Mirror and People newspaper threaten shock article over Amanda Mary Jewell on the command of Fiona O’Leary

First threats from Fiona’s Media contacts are in. Notably just the UK but no media in Ireland seem interested. Grace MacAskill Mirror and People UK Journalist has informed (threatened) her story will run on Sunday – 4th March 2018

“The story of your relationship with Martin and your clinic in Belize and it’s treatment regime will run this Sunday. You can either reply to me via email or call me on 0044 XXX XXXX”

From Ms MacAkills tone of inquiry – see the email she sent below (including intentions to use slut shaming and discrediting) I get the impression that the piece will be less than complimentary. Likely the piece will be looking for sensationalist content and shock value with revelations of illegal and or immoral activity! It all sounds very ‘Fiona’ however a little pre-emptive strike to put my own take on such a piece can do no harm. So for anyone who is interested here is the big shock low down from Belize!!!

New Relationship

From my facebook page it is obvious I am in a new relationship which is wonderful. The gentleman in question is the widower of an ex-client of mine and he has a young child. Her mother was a wonderful human being that I am proud to have called a friend. We all miss her dreadfully. Hopefully the new situation will be a soft cushion for all this little girl has lost and allow her space and time to grieve when she’s ready. For now we are joyful when we can be. See some video of us messing around here…

Laughter really is the best therapy

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QeEQbV2sbU[/embedyt]

The clinic and treatments offered in Belize

 We offer a wide range here and it’s so secret we made a website!

Here it is


There is information on many products. We have written articles from information freely available all over the internet hopefully to educate and inform on alternative health.

NOTE: GcMaf is a controversial product and may be illegal to use in some countries. We do not advise anyone to break the laws of their land. This is always made clear to people who follow up after they read the articles.

The Tumour Picture

 This picture was taken after a long 5 hour surgery to remove the tumor and part of the colon. The sheer size of the tumor is the shock value as far as I am concerned. That it could be living inside a person and them still fully functioning. It was a memorable day to say the least and one that makes me realise the amazing capacity us humans have to survive and cope with such traumatic illness.




Correspondence thus far


In the interests of full disclosure the correspondence is printed here in full between myself and the Journalist

           Send to Grace MacAskill  xxx

  1. Legal for Trinity Mirror PLC C/O: xxx
  2. Legal for Amanda Mary Jewell: xxx


In reply to inquiry made on 2nd March 2018 by Ms Grace MacAskill Journalist Sunday Mirror and People


On 2 March 2018 Amanda Mary <[email protected]> wrote:


Dear Grace

As you may now have had the opportunity to view the article I drew your attention to earlier, I hope that you are somewhat better informed. This whole matter is an attempt by Fiona O’Leary to enact revenge for her grievance over the publication of the article.I was rushing out earlier and did not have a chance to reply as completely as I would have liked, so do take this email as my full reply (see below for inquiries made);

  • The clinic in Belize offers holistic treatment that are none invasive and mainly herbal. I work with oncologists and medical professionals at the hospital in Mexico, not Belize. This is where I completed my surgical study for information purposes only. I do not and never have performed any kind of surgery and am not qualified to do so.
  • I cannot speak about products banned by the medical industries of Europe. I do not reside in the countries in question. If you read the article, you can see that the MRHA were fully satisfied. One of the links in the article is to a video of the meeting in question in which they left fully satisfied.
  • Widowed people are allowed to love again. I do not feel a need to discuss my private life any further with complete strangers.
  • I agree with the use of sodium chlorite as a water purification and for Malaria. (This was a treatment given for that condition under dire circumstances when
  • none other was available was my understanding of the situation). As I heard many accounts of the success I cannot disagree.
  • I do not agree with MMS enemas. We do not use this product at our clinic but I see what benefits the product has. As you will also see in the article I was excommunicated from the Genesis 2 church for my stance on this, as I was not in agreement with enemas. Further no one to my knowledge has died from using this product and I would challenge you to search proper documents such as death certificates which list all causes of death rather than using misinformation from Fiona O’Leary as a source.
  • We use Chemotherapy and Radiation at the hospital (in certain cases) where it works. I simply disagree with the use of chemo where it has never had a positive effect. If you care to do any research (pub-med) you will also see a growing number of studies where chemotherapy has been questioned in its blanket use.
  • As stated I was invited to sit-in on surgery to help assist my studies. I have never performed surgery and am not qualified to do so. This is the context of my cancer research.
  • I have lived abroad for most of my adult life, my qualifications are not from England. Qualifications:

D, C.M.T, R.M.T, P.T, D.O, B.H.G, M.N.I.M.H, L.Ac, R.Ac, Ac.A, D.O.M, O.M.D, Ac.P

  • Regarding your porn enquiry – Fiona O’Leary along with her husband Tim O’Leary already tried to initiate a campaign of what is known as ‘slut shaming’. They invented a fake profile for themselves in the guise of an invention of theirs called Jerome Lamb. He had a fake profession of ‘journalist’ and fake Linked-in ID, a website blog and an email address. All of which was traced back to them at their home IP address. There is still one remaining blog page which they couldn’t get rid of when they were found out.

