100th holistic DR now confirmed as dead if we include the Mexican & Eu Dr’s. Now claimed as another suicide or murdered? Is the fraudster Fiona responsible?

If you have not been keeping an eye on all of these “coincidental” deaths of alternative doctors, you may want to start now.

Erin Elizabeth writes:

Holistic Dr. Mark Flanagan, age 62 of Seguin, died on February 23, 2018. He allegedly hanged himself. 

He was described as fit, healthy and fun loving by his friends who- understandably- appear to be in shock.

One mutual friend, a medical doctor whose name will not be shared, said Mark would not do this. It’s just not how Mark would have behaved.

We are thinking of Dr. Flanagan’s family and friends during this difficult time and will add an update as more information becomes available. Currently, all we know is what the published obituary stated: his date of death and that a full obituary will be coming out next week.

Many of the doctor’s friends and loved ones have been sharing their stories and grief on his personal Facebook page.

He is 85 in our unintended holistic doctor series.

However there have actually been 100 to date. I was residing in Mexico whilst working at a cancer clinic in 2016 where my colleagues friends attended funerals of other Dr’s. All were holistic practitioners or MD’s working with GcMaf or worked with vac-sin-ated children died of very suspicious deaths, the news of these DR’s unrecorded as they all “committed suicide” without reason or suicide note.  Were they getting close to a cancer cure or autism known as Vac-Sin damage?. So far this is the only link between all of the 100 Dr’s that met a sad ending to their lives. Some of the families have expressed that the loss is to between families and friends, others live in fear of exposing the truth of the sad and tragic demise of the Dr’s. Erin does an excellent job reporting on the Dr’s we have consent to speak openly about.

We understand that Fiona O’Leary was behind the death of Dr Jeff Bradstreet, The question is how many more deaths and murders has she been involved in?. Please read article below, this woman is Evil.

I feel sad to have to report new like this but urge people to post this story which may help prevent other deaths. We must continue to inform as many people as possible to highlight true event not covered in main stream news.

Irish Fraudster Fiona O’Leary rakes in 120k euro/140kusd yearly by claims of Aspergers! She suppresses cures for Autism and harms her children.

This follows another very recent post Dr Missing

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