Still confused about MMS? Big Pharma vs Holistic treatment – PART 1


Actual factual information regarding MMS/Sodium Chlorite/Chlorine Dioxide. US and EU patents, how it works in the body and Irrefutable proof that it is being used by the CDC.

Companies using mms:
Companies that use Chlorine Dioxide


• Abbott Laboratories

• Amgen

• Arqule

• Baxter Healthcare

• Boehringer Ingelheim

• Bristol Myers Squibb

• Cardinal Health

• CardioKinetix

• Celgene

• Cook Myosite

• Eli Lilly

• Genzyme

• GlaxoSmithKline

• Johnson & Johnson

• Merck

• Merial Limited

• Monsanto

• Novartis

• Pfizer

• Sanofi-Pasteur

• StemCells, Inc

Food Industry

Names removed due to confidentiality

• Aseptic Juice Filling Lines

• Aseptic Juice Transport Containers

• Bakeries

• Blending Tanks

• Cereal Production Facilities

• Controlled Atmosphere Rooms

• Dryers

• Large Volume Orange Juice Holding Tanks

• Liquid Piping Systems

• Meat Processing Facilities

• Seeds

• Soy Processing Facilities

• Spiral Freezers

• Pet Food Processing Facilities

• Product Transfer Piping Systems

• Whey Powder Processing Facilities

• Yogurt Facilities

Research Labs

• Alabama State University

• Arizona State University

• Binghamton University

• Boston Children’s Hospital

• Boston University

• Columbia University

• Florida State University

• Georgia State University

• Hilltop Laboratories

• Illinois Institute of Technology

• Iowa State University

• Kansas State University

• Massachusetts General Hospital

• Medical College of Wisconsin

• Michigan State University

• Midwest Research Institute

• Northwestern University

• Notre Dame University

• Ohio State University

• Oregon Health and Safety University

• Penn State University

• Rowan University

• Rush University Medical Center

• Rutgers University

• St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

• St. Louis University

• Stanford University

• SUNY’s

• Taconic Farms

• Texas Tech University

• Tufts University

• University of Hawaii

• University of Kentucky

• University of Louisville

• University of Nevada – Reno

• University of Wisconsin – Madison

• University of Pennsylvania

• University of Pittsburgh

• University of California’s

• University of Tennessee

• University of Texas Medical Branch

• Van Andel Institute

• VA Hospitals

• Virginia Polytechnic Institute

• Wistar Institute

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