Cancer Immunotherapy Center could be what you are looking for.

Cancer Immunotherapy Center could be what you are looking for.

With our unique approach to cancer therapy embraces all worlds of mainstream, holistic and natural medicine. We look at each case individually, whilst also considering all forms of treatment that are successful to that area. No matter what type of cancer you have we can consider all sides to see what best suits you and your condition. We will always discuss all options available and aim to use the best combination of treatments to improve your health and well being. Located in Belize, Central America which is an English speaking country full of nature.

Diet, nutrition and well being are central to our approach. Your mental and physical health are key to aiding the bodies fight against any cancer. We see the immune system as central in the process of targeting and reducing cancer cells. Our staff will support you throughout this process with 24 hour care and support.

Our clinic is located in  Belize, Central America. Belize is an English speaking country and rich in natural healing plants. The Clinic aimed at feeling less like a hospital and more in tune with our beautiful natural surroundings. A private and tranquil resort to heal, nestled on the banks of a beautiful tropical lagoon, relax on the white sandy beach while you heal.

No matter what other doctors have told you about your treatment options. No matter what results you’ve seen with conventional cancer treatments. No matter what you’ve gone through, do not give up hope. Our alternative cancer therapies focus on being effective, safe and natural. For the best chance of success, we consider each patient individually, so that we can customize our treatment programs to them and their needs. We acknowledge there is no ‘one size fits all.’

So please email for the confidential form, we will contact you promptly, to discuss your treatment options.

 A typical three-week treatment program costs 25,000 USD and includes:

  • Therapies and treatments
  • Diagnostics
  • A healthy, organic diet of juices and smoothies
  • On site patient accommodation
  • Supplements and minerals
  • Regular consultations
  • Physiotherapy
  • Cleansing and detox
  • A Personal Protocol
  • 24 hour medical staff on site and at all times

 Not included, are the following:

  • Return flights
  • Airport transfers
  • Excursions
  • Products
  • Off site shopping
  • Additional guests, or extra family members

Please feel free to discuss the accommodation of friends, family or loved ones, as this is a time where extra support could be necessary and we encourage patients to travel with a partner. Families can be accommodated based on availability and individual needs.

Our team consist of Holistic practitioners, MD’s, Herbalist, Oncologist, nutritionist, medical nurses, pharmacist, Tweena therapist, yoga teachers, counselor and administration staff
Effective Cancer Treatment
At our Immunotherapy Centre, we at Healing Oracle offer a variety of natural, effective, alternative cancer therapy options. Every patient’s body and cancer are different, so multiple treatment options are considered. We find the ability to combine them in a customized cancer treatment program gives you the best chance. We aim at not only controlling the cancer, but  also enhancing your quality of life in a natural. With an improved prognosis as the goal, we like to offer hope and strength to anyone that comes to our clinic.
With a natural and holistic approach to medicine (immunotherapy) we aim to boost your entire immune system, allowing  your body to fight the cancer in an entirely natural way. If for any reason there is a better approach, such as surgery and other forms of mainstream treatment, then we do not discard these as options, but we do prefer to remain as non invasive and comfortable for the patient as possible.The therapies you receive will depend on your custom treatment program. Unfortunately in many patients their immune system does not recognize they have cancer, or isn’t strong enough to fight the cancer, because it has been weakened by chemotherapy and other conventional treatments. This is why immunotherapy is so valuable when targeted to kill cancer cells alone. We focus on providing cancer therapies that effectively target and kill cancer cells, without harming healthy cells. This means our treatments have fewer side effects than that of conventional medicine alone.

Therapy Options to name some, include:

  • I.V. Stem cells
  • I.V. GcMaf
  • I.V. Laetrile
  • I.V. Ozone
  • I.V. DMSO
  • I.V. Bicarbonate
  • I.V. Vitamin C
  • I.V. EDTA chelation
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Vitamin D
  • MMS
  • Hormone treatment
  • Immunotherapy
  • Colon treatment
  • Anti-parasite
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Rife Therapy
  • Emotional support
  • Magnetic testing and treatment
  • Energy testing
  • Insulin Potentiation Therapy, or IPT
  • Biomagnetic cancer therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Peptide Treatment (with specific types of regenerative cell cancer therapy)
  • Mentoring


Airport transfers can be arranged prior to arrival. Vehicle hire can also be arranged for the duration of your stay.

