Our ancient ancestors had a different relationship with their food, the way they ate, lived and related to their environment, including the way they released their waste.

They caught, or picked their own food and were highly sensitive to their surroundings, knowing that they could become prey at any given moment and that food must be fresh and in season. They were far healthier in many many ways.

They took their bowel movements and urinated in the great outdoors, where it could be buried, or fed back into the greater cycle of life.
Well, there’s something interesting about how they took a bowel movement. They didn’t do what we do today. They didn’t walk into the bathroom, switch on the light, lift the toilet seat and sit down, like we do. They found a little area that was private, sat down holding themselves up (not sitting), and released their waste.

Squatting was a normal occurrence for our ancient ancestors. This is and was the way to do it. If you travel to remoter parts of the developing world, you will find it’s also still how they do it, with a hole in the floor. And they tend to do it away from where they sleep.

As ever the change in habit and lifestyle came when an English plumber called Thomas Crapper, who in the 19th Century, held the first patents for the first Water Closets (WC) and so manufacturing took over and the industrial solution, changed our habits as people wanted to sit indoors to poop. And so the seated position (like a chair) became the norm.

Seated at a 90-degree angle is not actually the best way for us to release a bowel movement though. This is not the way that nature intended. The proper way is to squat and have your posture in a squatting position that is more like a 45-degree angle.

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Squatty potty

There are squatty potties available that mimic the natural way to go and we urge you to try this out, just to see for your how much better you feel afterwards. You will notice your bowel movements are larger by using the squatty potty overall which is a very good thing because that means less faecal matter sits in your Colon.

Clearing out your colon will lead to a far healthier gut and a far healthier you.

Whereas not clearing out your colon will lead to constipation, colon disease and a variety of other health issues. Our gut heath is essential as this determines how our bodies function, with arguments that the gut brain is more influential than the brain in our cranium.

Hemorrhoids: Sitting upright causes stress on the sphincter muscle, so you are more likely to force and rupture the sphincter muscle causing hemorrhoids.

Many sufferers of haemorrhoids have used a device similar to the squatty potty to sit at more of a 60 degree angle and this gives better relief. With the the hemorrhoids clearing away soon after. Depending on your diet of course, as processed foods that are high in sugar will mean continued bad bowel health.

You can  also tell a lot from your poop, so learn the differences in textures and what this is telling you about your own gut health, via the Bristol Stool chart.

High Fibre

The other major contributor to your gut health is of course eating a good variety of organic vegetables, nuts, fruit and fibre in your diet. Try this recipe for a tasty, easy, home made flat bread, that is high in fibre and nutrition, but also tastes great. It’s only 4 simple ingredients. And it will firm up your bowel movements nicely.

It’s a treat on the way down, as well as the way out!

Please also see this article on the dangers of colonoscopy’s

This is an updated article from May 2015

Source: Healthy Wild and Free

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