A World without Cancer! This Woman Is Cured Over 20,000 People!


In 1988, an American doctor Hulda Clark came to the important discovery, which has set a new direction in the development of medicine. Dr. Hulda Clark is a renowned physiologist, a physicist, naturopath and author of many books on alternative medicine.

Dr. Clark began her studies at the Canadian University of Saskatchewan, where she was awarded the title of graduate doctors, Magna Cum Laude, and a Master with specials merits in the field of biology.

Hulda Clark continued her studies at McGill University, then at the University of Minnesota, where he studied biophysics and physiology of cells. 1958 years University of Minnesota awarded her doctorate in physiology.

In 1979 Dr.Clark interrupted the research, government funded, and do their own research. A few years later Hulda Clark ended Clayton College of Natural Health, where she was awarded the degree naturopath.


In 1988, Doctor Clark discovered the electronic technology, enabling scanning of the human body to the presence of pathogenic microorganisms.

Hulda Clark invented Syncrometer – a device that enabled quick and accurate detection of microorganisms and toxic substances in the body of man and animals.

Syncrometer works on the principle of matching frequencies. Everything is in our universe have its own frequency (ie, frequency range).

Using frequency can detect the presence of parasites, viruses and bacteria in the body.

With the help of Syncrometera Hulda Clark discovered that parasites are the because of many “incurable” diseases.

The cure for all cancers

In 1993, Dr. Clark issued the book “The Cure for all cancers” (“Cure for All Cancers”), in which he explained the connection between cancer with parasites Fasciolopsis Buskila.

The parasite was present in each person, suffering from cancer. Conversely, when the parasite was eliminated, the cancer would quickly disappear.

For the treatment of their patients Hulda Clark developed anti-parasitic program, which consisted of wormwood, cloves and black walnut.

This preparation allowed the clearing of more than 100 species of parasites.

The combination of wormwood, cloves and black walnut is allowed to destroy not only the adult parasites, but their eggs and larvae.

With the help of the program antiparasitic Doctor Clark cured thousands of people of cancer and other diseases.

Suppressor program Dr.Clark.


Dr. Clark has continued its work and will soon present a new method of treatment – Zapper – an electronic device, which with the help of electricity destroyed parasites, viruses and bacteria in the body.

Even before Hulda Clark many doctors knew that microorganisms cannot tolerate an electric current of its frequency range.

This applies not only to parasites, but also all kinds of bacteria, viruses, fungi and pathogenic cells.

This has been demonstrated in numerous experiments, in which the doctors with the help of frequency successfully kill viruses and bacteria.

Although the frequency of destructive influence on the pathogens was not harmful to human health.

This direction in medicine is called bio-resonance medicine. Bioresonance Medicine is officially accepted in some countries, for example, Russia, as a branch of conventional medicine.


The Cure for all Diseases

In his most famous book, “The Cure for all Diseases” (“The Cure for All Diseases”), Hulda Clark explain that most of the diseases caused by two things: parasites and toxins.

Toxins weaken our immune system and attract parasites which attack the diseased organs.

The worst part is in all of this that the parasites and toxins are all around us: in food, water and air, in cosmetics and cleaning agents that we use every day.

Manufacturers use Benzene, Tolulene, Formaldyhyde, Isoproply Alchohol, Cobalt, Mercury, Thulium, Cadmium and many other substances that are very toxic to our body.

In his book Hulda Clark explains how to get rid of toxins and how to avoid them in the future, both at home and make Syncrometer Zapper, and how to use them for diagnosis and treatment.

During his life Hulda Clark cured of cancer and other serious diseases more than 20,000 patients. It says a lot about the effectiveness of its methods.

And in our country many people use the methods of Dr. Clark. We met a lot of people who read her books, have a zapper and syncrometer at home doing cleaning of parasites.

Many thanks to Dr. Clark for it, which saved their lives.

The book “The Cure for All Diseases”


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