Please read this terrifying new case of a 3-year-old, who was suffering from Leukaemia, that was removed from the family home, placed into care away from his parents, to then be pumped full of toxic chemotherapy. As heightened state intervention, forces further fear into all parents. This could be anyone in the USA and its only getting more common and more severe.

As we heard in Arizona in March this year, Police battered down the doors of a family home at 3am to take away non vaccinated children from their parents.

So is state intervention getting worse? Our kids are told to get vaccinated, even if their parents do not agree. As in the case recently of a child that has been made a kind of media hero for standing against his mother’s wishes and risking his health by seeking out toxic vaccines.

As reported by CNN: A Florida judge has ruled that a 3-year-old diagnosed with leukemia must continue chemotherapy treatment against the wishes of his parents.

Noah McAdams, who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in April, was ordered by a Hillsborough County judge to complete at least the first phase of a prescribed chemotherapy treatment.

His parents, Taylor Bland and Joshua McAdams, had asked the court to allow them to forgo chemotherapy, in favor of alternative treatments, including medicinal cannabis, vitamins and diet.

The judge’s ruling says the parents are free to pursue other alternatives while Noah continues with chemo (mustard gas). But, as we know, this is toxic stuff and likely to increase the leukemia and cancer, so we really hope that they can repair some of this damage. And wish them well.

Please see this article on the dangers of the Vitamin K shot just after birth which can lead to Leukemia

Noah has more chemotherapy sessions as a part of the first phase of his treatment, which is expected to resume Thursday, according to family attorney Mike Minardi.

The judge will then decide whether Noah must continue with the next two phases of treatment, which would last more than three years and no doubt cause lasting damage to the developing child.

Statistically the child is better off not having any chemotherapy at all as patients that forgo chemo (even if its without any other treatment) on average live 9 more years than patients that do have toxic chemotherapy.

Whilst good cannabis oil and other natural methods of boosting the child’s immune system, would of course be a far better and effective treatment for their young child.

And we really do feel for these young parents, who have had to endure so much.

Noah’s parents speaking to reporters after the court’s decision last week.

The Parents lost custody

The ruling also granted Bland and McAdams unsupervised visitation with their son, who was removed from their custody on April 30. Which must have been a very painful.

All they did was not bring Noah to the hospital for a scheduled treatment on April 22, and a hospital social worker notified Hillsborough Child Protective Investigations Division, which requested that police perform a welfare check.

All it seems is that they were considering their options in the face of what is a very dangerous procedure.

Noah was located at his grandmother’s house and officers spoke with Bland on the phone.

Then things got silly and a Hillsborough Sheriff’s office issued a Missing Endangered Child Alert for Noah on April 29. The family was found in Kentucky that night and Noah was flown back to Tampa the next day in the custody of child protective services.

Bland and McAdams said that they did not know they weren’t allowed to leave the state, why would they? They said they were staying with family in Kentucky and planning to visit a doctor in Cincinnati that week, according to Bland. Is that really a crime?

The parents had previously informed doctors that they wanted to seek a second opinion and pursue alternatives. Again, is that so wrong, really, wanting to seek out all the options for a child of only 3 years old?

Especially when it is proven that natural treatments like Cannabis oil can work so well for other babies. For we are all born with Cannabis in us, as it is referred to as the Endocannabinoid System

All the parents wanted was to consider what was best for their son and to consider natural, less invasive and harmful approaches that have a far better track record.

A judge ordered that Noah must complete two phases of chemotherapy.

Source: CNN

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