In what was heralded as a breakthrough for cancer research, GW Pharmaceuticals (UK) announced positive results from a study using a combination of synthetic cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol to treat an aggressive form of brain cancer

Update to an original article in Jan 31, 2018

Glioblastoma multiforme, or GBM is a “particularly aggressive brain tumor, with a poor prognosis,” according to the British-based biopharmaceutical company focused on developing proprietary cannabinoid medicine.

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According to the study, patients with documented recurrent GBM treated with THC and CBD had an 83 percent one-year survival rate compared with 53 percent for patients taking a placebo. Professor Susan Short, principal investigator of the study said:

“The findings from this well-designed controlled study suggest that the addition of a combination of THC and CBD to patients on dose-intensive temozolomide produced relevant improvements in survival compared with placebo and this is a good signal of potential efficacy.

GW Pharmaceutical’s glioma research demonstrates that THC and CBD appear to act via distinct signalling pathways. The combined administration of the two major cannabinoids led to a synergistic reduction in the viability of U87MG glioma cells when compared to the administration of each cannabinoid individually.

Gliomas are tumors that arise from glial cells mainly in the brain, but can also be found within the spinal cord. GBM is the most common glioma and is one of the most common primary brain tumors, accounting for 15.6 percent of all primary brain tumors. They are also the most aggressive with only 28.4 percent of patients surviving one year and only 3.4 percent surviving to year five.

Chemo and radiation do not work

Mainstream medicine consider GBM as terminal and have developed a combined treatment of chemo (Temozolomide), radiation and steroids, considering this “state of the art” treatment for the patient. Yet it is highly ineffective and the quality of life is poor, destroying the immune system and leading to potential diabetes.

As we have proved many times, chemo increases the risk of death and patients are better off not taking it. In fact studies show that Chemo kills 50% of cancer patients on its own.

But thanks to the Cancer act of of 1939 (curious how this occurred while the world was preoccupied by the start of WWII) and even Cancer Research UK admits this stifles research, the team HAD to use chemo, otherwise the study would have not have received approval in the first place.

So considering the fact this is synthesised cannabis used alongside toxic chemotherapy, it was proven to help for a short time, so remove the restrictions and its clear that cannabis will have an even greater benefit. But it was enough to make it worthwhile developing the drug and so making cannabis treatment legal (in this form).

According to PubMed website 2018: A combined preclinical therapy of cannabinoids and temozolomide against glioma.

Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is the most frequent and aggressive type of brain tumor due, at least in part, to its poor response to current anticancer treatments.


“Thus, the development of novel therapeutic approaches (and specifically those targeting the population of GICs) is urgently needed to improve the survival of the patients suffering this devastating disease. Previous observations by our group and others have shown that Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC, the main active ingredient of marijuana) and other cannabinoids including cannabidiol (CBD) exert antitumoral actions in several animal models of cancer, including gliomas.”

So this is promising news. But of course this study was done with a combination of the chemo that they have just admitted doesn’t work:

“We also found that the administration of THC (or of THC + CBD at a 1:1 ratio) in combination with temozolomide (TMZ), the benchmark agent for the treatment of GBM, synergistically reduces the growth of glioma xenografts”

How can a treatment that doesn’t work long term and kills the patient off, be considered a “benchmark”?

If a mechanic said to you, well I think your diesel powered vehicle is in need of a service and he suggests he use a petroleum based gasoline instead, would you do it, knowing that it will finally kill your engine for good? This is exactly what chemo does. It poisons the body, suppressing the immune system so the cancer can grow quicker, even under these very difficult conditions the cannabis effect is still a positive one.

And also at this point, please bear in mind the THC and CBD used in these trials are a weakened synthesised version of cannabis. More on that point later…

Symptoms of GBM vary, but studies of patients with high-grade gliomas showed that headaches are the most common initial presenting symptom. These headaches can be persistent lasting more than six months and are often associated with other symptoms, including seizures, visual disturbances, cognitive impairment and nausea and vomiting depending on the location and growth rate of the tumor.

“Our findings show that TMZ + THC:CBD combinations containing a higher proportion of CDB (but not TMZ + CBD alone) produce a similar antitumoral effect as the administration of TMZ together with THC and CBD at a 1:1 ratio in xenografts generated with glioma cell lines. In addition, we also found that the administration of TMZ + THC:CBD at a 1:1 ratio reduced the growth of orthotopic xenografts generated with GICs derived from GBM patients and enhanced the survival of the animals bearing these intracranial xenografts.

And the higher the dose, the better:

Remarkably, the antitumoral effect observed in GICs-derived xenografts was stronger when TMZ was administered together with cannabinoid combinations containing a higher proportion of CBD.

These findings support the notion that the administration of TMZ together with THC:CBD combinations – and specifically those containing a higher proportion of CBD – may be therapeutically explored to target the population of GICs in GBM.

Source: PubMed

Imagine the benefits of real cannabis oil

We have seen the results first hand of full spectrum (Rick Simpson) Cannabis oil reducing brain cancers (CB1) with even young babies being saved by this wonderful natural medicine. Cannabis oil can be used to treat cancers all over the body, working with our Endocannabinoid system to stave off cancer and so these findings came as no surprise, but again, consider the fact these findings were using a weak version of synthesised oil, imagine the effect from full spectrum, organic, cannabis oil that is high in THC and CBD?

Please see this article for the best ways to administer cannabis oil rectally


The resulting, weakened, synthetic Cannabis oil GW Pharmaceuticals developed off the back of this study is called Savitex which is a whopping $145 per vial. Should you purchase full spectrum organic cannabis oil elsewhere, the actual cost for the equivalent amount of THC and CBD would be less than $20. 

With proven results for more than 2 decades, full spectrum organic cannabis oil can be purchased here from The Healing Oracle team. Please email us your request an order form or you may have a source of your own.

Nobody should be paying more than 20usd per ml with orders over 30ml.

Not a silver bullet

It’s important to note that any cancer treatment must be accompanied by a good diet and a protocol that suits the patient. There is no one size fits all here.  The patient must cut out sugars, processed meats and food. An Organic vegan diet is essential. Remove any root canals as well as mercury from the mouth. Whilst other lifestyle factors must be changed.

RELATED ARTICLES: See our cannabis oil category for many more articles on the wonders of medical cannabis

Sources: Healing Oracle, Pub Med, The Toast

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