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GCMaf Prices


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Oral Colostrum Maf pills

(60 pills per unit)




500ng Maf Spray

(min 80 sprays per unit)




2,500ng Maf Spray (min 80 sprays per unit)




15,000ng Maf Spray

(min 80 sprays per unit)




1,000ng Maf Vial (2.5ml/cc in each vial)




1,500ng Maf Vial

(2.5ml/cc in each vial)




7,500ng Maf Vial

(2.5ml/cc in each vial)







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Payment Details

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If you would like a protocol designed for your body  or need to contact us please e mail:

Stability and correct storage for GCMaf products

Because we appreciate concerns about our products loosing activity during transit we have added some extra transport proteins of our own. Each bottle contains an extra 10% Vitamin D Transport Proteins to allow for any losses over the time it takes to arrive.

Our assays showed that when left at room temperature for 14 days Vitamin D Transport Protein lost 25% activity. We ship our products frozen, packed with plastic ice cubes in a thermos flask. Over the first 24hrs no activity is lost. On the second day and thereafter losses will be less that 1%, the reason this is lower than in our assays is because it is not exposed to daylight.

When your product arrives the ice may have melted, this is normal. It may feel warm, this is ok, the protein is designed to live in the body and therefore still stable at body temperature.

How to store?

There are 3 options

1. If you do not intend using this right away then it can be frozen for at least one year without losing activity

2. If you do intend using it then store it in the coolest part of the fridge, if stored correctly then it will still be very active for a minimum of 12 months.

3. Some people wish to go slow with this supplement and maybe spray once a week. In this case it would be prudent to decant some of the solution into a sterile bottle and freeze for later use.

If you wish to travel then keep out of direct sunlight as much as possible and it can travel with the rest of your cosmetics etc. If you wish to take this in a cool bag then this is perfectly okay to do so.

For further information about Vitamin D Transport protein visit

Love and Light

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