Studies that are nearly 10 years old have shown that Morphine accelerates cancer and tumors, yet it is still routinely prescribed and so with these findings hidden away, there are now more people addicted to opioids than ever before.

Since these findings, the sales of Morphine has continued to grow to epidemic levels, with more people killed by opioids in the USA than guns, Morphine is the most common of all opiates prescribed. It is used for common cancer pain and for post surgical pain relief as a standard. It’s become a word everyone associates with pain relief in Hospitals and especially in the cancer units.

Yet, a study that is nearly a decade old from 2010 shows that when tumors are exposed to opioids like Morphine, the tumors are stimulated and grow faster and develop more extensive networks of blood supplies. This process is called angiogenesis.

Morphine also obstructs the body’s immune response by decreasing the barrier function that protects the body from foreign invaders.

Morphine is an incredibly powerful, addictive drug that if misused even slightly can cause serious injury, or death. Withdrawal symptoms from discontinuing its use can be difficult, as is the detoxification period following its usage.
During the time when morphine is administered, the patient’s brain slows, or halts it production of endorphins which are no longer needed to establish well-being and happiness. When the drug ceases to be administered, severe depression can occur as the patient’s brain needs time to readjust endorphin levels back to the proper amount.

Back in 2009 it was reported on BBC News as: “Laboratory tests suggest morphine could in fact encourage the spread of cancer, for which it is routinely prescribed to relieve pain from surgery and tumours.”

So why is this still so under reported?

Back in 2010, Dr Patrick Singleton told the American Association for Cancer Research summit that morphine also appeared to make it easier for cancers to invade other tissues.

He also claimed at the time this could be overcome by another drug – methylnaltrexone, or MNTX – developed in the 1980s to prevent morphine-related constipation. It was only recently approved by then, but was touted as the antidote to the issue of morphine feeding tumors, but there was little in terms of testing and Dr Sinlgeton stated that “more tests were needed.” And that remains to be the case today.

A large section of the medical industry seems oblivious to these findings and so continue to prescribe Morphine.

Opioid drugs used to relieve pain in postoperative and chronic cancer patients may stimulate the growth and spread of tumors, according to two studies and a commentary in the 2012 annual Journal Symposium issue of Anesthesiology, the academic journal of the American Society of Anesthesiologists.

General anesthetic can spread cancer

Also in the study it was found that: “Epidemiologic findings suggest that the type of anesthesia we use for cancer surgery influences recurrence rate [of cancer], and laboratory studies demonstrate that opioids influence tumor progression and metastasis,” said Jonathan Moss, MD, PhD, professor of anesthesiology and critical care at the University of Chicago Medicine and co-author of the 2012 study.

So, not only does the Morphine contribute to further growth and metastases especially after surgery, but another concern is researchers discovered that the general anesthesia used may also contribute to the spreading of the cancer after surgery.

After surgery patients’ immune system is weakened by the anesthesia and the administration of the morphine presented against the receptors in the cancer cells allows them to grow faster.

Researchers have also found that cells from a variety of human lung cancers had 5 to 10 times as many opioid receptors as non- cancerous lung cells. This interaction can increase proliferation, migration and invasion of tumor cells.

In this same study they found human lung cells with additional opioid receptors grew more than twice as fast as tumor cells that lacked the additional receptors.

They also found the cancer was 20 times more likely to spread and cause metastases in distant areas of the body.

Researchers at the University of Minnesota also published a study showing doses of morphine similar to those that are used to ease pain, will stimulate the growth of human breast cancer cells. And yet, Morphine is often the most common pain relief for patients undergoing breast cancer surgery.

In Ireland in 2006 patients that underwent surgery to remove breast, or prostate cancer were less prone to metastases if local or regional anesthesia was used, rather than general anesthesia; they are also usually not given morphine as the pain level is usually not as severe.

Morphine is still number one

Still after nearly a decade of these many findings, cancer specialists are still highly sceptical and look for trials to determine further findings and correlations between the use of morphine and cancer progression.

Whilst, in the meantime, as we wait for the results of these distant trials, doctors continue to administer morphine to cancer patients. Rather than err on the side of caution, or attempt to discover other less dangerous drugs to relieve the pain?

Morphine is used throughout the Hopsice system

Many cancer patients after extensive surgery are placed in a hospice situation, or towards the end of harsh chemotherapy, or radiation treatments that are more likely to kill them the cancer they were first diagnosed with. Could the morphine usually administered to hospice patients have a direct link to the sudden worsening of the patients health conditions?

Many nurses, or doctors in both hospices and hospitals, find it acceptable to administer morphine regularly and to therefore prescribe away any issues. Patients and family members need to know the dangerous effects of morphine, specially if that patient is suffering from cancer, as there is a chance it could increase its progression.

When a doctor prescribes morphine you need to question why. If you want to live and beat your cancer you need to protect yourself by demanding a pain relief that is not an opioid.

No one should prescribe morphine with an attitude that you need to “die with dignity” – it is simply not their choice, it is always the patient’s choice and everyone has the right to live and fight cancer. It is not always the death sentence we are told it is.

It is only a death sentence if you only choice is chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery and therefore morphine.

Morphine is an incredibly powerful, addictive drug that if misused even slightly can cause serious injury or death. Withdrawal symptoms from discontinuing its use can be difficult as is the detoxification period following its usage.

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During the time when morphine is administered, the patient’s brain slows, or halts it production of endorphins which are no longer needed to establish well-being and happiness. When the drug ceases to be administered, severe depression can occur as the patient’s brain needs time to readjust endorphin levels back to the proper amount.

No mention was made in the studies about any alternative methods of preventing and treating cancer. The use of harsh treatments like chemotherapy and radiation cause severe pain in which a person needs harsh painkillers in order to function somewhat normally.

Alternative approaches like Cannabis Oil that avoid harsh procedures and dangerous drugs should really be considered as viable options.

Cannabis oil is a natural pain and cancer treatment

There are many natural, less addictive and harmful ways of killing pain, even the pain caused by cancer. In fact, by using full spectrum cannabis oil, it is the opposite to morphine, in that it kills cancer cells and alleviates pain at the same time.

With over hundred studies that prove cannabis cures cancer. We’re actually all born with a form of cannabis in our bodies. It’s called the “endocannabinoid system”… Like it or not, each and every one of us is fundamentally wired to respond to cannabis.

With the help of THC, cannabinoids (cannabis in the body) can also penetrate the brain barrier and shrink brain tumors. It’s also been proven to be far better than any psyche drug, like Xanax for mental issues and depression.

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Original article May 16, 2017

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