Google and big pharma already know more about your DNA than you and they are not afraid to use it against you, in order to enforce the agenda of the global elite.

Knowledge is power and the holder of the purse strings holds the power. As you look at the trends in technological advancements over the years, you can see that humanity is being blindly led to a precipice, via state health intervention and genetic coding, otherwise now known as “pharmacogenetics” and “epigenetic effects” from toxins and external forces that change our DNA forever.

Since the last century humanity has been led by an unquestioning love of technology, anything that is new and sparkly wins the prize, as we see the increasingly dumb reliance on technology to perform everyday tasks and to tell us everything about the world and even our own minds.

Read last weeks story of how the tech giants are making large advancements in DNA research and control

Under the guise and false flag of doing good for the world, so the big tech companies (Facebook, Microsoft and Google) and their networks are also fast building the ability to control our very DNA and increasingly experiment with the very substance of humanity. For it is DNA that controls everything about us. It determines how our cells behave and how we live and breath. It is the very blueprint of life. With scientists now claiming they can tell when and if you will develop illnesses and diseases.


DNA is set to become the last word in medicine, the ultimate seuth-sayer and judge on your future health. Your doctor will soon claim to know how many drugs you are to take and what will be wrong with you in the future, due to your DNA. This could well mean that the pharmaceutical sales person that is your doctor and who gets paid for every single prescription, can begin to predict you will develop cancer (for example) in the future and so prescribe you all manner of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccinations in order to prevent this future event.

Please see this insert from Global News, a mainstream media outlet that is already simplifying the message and stating DNA testing will soon be a must:

With the pharmacogenetic insights, we can leapfrog that phase of trial and error, figuring out, ‘Whats the optimal medication regimen for me?’”

And so we are to all have our DNA tested and therefore shared with the world’s protagonists. The global elite who’s role it is to depopulate the planet:

“The approach of prescribing drugs based on a person’s age, weight and symptoms could soon be considered archaic. Instead… the future lies in understanding exactly how a person’s body metabolizes drugs before they take any medication.

With pharmacogenetics [having] a role to play in prescribing drugs… It will likely become the gold standard in the future, to understand the patient’s individual makeup and personalize the prescription.”

And you can be sure that these “personalization’s” really mean increased depersonalisation, stripping away any basic human right of choice. For be aware this is an increase in state policing and medical intervention agenda.

Mass Genetic control is already here

23&Me is the biggest DNA testing company in the world. As we reported last year, GSK paid $300 million dollars for 23&Me’s as well as Ancestry.com’s data. Meaning they are able to sift through thousands, upon thousands of genetic records of people who are primarily unaware, or apathetic to the consequences.

All you have to do is look at the top of the tree to see that this is already sown up. The future of medicine is in open source genetics in the hands of the Big Harmer Big Pharma Companies, whether you like it or not: Anna Wojcicki is the owner of 23&me and was married to Sergey Brin the owner of Google, whilst her sister is CEO of YouTube and a former Google executive. 23&Me are also in close agreements with the FDA, who we all known have heavily invested interests in the pharmaceutical world.

So Big Pharma can now access DNA data, as well as, thanks to Google and Facebook access your location, your phone, your home Wifi and in the near future, it is not unconceivable they will be able to create holograms of EVERYONE on the planet. Therefore, negating the medical process and changing your DNA remotely from the likes of the wealthy illumina lab in California.

Controlling and changing your DNA remotely will mean more and more people getting sick and dying of mysterious illnesses. It may well sound like an over the top Sci-fi movie meets 1984, but this is very REAL.

Vaccines and Glyphosate are already altering everyone’s DNA

As we saw with Glyphosate this week (the incredibly dangerous and poisonous Round Up toxicant, that was once FDA approved, but is now facing a huge backlash) thanks to the research of Dr Michael Skinner and his toxicology team, his findings show that Glyphosate side effects actually increased after every generation of mice that were exposed to it. And we are very similar in biology to mice and rats.

They found that Glyphosate has an “epigenetic effect,” that is, it effectively wraps around our DNA and carries a non genetic form of inheritance that can control DNA and therefore permanently change every subsequent generation.

With environmental toxicant like Glyphosate, the study showed that the effects increase, even if the later generations are not exposed to it. It is our grand children and great grandchildren’s off spring that are likely to see these effects INCREASE, even if we stop using it now and are no longer exposed to it. So they will see a huge increase in cancerous tumours of the reproductive tract.

Glyphosate has also been found in Vaccines.

The other way to change and mutate the populations DNA is of course the mass vaccination programs and enforced mandatory vaccines that we now see. Vaccines are packed full of foreign DNA from human fetus’s to mice and other mammals and we linked this to the rise in Autism back in 2017:

“Dr. Theresa Deisher, a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Physiology at Stanford University, the first person to discover adult cardiac derived stem cells, determined that residual human fetal DNA fragments in vaccines may be one of the causes of autism in children through vaccinations.”

