by way of the TPP, (Trans-pacific Partnership) new laws and classifications allow big pharma to capitalize on biologically derived proteins AKA holistic methods aka immuno-therapy.
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  1. james peters | 14th April 2017 at 11:17 am |

    This preclinical study was designed to examine the abscopal (distant) effect. In it mice were injected with melanoma cells on their right flank to create the primary tumour, and also given additional melanoma cells one week later by IV injection to create lung metastases, distal tumour lesions. The primary tumour was treated three times over a one-week period with either ADU-S100, or an inactive control. On day 28, the lungs were examined to determine the number of lung metastases. Mice treated with ADU-S100 in the primary tumour showed significant inhibition of the treated tumour and additionally demonstrated a significant inhibition of distant lung metastases. The photographs (Fig 5 E) of the lungs are representative of the two treatment groups and show the contrast in the number of lung metastases (black nodules) between the control group, where numerous metastases are visible, and the treatment group, where only a few metastases are visible. Thus, these results show that IT injection with ADU-S100 primes an effective systemic CD8+ T cell immune response that significantly inhibits the growth of distal untreated lesions.

    Based on this alone the CEO of Aduro Biotech is on record as saying it was the main reason why Novartis made a $750 million deal with them Not long after that happened a Phase I trial opened and in the next few months another will test this in combination with PDR001.

    So this proves major pharma companies are willing to make large deals for promising drugs.

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