommended a variety of supplements, Genuine GcMaf and a clean diet (See the full protocol below)

We also ascertained that his environment was full of cancer feeds, as he was living in a rural area in the USA, amongst GMO crop fields, that were regularly sprayed with the toxic weedkiller Round up, which contains Glyphosate, which is a known carcinogenic. Luke was breathing it in regularly.

There was also mould in his house and outdoor barns. And as we now know, cancer is fungus. It’s candida in the body. Please see this article for a full explanation

Plus, Luke’s well water was full of lead and arsenic. His living environment was a recipe for cancer. It is a common oversight, but the environment in which you live is a key to your health. And so a road to recovery often starts by removing yourself from your environment. The place that is making you sick. Your body is trying to tell you something…

So Luke and his wife took off. Leaving their house and setting off for a cleaner place to live and heal. “We bought a new camper van and lived out of it for a year, staying in wonderful, pristine places,” he said.

Luke was getting fresh air and of course Vitamin D from the sun. GcMaf is a Vitamin D binding Protein. Your immune system relies on Vitamin D which is actually an essential hormone that your body requires. The sun is actually the best source of it.

Our modern indoor lifestyle is Vitamin D deficient and so the spin off of Vitamin D deficiency is a huge problem in the modern world.

They enjoyed their new found freedom so much they bought a mountain in October 2018 in northern Arizona. And they have been living there since.

Luke and his wife have embraced the new start, as Luke became the first person we know of in the world to have survived GIST.

In August 2018, he posted this message to the  now deleted GcMaf Oracle group: “I’m supposed to have died a few months ago. Still doing incredibly well. Monday’s scan was stable, or better. Tumors looked smaller and oncologist agreed… They weren’t laughing at me and my alternative choices anymore. They were asking lots of questions and were a bit baffled.”

A year on and Luke is working hard, loving life. Please see these wonderful pictures of the mountain home he has built single handed

Luke posted this message to the Facbook Group, hoping to reach other sufferers and fellow patients alike on 19th June:

“Video interview with the producer next week. everyone dying around me

 and I’m over here building houses, getting on TV shows, starting businesses, running the homestead, feeling like a million bucks.”

His only regret is that others are unnecessarily dying from GIST. Often too afraid or ill informed, as the message very rarely gets too much further than some web pages that get killed off by Facebook. It saddens him to see others suffer so much.

He stated to me in a message:

“It’s just me. I’ve done it all myself. I do a coffee enema then ozone then eat a really good meal and work on all this from 12-7” 

Luke is now on the road to full recovery and his blood results are back to normal and he is getting stronger and stronger everyday.

A year on and he is now dedicating much of his time to helping others, as he said: “I’ve put in hundreds of hours trying to save other people.”

And it was thanks to this selfless attitude that others are also finding out his story.

Corey was one of them…


9 weeks ago, after undergoing more or less the same chemo, radiation and surgery as Luke, Corey was given 6-12 weeks to live and was told that there were no other options and that he was even now too weak for clinical trials.

But, thanks to the due diligence and searching of his loving wife, she read Luke’s story and so with no other options left, they took the steps towards contacting us and purchasing their first vial of GcMaf.

Thanks to this first step, he has not only outlived the doctor’s predictions, but is now recovering and thriving. Heres Corey recently walking and well on a beach in Florida:


We are so proud of both Corey and Luke for their courage in sharing their stories. They continue to inspire others with their positive spirits.

So inspired by Luke and his successes, Corey’s recovery has been very quick. His bloods results are back to near normal, in a short space of time. His malignant ascites that caused him so much trouble is now, more or less gone. He was draining 10 litres a week from his stomach before he started to take GcMaf. Its now 2.5 litres a week and reducing.

Here’s an extract from Corey’s Go Fund Page:

