In 1962 there were 3 vaccines for children in the USA. Now in 2019 there are over 300 in development. Does that seem right, since we now have MORE autoimmune disorders, allergies, death, cancer, autism, OCD, ADD, ADHD and the list goes on and on?

This is from an original post from Facebook 27th March 2019 by Candice Bradstreet:

I am posting this [article] so that there is a visual of just how many vaccines are given now. This cannot look ok to people… God gave us an incredible immune system that is able to fight off and build up immunity

If you choose to vaccinate that is absolutely your right, however, to say that everyone should do the same is not anyone’s right to enforce upon those who either can’t be vaccinated due to genetic issues or simply do not want to have this amount of toxins injected into their body.

And if you are against abortion but not vaccines, unfortunately, you need to check the ingredients in any of the vaccines that contain aborted fetal cells. Many do.

And why is it that I only received three vaccines and I have never needed boosters and I also have never had any of the supposed “deadly” viruses that killed me or my generation for that matter? Same with my dad… their generation received less, if any, and have never had boosters required and again, they are living and not dying off from horrible illnesses.

Now the contrary is true: we have MORE autoimmune disorders, allergies, death, cancer, autism, OCD, ADD, ADHD and the list goes on and on.

To say there is not a connection is ignoring what is right in plain site.

By Candice Bradstreet

The facts and figures are out there, it’s all public knowledge.

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