Affordable Cancer Treatment 

During your free phone consultation with one of our team, costs and payment options will be discussed. Please feel at ease voicing any concerns you may have; we are dedicated to your comfort, and happy to take all the time you need.


50% deposit will be required to secure a place at our clinic. Once your deposit is received, we will issue you with a document stating that you are both booked into the clinic with an invitation to attend. We accept major credit cards via Paypal (some fees apply), wire transfers and cash.

Third Party Finance

Most traditional insurance companies do not cover alternative cancer treatments; however, you can research and find companies who offer services to help you cover the cost of your treatment.

Follow up Treatment

We then offer you remote support once your treatment duration is over and after you leave the clinic gates. We will continue to balance the protocol as you continue your journey on the road to recovery of healing your mind and body.

Feel free to email me with any questions or to set up a telephone consultation

I await to hear further from you

Love and light

The healing Oracle Team.

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About the Author

With almost twenty years spent researching and treating Cancer, I am a well respected author, teacher and health coach.

I do have a list of qualifications, but I find them cumbersome and false. The fact I am a qualified Holistic Doctor is neither here, nor there. Medical education is entirely corrupt and something that can be used against you. I go on courses in order to learn, not to buy a badge to hide behind, or a stick to beat people with.

So much nonsense has been written about me that I never read, or choose to absorb. It’s all about them, never about me. I have been attacked and targeted simply because I have helped people and not been silenced. A common misconception is that I am holistic, but the truth is I do not sit on either side of the imaginary divide between what is “mainstream” and what is “holistic.” There is greed and corruption on both sides and examples of bad practice in every field.
Personally, I am only interested in what works and improves the life of the patient.

In some cases, radiation can work and so am happy to recommend that route, if it works and saves a life in an emergency situation. But there is no ‘one size fits all’ and no cookie cutter protocol. There are many variables in healing the body. We are all individual and all capable of change, so each case must be considered individually. What works for one, may not work for another. Mass medication is wrong.
My research and work has led me all over the world and got me into some tight spots at times, but I am thankful for every twist and turn and have learned a lot from each. I am wiser as a result and see that life teaches us all. I recovered from breast cancer 20 years ago, which has saved my life over and over and made me very aware of how fleeting and precious life is. I live each day to the full and as if it were my last.
I have twenty children, many of whom are adopted, four are mine naturally. I love and adore them all and am honored to have been able to raise them, for now they are strong and independent adults. My children are the most important people in my life.

I despise materialism, I have old fashioned views and feel the modern world has lost much in the way of values and common decency. So I travel the world with my partner and 6-year-old daughter, helping people and sharing knowledge. I am still learning and feel that everyday is a school day. The reason I started this blog was so I could pass on some of this knowledge to others.

I speak the truth about everything and my honest approach shocks many, as I tend to say the things most people would not. I focus on solutions, as I am a problem solver at heart and there is only one truth. Stick to the truth and you will never go far wrong.

I hope you enjoy our blog site and the articles we labor over for your benefit. Please donate to the cause on the page above, as we do not receive a penny in advertising, or sponsorship. It is all from the heart.

Love and light.
Amanda Mary Jewell

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  1. Maria Paraskeva | 22nd February 2018 at 3:31 pm |

    My very dearest lady. A true lady always willing to listen and help. Never raises herself above others and no matter your personal situation Mary has shown over and again her abiding compassion and great heart. Her knowledge is monumental and usually that goes with a big ego. Not with this lady. A very great honour to have met you both in person and via the sporadic contacts we have had. Always giving your time and truly capable of actually listening. And that in itself is a rare gift. Thank you Mary

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