There is an old phrase that could not better describe Fiona O’Leary’s latest exploits in bullying and harassment than “give a fool enough rope and they will eventually hang themselves with it”

It would seem that the worlds most dangerous medical troll is up to her old tricks, but this time she has destroyed her own case with her own ineptitude and vial spite. Her inability to just simply stay quiet, has meant she put her foot in it in a case that quite frankly should never have even made it to court.  

Dr Evelien Van Amerongen Fiona’s latest victim in an incredibly long list of perfectly innocent medical professionals, who in this case, simply chose to use a natural product, over a harmful pharmaceutical drug, has been unnecessarily dragged through the courts by this deranged sociopath that effectively acts as Big Pharma’s noisy little mouthpiece. All the while she makes a large income off the state, whilst also being propped up by Big Pharma and is responsible for thousands of wasted man hours taking up the time of the courts, the police and any other authority figure she can weasel into these laughable cases.

But this time the tide has turned and finally we hear some sense from the Irish courts, as according to The Irish Times this week:

“Dr Van Amerongen … did not amount to professional misconduct…The dentist’s evidence was she had supplied MMS for a short period of time to patients to be used in diluted form as a mouthwash in ignorance of the fact it was an unauthorised substance at the time.”

Why would MMS, otherwise known as Sodium Chlorite/Chlorine Dioxide even be banned, as it is legal and licensed throughout the food industry and is even used by the CDC?

In fact, MMS is an incredibly effective mouthwash that is better than any antibiotics and negates the need for invasive injections, or harmful antibiotics, as an effective natural antiseptic that can kills 99% of all pathogens.

Alluding to this purely anecdotal piece of evidence that the entire sham of a case was based on, was in fact a single “bottle of MMS seized by the Health Products Regulatory Authority from her premises [that] had “no information whatsoever on it”.

Autism claims

The main reason that Fiona O’Leary perused this perfectly innocent Dentist was alluding to Fiona’s favourite source of hatred and that is the thought that anything might in some way aid the effects of Autism. Something Dr Van Amerongen strongly denied and was again backed up by the Court’s decision to clear her. Let’s remember she is after all, a DENTIST and is perfectly logical she was acquitted of this “separate allegation of professional misconduct that arose from a claim by Fiona O’Leary” herself.

Again, raising the question of why this case even made it this far. This simply serves to prove that this court case was another example of intimidation from Fiona O’Leary, who claims to be an expert an autism, but in reality runs a tiny Facebook Group, with a handful of members.

It actually came down to one phone call, that was decided to be completely unfounded:“For reasons including the serious dispute between the two women about the precise content of the phone call, and concerns about the credibility of some evidence given by both, the committee considered that allegation of professional misconduct was not proven as to fact.”

As ever Fiona O’Leary did not accept the usual standards of conduct during this sensitive court case and broke the gagging orders of the court which was her final undoing:

“Ms O’Leary had posted a video on social media discussing matters pertaining to the private FTPC inquiry and, while she apologised for that, the committee said it considered those actions fatally damaged her credibility.”

Fiona’s credibility is of course shaky at best and her conduct is always questionable, but this is time it is actually recorded as a verdict to a case that simply should not even exist. And as such is yet to be removed as a story from The Irish TimesPlease also note: Not a single one of these patients made a complaint against this innocent dentist, who “used as a mouthwash to treat gum disease, when it was not licensed for such sale here, has had conditions imposed on her registration by the High Court.

This was all the work of Fiona O’Leary. She brought this comedy case to court herself and then undid it all with her own words.

Victim support

If you are a victim of one of Fiona’s many crimes then please share this article, as she cannot have it removed and is yet more evidence of her steady fall from grace. Doctors have died, people have been sent to jail, lost their children, their jobs, their practices, their income, their homes and their minds. All at the hand of this very vindictive professional troll.

Sign the Petition against such dangerous trolls

Despite many withheld complaints, existing court cases and hundreds of imminent lawsuits against her, Fiona O’Leary is still on the attack. In 2018, she was kept busy going back and forth to court, for charges such as deformation of character, harassment and violence. Yet, her selfie style video updates have continued unabated, even during her gagging order, she continued to post. But its what she does behind the scenes that is truly devastating. In reality this is a very driven, very determined, angry, sociopath. And what she really wants is total censorship of anything that is new, or beneficial to autistic people.

Source: The Irish Times

Love and Light

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