“My very dear friend and brother-in-law Corey is 36 years old and was diagnosed with stage four GIST (Gastro Intestinal Stromal Tumor) in late 2015.  For those of you who know him, you know that he is an extraordinary father, husband, and friend.  He is loving, unbelievably strong, and always puts his friends, wife, and daughters before himself. 
When the cancer was first found, there were over 30 small tumors in his liver and one golf ball sized tumor in his stomach.  He started taking chemo medication and underwent two surgeries to remove tumors from his liver and his stomach.  The chemo medication and surgeries were successful and his oncologist declared that there was no longer any evidence of disease.  After a short period of six months, the cancer returned, showing up as four small tumors in his liver.
Corey has switched between chemo medications four times trying to beat down the tumors, as the cancer mutates and adapts trying to resist treatment.  During the latest PET scan, it was found that the cancer has spread to his lungs and bones in his pelvis.
Because of the side effects of the chemo medication and pain from the cancer, he has been unable to work and will likely not be able to return in the near future.  Short term disability unfortunately does not provide full pay.  Some of his medical expenses are not covered and with the everyday necessities of life and raising two girls, finances are getting tighter.  
Corey has grown into the strongest, most selfless person I have ever known.  He pours all of his love and support and energy into his two beautiful daughters of 5 and 8 years old, and it is so clear he loves them more than the world.  

Please watch this video of Corey one month ago:

Untitled from Jessica on Vimeo.


And then this video of Corey 2 weeks ago

Untitled from Jessica on Vimeo.

The Protocal

Here is an overview of Corey’s current daily regime that has created this difference.

GcMaf has been described as the PacMan of the immune system. Please Watch this video below, showing immune cells attack and eliminate viruses, bacteria and cancer.

GcMaf is an essential Vitamin D binding protein, that it is present in all healthy people who are not suffering from a terminal illness. For it is the very presence of our own naturally produced GcMaf that keeps us disease free. Our bodies are constantly producing cancers, so the GcMaf keeps them contained and prevents excessive tumor growth. It’s job is to engulf and stop disease, to literally hunt down pathogens in the body’s blood supply.

This video is made under a timelapse microscope, that shows in fast forward just how GCMAF works on a cellular level. It constantly seeks out pathogens and destroys them, even repairing nerve cell damage

Please note that no one is the same. People come in different shapes and sizes and so dosing and exacts are down to individual cases and so are not fully stated here.

Both Corey and Luke received regular assessments and consultations to establish what would work best for them. So these are by no means exact recommendations, but more for the educational purposes of this article.

Daily Protocal

  • GcMaf (1ml)
  • No10 M Oil (1 ml)
  • Asea (8oz)
  • Vitamin D3 and K2
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Magnesium Orotate
  • Selenium
  • Chromium
  • Moringa
  • Probiotics
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber (HBOT) sessions
  • A daily Aspira Drain

The Advanced Gerson diet

Diet is a very big part of the recovery process for any type of cancer. Environment and food also make all the difference. GcMaf is not a wonder cure on its own, it’s not a magic pill, or silver bullet, without the adherence to a strict plant based diet, Luke and Corey may not have been so lucky.

The best and most proven diet to follow is the Advanced Gerson diet, with added nuts, for a good natural cleanse. Please see here for more information on Recipes for this diet.

Again we state that its best to consult with a health professional.

If you have any questions, then please email us.

We thank Luke and Corey for bravely sharing their stories of survival in the hope that it will help inspire others to seek better and kinder alternatives to the medical mainstream approaches of chemotherapy and radiation.

Gerson clinic

The best Gerson clinic we have found is run by Dr Vickers at his clinic in Tijuana Mexico, called the Northern Baja Gerson Center, where he has actually advanced the Gerson therapy to achieve greater results in treating cancer and other ailments, with great success, by adding Hyperbaric Oxygen, Ozone therapy, immunotherapy, as well as much more and at a budget that is more affordable than any other clinic we have found.

Please share

It is through the positive side of the power of social media that we can spread this knowledge and Corey’s and Luke’s stories are not unique amongst the handful of people that have even heard of GcMaf. For it is a dangerous field to operate and our hearts go out to the many Doctors like my good friend Dr. Bradstreet and the others who have lost their lives and licences prescribing it.

These stories are helping so many others and we wish to continue in sharing these stories of hope. The more we can share this knowledge, then the further the message can reach.

But sadly, stories like this get removed and our posts cannot be seen on the Facebook News feeds of our friends and group members, people who so desperately need this help.

So, please help fight censorship by sharing this post with your friends.

We also invoke the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America and specifically the rights to free speech.

People have a right to know these stories exist.

Go Fund Me

As Corey and his brother in law say, he and Luke are only able to keep going, thanks to the generosity of others who help them afford this treatment, as it is not covered on any medical insurance, yet its far cheaper than chemotherapy, which is vastly more expensive.

So if you feel it in your heart, then please help their causes here

Lukes Go Fund Me

Corey’s Go Fund Me

Love and Light

MD Fermin Celma

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