This story was reported this week in Salt Lake City, USA, by mainstream media (ABC News), as a need for a change in the law. So just how widespread is this practice and what does this mean?

As new light is shed on this process, it would appear that whilst female patients are under anaesthetic, during life saving surgery, their life hanging in the balance, groups of medical students are invited into the theatre to practice “pelvic examinations” on the unsuspecting and unconscious woman.

Many of the students are apparently uncomfortable with this. And rightly so, as that amounts to often very young and inexperienced students, inserting a vaginal probe (at the very least) in the unconscious woman’s vagina.

Let’s be clear, this is not just a violation of your basic human rights, this is a crime, it’s called rape in the eyes of the law. Yet, this a matter of routine, whilst patients are asleep and without their knowledge. It’s another example of the medical industries somewhat unscrupulous approach to our personal human rights and needs.

The vaginal probe

An example of a Vaginal probe

As shocking as this may sound, the students are invited to use a “vaginal probe,” also known as a “transducer” to insert into the women’s vagina’s in order to perform these extremely personal, uninvited examinations. It’s up to 4cm wide and is widest at the tip and up to 12 inches in length.

How widespread is this?

The proposed bill in Salt Lake City will mean that written and verbal consent is required from the patient, before any such examination can take place. This law already stands in a few states. But what, we ask of everywhere else, how widespread is this practice?

Hidden violations

Many things are yet to be revealed, like the age of the patients concerned, their sexual status, their religion, as well as just how far students penetrate and violate the unsuspecting patients. It raises so many questions of morality. If you need surgery that means you are very sick and in need of care, not abuse.

What’s interesting is not so much what we are told, as what we are not. There is much withholding of information here, making this a veiled insight into something bigger and unimaginable.

Is this another huge medical scandal? What has been covered up so far and just how many people does this effect?

In the report they mention that no one has even heard of this in Utah, so why make the law, if its not a problem? Who is responsible and accountable for these hidden crimes? The nurses, the surgeons and the hospital administrators are all witnesses and accomplices.


Do women go into surgery believing they are virgins, but under anaesthetic endure degrading, immoral and illegal acts upon their person, meaning they are no longer virgins?

What if a young Muslim woman entering marriage, believes she is pure, is examined just before the wedding and upon examination, the hymen is found to be broken, she is no longer deemed a virgin, the wedding is cancelled and the woman shamed. How often does this happen, whilst the woman is blamed, but is unaware why, or indeed how this could have even be? Would she ever even suspect it was during surgery that this happened?

Cell phones and the age of sharing

I have personally attended more than 50 surgical procedures, in many countries, with my own patients, over a 15-year period and I cannot say I have seen this first hand. But, I do not actually allow students in to the theatre in the first place, as for me personally, my patient is my only focus and I do not consent to the presence of students during surgical procedures. I always felt it too risky.

But what I can say is that in every one of these surgeries, we are not only allowed to take our cell phones with us, but we are encouraged to take pictures for our own personal reference and research. So the question here is, how many pictures are there of unsuspecting female patient’s parts now circulating the public domain?

One in three people will lose, or have their phone and its content stolen, at least once in their lifetime, leaving these private images in the hands of criminals, who are now free to spread pictures and videos taken of your most intimate of parts and at your most vulnerable moment.

Expect a flood of law suits

As this news breaks, who will be the first to discover this happened to them? Who will be the first to sue for this violation?  And who is ultimately responsible?

The hospital is clearly complicit in these crimes, with eye witnesses and evidence being kept hidden from the public eye. These are violations of the very sick and most vulnerable. People should be outraged. Has this been going on since the beginning of time?
As I say, I personally have never witnessed this, but that’s not to say this is not a wide spread issue and there are bound to be some hospitals and surgeons that are worse than others.

Have you been personally effected by this, have you noticed anything different after surgery? Does this make you wonder why you went in to get your tonsils done and came back with a limp? Will you be the first to take action against this hidden crime?

Untrained probing

Inexperienced nervous hands, can do much damage to delicate tissue. What if there is a tumour there? It could burst the tumor and spread cancer throughout the body. Students are by their very nature unaware of all the consequences and medical education is essentially using unsuspecting US Citizens as Guinea Pigs.

There were over 18,000 medical graduates in 2018 in the whole of the USA, but the very nature of medical studies means that the number of students is a greater number, as for whatever reason many do not graduate. Many go on to other professions.

I am sure this will all remain well hidden and any emerging stories crushed, but let’s be very clear, this is rape. Plain and simple. Imagine a vulnerable lady in need of life saving surgery enters an operating theatre and has given no consent for anyone to examine her vagina. The surgery may be her shoulder, or neck, yet still the medical students are let into the room and forced to examine her vagina. For practice. It’s such a huge violation. It makes my blood boil.

When you put your full trust, your life in the hands of a surgeon, you pay a lot of money for the procedure and you expect the best of medical care while you are in their hands, surely this is the last thing you would suspect.  

Take a stand

We suggest that you ensure your body is not violated in this way. Take a magic marker and write on your body that you do not consent to an “educational pelvic examination” and to stay away from your vagina.

What next, as well as facing all the risks of paying for life saving surgery, do you also need to consider a chastity belt and a Go Pro camera strapped to you, just to protect your own dignity?

Source: (Salt Lake City)

We think this story will now be buried, so please share this article around in the hope that we can find out more behind the headlines.

If you know of anyone who is planning on having surgery, please make them aware that this is happening. People need to know.

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