For decades most holistic health experts, naturopaths and others have recognized the importance of a proper acid alkaline balance in the human body.

There is widespread agreement that living in our modern, industrial environment renders many of us far too acidic. This leads to poor health, as well as leaves us vulnerable to many serious, chronic health problems such as arthritis, vision problems, neurological disease and even cancers of various types.

Further confirmation of the importance and health benefits of a relatively high alkalinity comes from the spa traditions from all over the world.  If you measure the PH of the water in all of the famous spas around the world you find that it is high.  For example, the water at the famous Lourdes Spa in France has a PH of about 9.5 (alkaline).

What is PH?

“PH” is a measure of where a given substance falls on a standard scale from acidic to alkaline.  There is controversy about exactly what PH stands for.  I think the most likely candidate is “Potential Hydrogen.”*

What is important to understand is that the lower the PH number, the more acidic the solution.

The higher the PH number and the more alkaline the solution. 

The PH scale starts at 0, which is as acidic as a solution can be and runs all the way to 14, which is as alkaline as a solution can be. For further details on PH, here is a good place to start.

What is a Healthy PH value for the human body?
That is actually a complex question that cannot be answered simply. Different parts of the human body are supposed to be at different PH levels at different times.  So there is not one single value that is optimum or even acceptable.

There is, however, one exception to this constantly shifting PH picture. 

However, Human blood remain very close to 7.365 (low alkaline) just to sustain life.  In order to maintain the blood PH at this level, your body will modify the PH of nearly anything else in your body.

For example, OsteoperosisWhen the essential mineral calcium is dissolved in a solution it will increase the alkalinity of the solution. If the blood starts to become too acidic, one of the ways the body corrects that is to leach calcium from the bones and dissolve it in the blood.  If this happens enough significant bone density will be lost, otherwise known as Osteoporosis.

Arthritis: This leaching can also lead to calcium deposits ending up in the blood and in the lining of arteries and in the bursa, which is the lubricating sacs enclosing most joints. Which is one of the common, but all-too-frequently ignored primary causes of arthritis.

What Causes Excess Acidity
There are many factors that can lead to the body becoming too acidic. So here is a list of the most common causes of excess acidity, that plague so many of us in the modern world:

  • Stress
  • Poor diet
  • Excess sugar
  • Poor digestion
  • Insufficient chewing of food before swallowing
  • Lack of exercise
  • Lack of sufficient quality sleep
  • Chronic shallow breathing
  • Insufficient hydration
  • Inadequate time outdoors (natural sunlight helps maintain proper PH)

If any of these factors go on too long unchecked, then the blood will start to become too acidic as leaching occurs leading to serious health problems. Is it any wonder that osteoporosis and arthritis are such a widespread problem in much of today’s world?

Other Problems caused by excess acidity (Low PH) 

Of course there are other health issues that are caused by acidic blood levels. The following is a partial list, including only the most common:

  • Cancer – both prevention and recovery are adversely affected **
  • Increased susceptibility to diabetes
  • Increased difficulty controlling diabetes
  • Poor digestion
  • Gout
  • Gallbladder disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Heart disease
  • Osteoporosis
  • Loss of mental clarity
  • Poor sleep
  • Premature aging
  • Arthritis
  • Mood swings
  • Dental and gum disease and deterioration
  • Poor cardiovascular fitness
  • Poor eyesight
  • Varicose veins
  • Weakened immune system
  • Increased susceptibility to autoimmune diseases
  • Frequent muscle cramping

How Do I Accurately Measure My PH?
The first thing we need to know in order to answer that question is what to measure. For example, we already know that our blood must be maintained very close to 7.365.

We do not test the blood 

As stated above, because our bodies will do just about anything to keep us alive, significant variations in blood PH are the last thing we will see in someone whose PH levels are off.  By then it will be way to late.

Beware the 2 false tests

Do not test saliva Our saliva PH levels very widely over even a relatively short period of time and subtle influences change it quickly. 

Do not test urine which is also not a reliable fluid for determining body PH levels. As the body utilizes urine to discard excess acid. So this cannot be a true measure of the overall body PH levels.

Please consult a health professional***

It’s in our tears

Feel free to cry at this point, as the best fluid to test is our tears.

As what I really want to know is the PH level of the “inter-cellular fluid” – the aqueous moisture in between most of the cells in my body and the most easily accessible body fluid that closely correlates to this inter-cellular fluid in PH level turns out to be the tear fluid in our eyes. Whatever PH level we measure in our tear fluid very closely matches that found in the inter-cellular fluid of the body.

How do we test our tears?

1.   Stand in front of a mirror with your PH measuring kit nearby and ready.  (Type of kit and sources are listed below).

2.   Rapidly, but gently blink your eyes about 30 times to build up some excess tear fluid.  (Do this carefully -as you can damage the delicate structures in your eyes by blinking and squeezing too hard)

3.  When you have built up sufficient tear fluid, gently roll down the lower eyelid of one eye. Pick whichever eye looks like it has the most tear fluid.

4.  Gently and carefully bring the end of the PH test stick that has the sample dots on it close to the pool of built up tear fluid until the fluid flows onto the stick and saturates the test dots. 

