This lady had end stage liver cancer, told she would die and nothing more could be done! 2 years on. She is now in remission, no thanks to the “medical establishment”! You too can do it!

This is a true Story from a lady whom took a leap of faith in us:

By Freddie Alpin Mansfield:

Restoring My Health

The last couple of years have really been one hell of a ride but the most amazing part was the time I spent at The Health Restoration Centre with Amanda Mary and her fantastic team. If you are thinking of making the leap of faith that it takes to make the journey for yourself or a loved one, I hope you take it. It is by far the best decision I have ever made.

I was diagnosed with secondary cancer to my liver in September 2012. I fought breast cancer back in 2007 having conventional treatment – namely a mastectomy, four sessions of IV chemotherapy, three months of chemo in tablet form followed by 12 monthly sessions of Herceptin, and four years on Tamoxifen. I was thought to be doing well, but after scans (looking for suspected gallstones), was told it had metastasized to my liver. The prognosis was not good. Stage four and the dreaded words ‘terminal’. I was told it was incurable but more chemo could buy me time and that I may only have 6 months left. With blind faith in the system, I had 6 chemotherapy sessions. A CT scan after the first three showed a 20% decrease in the cancer but after the next three sessions there was no change so the chemo was stopped. I was put on tablets (Letrozole) and implants (Goserelin) to stop my hormones which they believed fed the cancer, and monitored. I felt they had given up.

I tried the private route. I took my scans to specialists at The Spire hospital in Southampton and also to a specialist in Harley Street London. Both places advertise ‘revolutionary new procedures’ for liver cancers. Both said the cancer was too far advanced and that I did not have enough ‘good liver’ to survive their procedures.

I kept looking. But the places that say they can help tend to be abroad, you are scared, and let’s face it, very vulnerable. Who can you trust? I was lucky. I was introduced to Amanda Mary through a friend who asked her for advice. She spoke to me via Skype and gave me some very good advice re my diet and told me what to eat and what supplements to take to support my weak liver. Over the next few months I followed her on Facebook and through her website and built up some trust. She gave me hope and I was beginning to feel stronger and relying less on the wheelchair that the chemo had reduced me to using. I managed to book my stay at the centre in Bulgaria in March this year 2014. Four weeks prior to my arrival I stopped taking all medications and started following the GAPs diet. At this point I was not only on Letrazole and Goserelin, but was taking Gabapentin for the pain in my feet and ankles with Morphine as a back-up for bad days, and using a wheelchair for anything longer than a short walk. (I was unable to stand for long lengths of time.) My leap of faith had begun.

My husband stayed with me at the centre, and we were made to feel so welcome and comfortable. The care was amazing, and the whole approach to your health and well-being was perfect. I’m not sure I can explain it too well but the balance was just right – you are at a clinic to restore your health, but it doesn’t feel clinical – just friendly, calm, and relaxing. You start on whatever protocols are required for your treatment and are monitored regularly and cared for as an individual. Meanwhile you mix and make friends with staff, carers and other patients and you feel like family, and you are given the knowledge and tools to help restore your own health.

We arrived in the evening, and after enjoying the first of many delicious meals prepared by the wonderful culinary chef and nutrition expert Edith Cragg whom was there as a volunteer from Australia. I had my first consultation and given a brief overview of what to expect over the next few days. My stats were taken and were monitored throughout my stay. Protocols began immediately.

Liposomal vitamin C. I was given a bottle of this and told to drink a shot glass every hour during the day.

Oxygen therapy. I was shown how to use the oxygen machine and given CDS to put into the water tank (four drops only) and told to use it for an hour every day.

Liver Support Tablets. 3 every night.

Selenium. 6 tablets a day.

DCA. A litre bottle was made up for me every day to be drunk throughout the day.

Bitter apricot kernels. I ate 20 of these each day.

Liver wraps. Cotton dressings were soaked in warm cod liver oil and plastered over my torso covering the liver and then kept in place with cling film wrap. These would be left on as long as possible, sometimes overnight.

L- Glutamine. One teaspoon stirred in a glass of water at each meal.

Lemon juice. Two small glasses a day.

Breakfast was at 8am. Poached eggs on millet pancakes with hollandaise sauce or something similar. After breakfast was meditation. Some of us had meditated before, and some hadn’t, but I think we all got something out of it. The next few hours were taken up with either consultations or your own time. I found it a good time to have my oxygen therapy. Lunch was at 1pm and usually two or three courses. Always delicious. During the afternoon we would have some form of light exercise. This was either a walk in the beautiful countryside or Qigong in the conference room. Consultations were ongoing throughout the day, so if you weren’t seen in the morning, you would be seen in the afternoon. These were never rushed. Time was spent talking through any concerns or worries. Information about your treatment was offered in several forms (books, documentaries, journals etc.), for you to do your own research. You were given time to understand your treatment and you were encouraged to take control of your health. Adjustments would be made to your protocols if necessary.

The evening meal was at 7pm after which we would watch a film or documentary.

After a couple of days Artemisenin was added to my protocols. These were started at two each evening for three days, followed by a three day break, then three a day for three days, 3 day break, until a maximum of 4 capsules for three days, three day break. Alongside the Artemisenin I took iron tablets. I also began taking krill oil tablets and having mistletoe and milk thistle tea.

We drove to a medical centre on one day for various blood tests. My blood was tested for hormone levels which came back normal so my protocols did not need changing. The danger of mercury fillings was explained to us and a trip to the dentist was booked where I had mine replaced.

I also had some maff active injections ( 8 times stronger than Gcmaf and stabilized) towards the end of my stay, and ‘good oil’ (CBD oil) was added to my protocols once back in the UK.

An amazing bond was forged during our stay. I made some great friends and really enjoyed my time there. We were taken out on several occasions to explore the area and for some light relief. Would I do it again? Yes, at the drop of a hat, although I will have to do this as a volunteer as I do not intend getting so ill again.

I saw huge improvements to my health whilst I was there and now I am back home, I continue to improve. I also continue to get amazing ongoing support from Amanda Mary and her team. I may be still fighting my battle, but I know I am winning. It took many years for me to get as ill as I was, so I know it may take as long to be cancer free but I also know I am well on my way. It has been two years since my diagnoses. My friends and family say I look better now than I have in many years. Even my oncologist is amazed at how well I look although I am disappointed that he does not seem to be interested in how I am doing it.

I owe such a huge debt of gratitude to everyone at the centre who helped me. I came home a very different person and a much happier one. Thank you doesn’t even begin to cover it, but I thank you anyway, from the bottom of my heart.

Thanks to Edith and Tim Cragg, Loi, Doug, Amanda Mary, Zara, Rui, Emmily and everyone else

Up-Date 4th November 2014

I saw my oncologist today. They tried to play it down, but, my ultrasound scan shows ‘significant good liver’, my blood tests show ‘normal liver function’, and the cancer they can see is either dormant or dead! Thank you so much for all your help and advice. I am actually doing this. My body is healing.

that helped.

Pleased to know I am improving and finally in remission. Amanda Mary continues to support me remotely through my journey to full recovery.

Freddie Alpin Mansfield UK.

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The Healing Oracle Team
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