The Pineapple and how it effects your bodily fluids

Any intake of any substance, will have an effect on what comes out of our bodies. The good news is that eating Pineapple can improve things, when it comes to the less appealing subject of bodily fluids.

As we know in the case of asparagus, certain foods can have an effect on our urine, but what’s less known are the positive effects of this phenomenon. When it comes to the humble pineapple, it can actually change the flavor or smell of semen, breast milk and other bodily fluids.

For example, if one is to eat a variety of fragrant foods such as garlic, meats, or spices our resulting bodily fluids will obtain a more pungent aroma. If you eat sweeter, more citrus foods (while staying hydrated) your bodily fluids will produce a more aromatic and pleasant taste and since the pineapple is the sweetest of the citrus fruits, so it produces the sweetest effect.

What is so special about Pineapple?

Naturally, semen has a bitter flavor. If your partner is sensitive to the taste of your semen, it could be the bitterness that is causing it. Pineapple is known to negate this bitter flavor. The same applies to breast milk. But consume too much and it will effect your glucose levels.

Allow 24 hours

Metabolization takes a long time, so generally allow 24 hours (as well as other contributing factors) for this sweeting effect. For example, no amount of pineapple will immediately negate the garlic meal you just ate, neither will any amount of pineapple consumption make your semen taste like a pina colada. But, we are what we eat, so a balanced diet with a hint of citrus consumption will positively affect your overall hygiene.


There is little research conducted on the effects of diet and bodily fluid because of lack of funding. Many studies are funded by pharmaceutical companies looking to capitalize. Billions of dollars are put into finding ways to mask our smells. However, odor and scent are natural parts of our attraction. If we pay attention and take our sexual health seriously, then we can live a more satisfying life.

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