I am very careful not to actually touch my eye with any part of the stick.  If you get it just close enough, the eye tear fluid will flow onto the end of the test stick without any need to actually make contact with any part of the eye. 

(An easy way to control the distance between the end of the test stick that has the color dots on it and my eye is to hold the stick with my index finger and thumb, then rest the outside of my thumb, (middle knuckle), against the bridge of my nose. Then I can rock my wrist joint to bring the end of the test strip closer to my eye)

5.  As soon as the test dots are saturated, wait the recommended (15 seconds is the most common) time on the instructions.

Then match the colors against the chart that comes with the PH test kit. 

6.   Note the level indicated by the test.

That’s it. You now know with amazing accuracy what the general PH level is in your body.

What PH Level is Ideal?

Of course there is no really simple answer here. But for most people a level that is slightly alkaline is generally healthy. So generally, try and stay above 7, which is neutral. If you have no outstanding serious health issues, then a PH of 7.3 to 7.8 is likely to serve you well.

Many people suffering from serious diseases like cancer will result in levels that are well below 7.0, (7.0 is neutral and is lower than ideal).  In almost all cases they will want to raise their PH level quite significantly.

The famous Hoxsey Clinic in Mexico and many of the world’s best cancer clinics (most are located in Germany), often recommends that their patients boost their PH levels to 9.5 until the cancer is completely gone. 

To prevent the cancer from recurring they recommend maintaining a level of 8.5.

Other conditions seem to respond well to other levels. And there is some controversy, even among natural health professionals about what is the exact ideal.  I suspect that this is an individual factor that is best “tuned” to the individual.  This is why I recommend working with a natural health professional in this area as it can be complex.****

What Test Kit Should I Use?
This is crucial. I have tried lots of different test kits and only a few seem to be accurate and even fewer are suitable for using these methods.

It must include:

  • Small individual (usually 50 -100) test strips with 2 square “test dots” 
  • A color chart with sufficient precision.

The “double match” makes the test highly accurate when properly done.

Here is one we recommend

Please note this is a recommendation only and we do not profit from recommending this product and service over any other.

Many health food stores and nutritional supply stores carry PH testing kits that meet these needs. 

OK, I Have My Measurements. Now What?
Depending on what health conditions you are dealing with, if any, and what PH levels you are consistently measuring, you may want to employ some measures to adjust your PH level. 

How do I raise my PH level? 

Frequently it can be done through diet, exercise, changing the type and amount of water that one drinks, increasing the amount and quality of one’s sleep and more. 

For some people, adopting a daily meditation practice, or similar will significantly raise a PH level that started out too low.

The specifics of diet and water to adjust PH are beyond the scope of this article. 

Again, seek the advice of a qualified natural health professional.

Source: Jeff Bell


Love and light

Amanda Mary Jewell and The Healing Oracle team

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* PH or Potential Hydrogen can be a bit confusing. In an aqueous solution, which is any water-based solution, there are a certain number of dissolved hydrogen ions. The greater the number of dissolved hydrogen ions in a given amount of the solution the more acidic the solution is said to be. The fewer dissolved hydrogen ions in a given amount of the aqueous solution the more alkaline the solution is said to be.

What can be confusing is that the actual numbers assigned on the scale for measuring PH are higher when there are fewer dissolved hydrogen ions in the solution.  So a solution with a PH value of 8.5 for example, actually has far fewer dissolved hydrogen ions in it than a solution with a PH value of 6.  I warned you that it could be confusing!

There are complex reasons why the numbers on the PH scale run exactly opposite to the number of dissolved hydrogen ions.  The scale was probably designed that way to facilitate its use with standard chemical equations having to do with molecular measurements.

**  All of the best German cancer clinics, (arguably, based on results, the best cancer clinics in the entire world), include raising the PH levels relatively high as a major element of their anti-cancer therapy programs.

I could add more, but those are the more common major problems caused by excess acidity.  That should be enough to motivate most people to learn how to properly and accurately measure their PH levels and how to raise them if need be.

*** If you do have health issues that may be related to PH levels, then you may want to work with a natural health professional to re-balance your PH level. 

Over many years, I have found that there seem to be lots of natural health professionals who are knowledgeable in dealing with specific health conditions and who know how to manage PH levels, but who do not know how to measure PH accurately. 

Many still rely on the urine and saliva methods, which we’ve seen are far from ideal. Please feel free to refer them to this article.

**** Ultimately, I like to be guided by results. Things that work well for a given person are most likely right for that person.  If something is not working or not working well, then it either needs to be combined with other measures, or it may not be right for that person.

I believe that in all areas of health if the results are not optimal then some informed analysis and thoughtful adjustments are indicated.  Results are the ultimate measure of effectiveness.

That is one reason why I highly recommend that anyone dealing with any serious health issue maintain a journal that lists:

What measures are being used;

Any test results obtained;

Adjustments made;

Results in terms of how you feel and how the condition or conditions seem to be responding:

Because health issues frequently can become complex and it may be challenging to figure out what is working and what is not, particularly when multiple health measures are being employed, a journal can be an extremely valuable diagnostic tool.  Maintaining a journal also empowers you to better take control of your own health.

Disclaimer: This article is for public knowledge and we do not gain anything financially from this free service. This article is not funded by advertising, or any product endorsements, neither do we gain financially from recommending these products, or services.






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