Since 1994 GcMAF has proven to be an effective cure for cancer. Whilst, to this day the 1939 Cancer Act prevents any cure other than chemotherapy and radiation coming to market. A tiny proportion of 2.3% survive Chemo and radiation.

An extremely dangerous woman with much to lose (by anyone making claims or coming close to a cure for autism) Fiona O’Leary has for years been challenging claims made by David Noakes over GcMAF’s ability to provide a  cure for autism – something she finds particularly troubling. For many years she has hounded him like a dog until she finally had him arrested. 

With a devastating list of destruction behind her, she has campaigned for many years against anyone who may even show an interest in autism, please see a small extent of her damage here. Today  was a personal victory for this professional troll, as she played a huge part in the BBC reports, having led a campaign of hate for many years ensuring that David Noakes was sentenced to jail today for a 15 month term.

Sentencing him, Judge Nicholas Lorraine-Smith said: “It is not GcMAF that is on trial.”

Lorraine Noakes, 58 of Ringwood, Hampshire, was given a six-month sentence suspended for two years on both counts and ordered to complete 150 hours of unpaid work after admitting two counts of selling and supplying the unlicensed substance at an earlier hearing.

A wonderful scientist Dr Rodney Smith, 55, of Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire was also jailed for eight months after admitting five charges relating to the manufacture, possession, sale and supply of unlicensed medicine.

Another scientist, Emma Ward, 44, also of Huntingdon, was also sentenced to eight months in prison, suspended for two years and also ordered to complete 150 hours of unpaid work after pleading guilty to five charges relating to unlicensed medicine.

Today David and former wife Lorraine have previously pleaded guilty to manufacturing and supplying GcMaf which in the UK is an unlicensed medicine. Yet, Gcmaf is legal and saving lives in many other countries.

This case of course, nly serves to highlight how effective GcMaf actually is and brings the attention back once more to how safe this product is, and how it can be administered at home with easy instructions. GcMaf  has 1000’s of research papers dating over 2 decades and 1000 of cures behind it.

Should anyone doubt this product we suggest you read the following as there has been no court to say it does not cure cancer and autism, only that it is not legal in the UK.

Here is the most independent reporter Ian R Crane, who attended the trial:


During the trial, Noakes made the point that the pharmaceutical industry, their government representatives, the MHRA…. all maintain the status quo, as protected by the cancer act of 1939 which serves the monopolised health industry.

David has led the court through the scientific material suppressed by the corporatocracy…
Observation: the Crown Prosecution Service serve neither the people, nor the crown, but do a wonderful job of maintaining certain corporate interests.

About 2% of people survive cancer following chemotherapy and radiation. By contrast, GcMAF helps replenish the body’s immune system and is very effective. 

During the trial the Judge said: “If this ‘miracle’ cure is out there why aren’t the BBC etc waxing lyrical about it?”
David replied: “Media outlets are effectively controlled by the status quo…”
The evidence David gave was compelling ….  and exposed Pharma and MHRA as murderers and those supporting Pharma and the MHRA are accessories. 

Nonetheless, today was their day once more.

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