If you read the article which I included, you will see why Fiona’s address was published. I would further like to add this information has been in the public domain published by Mrs O’Leary herself on a blog which she advertised on Twitter on the 14th February 2018

My Blog https://healingoracle.ch/2018/03/02/irish-fraudster-fiona-oleary-rakes-in-120k-euro-140kusd-yearly-by-claims-of-aspergers-she-suppresses-cures-for-autism-and-harms-her-children/

BLOG Advert posted to twitter 14th February 2018


And then published in a blog on WordPress on 15th February 2018

BLOG HEADER CONTENT – posted to WordPress 15th February 2018 by Fiona O’Leary


BLOG ADDRESS CONTENT – posted to WordPress 15th February 2018 by Fiona O’Leary


You may like to ask Mrs O’Leary why she infiltrated a private Facebook group in a fake identity and then screenshotted the address and directions to her home and then took that out of the private group (where a small number of people had access to it) and then posted it up making it public in an open blog with access for the entire internet?

You may further like to ask Mrs O’Leary why she made a public twitter video advertising her new address which is included in the article.

Fiona has ruined the lives of far too many people.  She has been operating a hatred and defamation campaign against myself and many others for years. Mrs O’Leary has no assets and is safe in the knowledge that suing her is more trouble than it’s worth. Gaining a judgment would be straightforward enough due to the volumes of evidence she has posted everywhere, however costs would be unlikely to be recovered.

However newspapers who print her ramblings are a different story. I will have no hesitation to sue for defamation should any word be printed that is defamatory or seeks to interfere with my livelihood in any way.

You may question why Mrs O’Leary has been unable to raise any journalistic interest in this matter in her own country of Ireland. Perhaps it is the case that there are several defamation suits proceeding at present regarding ‘stories’ she has misinformed previously.

I stand by my words and in fact have updated with further content. Mrs O’Leary is free to bring defamation proceedings if the content is untrue. However it is true and in the public interest to publish it. Bearing in mind most of the content is in the public domain due to being published by Mrs O’Leary herself – See links: most of them originate from Mrs O’Leary’s own public blogs and pages.

I will be away until 18th March attending a conference. I will not have email contact during this period.

Kind regards

Amanda Mary Jewell

On 3/2/2018 5:34 AM, Grace MacAskill wrote:
> Hello Ms Jewell,
> I am a journalist with the Sunday Mirror and People.
> On Sunday we are running a story about your clinic in Belize and the treatments on offer, which you advertise as including colonic irrigation, GcMAF, chelation therapy and fetal lamb cell and stem cell injections.
> Many of your treatments are banned in many European countries, including the UK, or are in the experimental stage. Can you explain to us why you chose to offer these ‘treatments’ and how you are justified in offering them with no medical background.
> You describe yourself as a “cancer researcher”. What qualifications do you have to back up this claim, other than working in alternative clinics?
> Can you also explain why you have not responded to the MHRA and Trading Standards officers by agreeing to be questioned despite returning to the UK over the past two years?

> We have gone to great length to contact the company that made the video, they have the copy passport of the lady in the video.
> Regards your personal life, would you like to comment on your former life as a porn star called Rosemary – we have confirmation that this is true?
> We know you are in a relationship with the husband of a former patient you had treated, Aliki. Some might see this has inappropriate given you treated Martin’s wife. What would you say to critics?
> We have quotes from a former associate of yours who says you were using MMS solution in Bulgaria where two patients died. You have admitted using MMS in blogs. Why do you feel this treatment works when it has no basis in modern-day medicine?
> Why do you tell people chemotherapy and radiotherapy can not help them when they have cancer? And why do you believe crisps and cheese spread are made from parts of human foetuses and that sugar feeds cancer cells? What qualifications do you have to back this up?
> On your FB profile you are pictured with what appears to be a tumour or insides of someone. Do you carry out surgery or assist in surgery? How are you qaulified to do so? Do you have any recognised British qualifications?
> Can you also explain why you feel it necessary to post the name and address and directions to the house of a woman in ireland – fiona ‘o’Leary . From your FB site it looks like this woman is being threatened by one of your friends.
> The story of your relationship with Martin and your clinic in Belize and it’s treatment regime will run this Sunday. You can either reply to me via email or call me on 0044 XXX XXXXX
> Grace Macaskill
> Grace Macaskill
> * Please note I work Tuesday to Fridays.
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