Health officials warn: Highly contagious virus ripping through the USA

Health officials in the United States have issued a warning after an outbreak of an “extremely contagious stomach virus” that has started ripping through the country. A growing number of cases are being reported in Midwestern states where doctors report that the contagion is “wreaking havoc” as it spreads rapidly.

The first recorded victims of the new virus have been traced to the SIU Centre for Family Medicine in Illinois, which has seen multiple cases of this stomach virus over the past few weeks. The virus started spreading quickly last week prompting an official warning this week as officials struggle to contain the spread of the virus. Doctors warn the virus induces symptoms of nausea, diarrhoea, and fever and that sufferers must stay hydrated and seek professional medical help. The warning from government health officials urges citizens to take the same sort of precautions as for regular stomach flu such as careful sanitation and to avoid going put in busy public areas unnecessarily.

Western Journal reports: Dr. Bill Dixon, from SIU Center for Family Medicine, has some advice for people who may run into the nasty bug — but it’s also solid advice for any flu symptoms

“Keep pushing water,” he said. “Keep pushing fluids. “It’s the dehydration that’s going to get folks in trouble. “If you can keep from getting severely dehydrated.”

Doctors are urging people to take extra precautionary measures to avoid contacting the virus. The virus’s symptoms are at their worst for about 24-48 hours, so as long as you can keep fluids going, the duration of the illness isn’t too bad. But it’s more dangerous for the very young, the very old, and those with pre-existing health issues.

It’s incredibly easy to pick up a stomach flu by touching anything that has come into contact with a sick person, even if you don’t directly interact with someone who is currently sick. Keep washing your hands and maybe break out that emergency supply of hand sanitizer. Also, make sure you’re aware of anyone around you who might be carrying the virus and take plenty of precautionary measures. If you start to feel ill, and it’s a stomach flu sort of ill, make sure to start stocking up on drinks with electrolytes and keep water handy!

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