Doctor Categorically Claims That When You Have Enough Vitamin B17, You Cannot Get Cancer!

In his book, Dr. Harold W. Manner claims that the rate of cure is higher than 90 percent, and also a list of ingredients that are rich in vitamin B17.

Cancer has become such a widespread disease, which is no longer reserved for the elderly.

Moreover, is massively afflicted by young people and even babies.

The only available official “remedy” for doctors is chemotherapy.

Many medical experts also call the dangerous chemotherapy “The poison that heals”.

Namely, apart from cancerous, it kills healthy cells and destroys the immune system.

However, one doctor is claiming categorically that cancer is nothing else but a lack of important vitamin B17!

Vitamin B17 – protects us from cancer

Namely, he has cancer with scurvy – a state that causes swelling of the human tissue.

At the same time, scurvy changes the human connective tissue, joints, and skin.

People believed earlier that scurvy is a disease until it was discovered that all of this was a symptom of vitamin C deficiency.

He says that people who suffer from cancer need first to know what cancer is.

They do not need to panic, explore your health because no one dies from scurvy.

Logically, you cannot also die when you have a lack of vitamin B17.

Doctor’s advice for cancer treatment

Dr. Maner believes that for treating and preventing cancer it`s enough to eat 15 – 20 kernels of apricot seeds every day.

Namely, he believes that a remedy for cancer is a laetrile, a compound that extends from amygdalin.

This compound is better known as vitamin B17.

Also, he advises that you should eat wheat germ, which is believed to be a miraculous remedy that prevents and suppresses cancer.

They are rich with liquid oxygen and laetrile.

These substances have also and apple seeds.

In his book titled “Death of Cancer,” Dr. Maner claims that the percentage of cancer cure by laetrile is higher than 90 percent.

It also gives the list of nutrients rich in vitamin B17.

He claims that if you regularly take it in enough quantities, you will never have to worry about getting this nasty disease.

Foods rich in vitamin B17

– Fruit seeds

Apples, apricots, peaches, pears, and plums are the best source of amygdalin)

– Cooked seeds

Corn, bean, lentils, peas, Lima bean, green bean

– Nuts

Almond (the richest natural source B17), Australian walnut, Indian almond

– Berry fruit

Blackberries, blueberry, Aronia, raspberries, and strawberries

– Cereals

Sesame, Linseed, oatmeal, barley bran, dark spinach, wheat bran, barley, rye, buckwheat, sugarcane

Vitamin B17 can also be found in beer yeast and pumpkin.

The doctor warns of another important risk factor – chemicals that get into the body through food.

Be careful to wash your hands well after washing as well as the courts after you wash them with fluidity.

If you have traces of chemicals on the courts when you put a hot food or drink on it, they will catch the poison and it will end up in your body.

As for the removal of poisons from fruit and vegetables, Maner advises you to rub the bark with salt and rinse with water.

Always take care of your health and healthy body.


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