We see all the time how the crazy reasons to mass vaccinate the world are down to the manipulation of figures, research, statistics and the basic truth, in order to invade our bodies and take control of our medical well being via a mass pre-treatment agenda, enforcing more and more vaccinations on the world. With Politicians pushing the agenda in order to further their own careers, as we saw recently in New York over a simple and small case of measles.

Googles proven business practices mean that your data is very much up for abuse:

With open censorship on anything that goes against the grain of the Big corporates. This from Natural News:

“Google is also on board with censoring the truth… Following the recent revelation that Google has been secretly censoring web content for quite some time now, despite claims to the contrary, many are now calling for Google CEO Sundar Pichai and his fellow cronies to be held criminally liable.”

Whilst Google has been tapping into Android users’ mobile devices to secretly record private conversations for some time, The Sun reported online.

According to the report, the technology giant’s Google Assistant — which works in the same manner as Apple’s Siri — purportedly records conversations without the users knowing. Google has insisted that its new virtual assistant only switches on and commences recording when users say “OK Google.”

However, an investigation carried out by the British newspaper showed that Google’s audio assistant jams up in some instances. The report noted that in some cases, just saying “Ok” in a random conversation will prompt the system to switch the phone on and record about 20 seconds of audio.

Google and AI

This from TheAtlantic.com: “When Mark DePristo and Ryan Poplin began their work, Google’s artificial intelligence did not know anything about genetics. In fact, it was a neural network created for image recognition—as in the neural network that identifies cats and dogs in photos uploaded to Google. It had a lot to learn.

But just eight months later, the neural network received top marks at an FDA contest for accurately identifying mutations in DNA sequences. And in just a year, the AI was outperforming a standard human-coded algorithm called GATK. DePristo and Poplin would know; they were on the team that originally created GATK.

It had taken that team of 10 scientists five years to create GATK. It took Google’s AI just one to better it, thanks to the advancements in AI.

This week, Google is releasing the latest version of the technology as DeepVariant. Outside researchers can use DeepVariant and even tinker with its code, which the company has published as open-source software.

DeepVariant, like GATK before it, solves a technical but important problem called “variant calling.” When modern sequencers analyze DNA, they dont return one long strand. Rather, they return short snippets maybe 100 letters long that overlap with each other. These snippets are aligned and compared against a reference genome whose sequence is already known. Where the snippets differ with the reference genome, you probably have a real mutation. Where the snippets differ with the reference genome and with each other, you have a problem.

DeepVariant, on the other hand, still does not know anything about DNA-sequencing machines. But it has digested a lot of data. Neural networks are often analogized as layers of “neuronsthat deal in progressively more complex conceptsthe first layer might respond to light, the second shapes, the third actual objects. As DeepVariant is trained with data, it learns which connections between “neuronsto strengthen and which to ignore. Eventually, it can sort the actual mutations from the errors.

To fit the DNA-sequencing data to an image-recognition AI, the Google team came up with a work-around: Just make it an image! When scientists want to investigate a mutation, they’ll often pull up the aligned snippets, like so:

 “If humans are doing this as a visual task, why not present this as a visual task?” says Poplin. So they did. The lettersA, T, C, or Ggot assigned a red value; the quality of the sequencing at that location a green value; and which strand of DNAs two strands it is on a blue value. Together, they formed an RGB (red, green, blue) image.

And then it was simply a matter of feeding the neural network data. “It changes the problem enormously from thinking super hard about the data to looking for more data,” says DePristo.

Between publishing a preprint about DeepVariant last December and the release this week, the team continued improving the tool. Instead of three layers of data—represented by red, green, and blueat any location in the genome, DeepVariant now considers seven. It would no longer make any sense as an image to the human eye. But to a machine, what’s just a few more layers of numbers?

To be clear, DeepVariant itself is unlikely to change genetics research. It is better than GATK, but only slightly so—and it is half as fast depending on the conditions. It does, however, lay the groundwork for AI’s influence in future genetics research.

The test will really be how it can translate to other technologies,” says Manuel Rivas, a geneticist at Stanford. New sequencing technologies like Oxford Nanopore are becoming popular. If DeepVariant can quickly learn variant calling under these new conditions—remember the humans took five years with GATKthat could speed up the adoption of new sequencing technologies.

DePristo says that the idea of layering data on top of each location in the genome could easily be applied to other problems in genetics—the more important of which is predicting the effects of a mutation. You might imagine layering on, for example, data on when genes are active or not. DeepVariant started off with just three layers of data. Now it has seven. Eventually it might be dozens. It won’t make much sense to a human brain anymore, but to an AI, sure.

In Conclusion

The future of the health of our children and subsequent generations is in grave and serious danger. The world of DNA testing and genome research will soon mean even far greater and powerful ways to get to know more about human DNA and therefore sequence the entire globes DNA and further experiment in mass genetic engineering.

Our best option is to rely on sharing the knowledge and protecting yourself and your family with a healthy natural organic diet, exercise and Vitamin D. Staying healthy is still the best approach.

Sources: The Altantic.com, Global News, Natural News, Healing Oracle

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