10 Horrifying Ingredients That Prove McDonald’s Is Not Fit for Consumption!

You are definitely familiar with the fact that fast food is bad enough, but can you imagine it is even worse. Most of the people prefer this type of food, especially Americans because it is easily prepared and easily served.

When it comes to fast food brands, people prefer McDonald’s, but its food hides toxic ingredients that can seriously harm your health.

10 Toxic Ingredients Found in McDonald’s Foods

1. Silicone oil

If you are one of those who prefer chicken nuggets, you regularly consume dimethylpolysiloxane or silicone oil. This is a type of synthetic material which is used for the production of caulking, contact lenses, lubricants and silly putty. It was even used in breast implants, but its use has been decreased as a result of safety concerns.

10 Horrifying Ingredients That Prove McDonald’s Is Not Fit for Consumption

2. Ammonium sulfate

This is an inorganic salt that can be used as a flame retardant and fertilizer. It has been also used in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide. Unfortunately, this ingredient is even found in burger bun and can further cause irritation of the gastrointestinal tract, hormone disruption, diarrhea and nausea.


Tertiary butylhydroquinone, is an additive based on petroleum and it can be found in various cosmetic products and 18 McDonald’s products. The FDA has classified TBHQ as a totally safe for consumption, but if used on a long-term it can cause stomach cancer, ADHD symptoms, damaged DNA and even death.

4. Cysteine-L

This is an amino acid which is synthesized from duck feathers or human hair. It is mainly used to soften pastries and bread and to flavor meat. Its consumption can lead to vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, rashes, heartaches, fever, low blood pressure, drowsiness and liver problems.

5. Prescription drugs

The researchers from the Johns Hopkins University have found high levels of antidepressants and other banned drugs in the chicken food and chicken products. McDonald’s does not use organic chicken so its chicken products definitely contain some traces of prescription medications and antibiotics.

6. Propylene glycol

This substance is found in antifreeze, fast-food and e-cigarettes and can cause damage to the central nervous system, cause eye and skin conditions and worsen allergies.

7. Carminic acid

This is a red food dye which is derived by cochineal beetles. It is used to give the fast food a more appealing and vibrant color. Although classified as natural dyes, FDA requires cochineal extract and carmine to be clearly identified because they can lead to serious allergic reactions.

8. Dimethylpolysiloxane

This substance is often found in cooking oils and it is used for the preparation of McDonald’s chicken nuggets, filet-o-fish and French fries. Along the cooking properties of this substance, it is used in the production of contact lenses, silly putty, shampoos, caulking, conditioners, cosmetics, breast implants, heat resistant tiles and polishes.

9. Silicon dioxide

This substance is also known as industrial sand or silica and it is used in the production of glass, cement and optical fibers. Also, it is used in the preparation of fast food because it prevents sauces and meat from clumping together. When used for industrial purposes, it demands workers use masks and hazmat suits.

10. Cellulose

Cellulose can be a natural product derived from wood pulp but it is not the perfect ingredient for food. This ingredient is added almost to every fast food in order to add volume. It is found in salad dressing, cheese, strawberry syrup, muffins and many others.

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